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Assorted Peafowl

Peafowl available June through August

Did You Know:  The male Peafowl is called a Peacock and the female is called a Peahen.

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Assorted Peafowl Chicks 

India Blue Peacock Image | India Blue Pea Fowl Hatchery

India Blue Peafowl


Day Old India Blue Peacock | Baby India Blue Pea Fowl

Day Old India Blue Peafowl Chicks

Day old Peafowl Chicks Images | Baby Peacocks

Day old Peafowl Chicks


 Peafowl Breed Information and Peafowl Facts

Peafowl Breed Information:

The Peafowl Cock has a long train of feathers that are uplifted into a fan position during courting. The hen does not possess the long train of feathers.  They are good foragers on the ground but like to fly up into high trees to roost. They are hardy and easy to keep. Peacocks eat about the same feed as pheasants. Peafowl are slow to mature and will start laying around two years of age. The Peacock is the national bird of India and is known all over the world as a beautiful creature.  

 Peafowl Facts:

  • Weights -  Hen -------6-8 lbs        Cock----8 -13 lbs
  • Purpose -  Ornamental and feathers
  • Egg Color -  buff to white eggs
  • Egg Production - Poor 3-28 eggs per year starting in March
  • Country of Origin -India 
  • APA: No
  • ALBC: No


Cackle Hatchery® has these Assorted Peafowl Chicks for sale. 

                         Hatchery Choice Peafowl Chicks

Sold as straight run baby chicks and  are shipped at 1 day of age, the chicks arrive at your post office at 2-3 days of age

We DO NOT offer any guarantee/replacements/refunds on shipments of Hatchery Choice Peafowl Chicks

We offer Peafowl chicks as an assortment package as Hatchery Choice (NO CHOICE OF COLOR OR SEX). They are sold only as STRAIGHT RUN PEAFOWL CHICKS and we will try to give the best assortment as possible at the time of shipment. We do not offer any guarantee/ Replacements/Refunds on shipments of Peafowl Chicks.

Hatchery Choice Peafowl Chicks can include the following varieties - India Blue-Black Shoulder-White-Purples-Spaulding-Opal-Pied.

5 MAX Peafowl Chicks to Each Customer





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    Hatchery Choice Peafowl Chicks

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    Peafowl breeding and Management by Stromberg sold by Cackle Hatchery Peafowl Breeding and Management by Loyl Stromberg, 

    79 pages, paperback. Covers peafowl history, breeding, incubation, brooding and housing, feeding, different cover variations, recipes, much more to include selling and shipping peafowl.



    BK 1
    Qty @11.95

    Buy your book for Peafowl the same time you buy your baby chicks. Check out more great books in Books and Supplies.

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