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Black Minorcas  +

No Longer for Sale at Cackle Hatchery

The Black Minorca was developed in the Mediterranean area where they were named after an island off the coast of Spain. They are the largest of the Mediterranean breeds, with roosters maturing to an average of 9 lbs and hens maturing to around 7 and 1/2 lbs. Their glossy wide black feathers lay closely against rather narrow bodies, with distinctive white ear lobes. They are layers of large white eggs.
No longer available.
Breed Abbrv Group Qty Price
To Purchase
Black Minorca St Run 1-10 1.80
Quantity@  each
Black Minorca Straight Run 11-24 1.75
Black Minorca St Run 25 34.00
Black Minorca St Run 50 60.00
Black Minorca St Run 100 115.00
Black Minorca Pullets 1-10 2.15
Black Minorca Pullets 11-24 1.75
Black Minorca Pullets 25 45.00
Black Minorca Pullets 50 82.50
Black Minorca Pullets 100 160.00
Black Minorca Cockerels 1-10 1.00
Black Minorca Cockerels 11-24 .95
Black Minorca Cockerels 25 23.00
Black Minorca Cockerels 50 42.50
Black Minorca Cockerels 100 80.00

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