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Austra White

Black Australorp Chicken Rooster parent stock of Austra White

Black Australorp Chicken Rooster, parent stock

White Leghorn Chicken Hen, parent stock of Austra White

White Leghorn Chicken Hen, parent stock

Austra White Day old chicks

Austra White Day old Chicks

Artist print rendition of Austra White and parent stock to the left. Print credit to Watts Publication

Artist print rendition of Austra White hen (right) and parent stock Chickens to the left. Print credit to Watts Publication

Austra White Pullet Chicken Breed

                   Austra White Pullet Chicken Breed



Austra White Chicken Breed Pullets

Austra White Chicken Breed Pullets



Austra White Chicken Breed Information and Chicken Facts

Austra White Chicken Breed Information:

Our Austra Whites are a cross between Cackle Hatchery® ’s pedigree Black Australorp rooster and Cackle Hatchery® ’s White Leghorn hens (parent stock shown).  They were first developed in the early 1900's. This cross produces offspring that are very good layers throughout the year and lay a large off white/cream color egg.   The Austra White pullet will be white with little black specks in some feathers.  This cross is considered to be a heavier breed and their disposition is calmer than the pure Leghorn chicken breed. There are many benefits raising baby chickens from this cross. These hens will lay a lot of large eggs; have good feed to egg production ratios and good for chickens for backyards. Raising chickens for eggs at home can be fun and relaxing. Free range chicken eggs are great tasting eggs and this hybrid chicken breed has good reflexes for predator avoidance, however, they are white and easily seen. We hope you try the Austra White Chicken hen from our chicken hatchery for chickens for sale cheap (cheep, cheep).

Chicken Facts:

  • Poultry Show Class: No official Show Class at this time

  • Weights -   Hen-----5 lbs           Rooster------6 1/2 lbs
                        Pullet---4 1/2 lbs      Cockerel----5 1/2 lbs

  • Purpose - Dual Purpose: egg laying and meat production

  • Egg Shell Color - Mostly White, tinted

  • Egg Production - Good, 200-280 eggs per year (*estimates only, see FAQ)

  • Country of Origin - Hybrid

  •  APA: -No

  • ALBC: -No

  • BREEDER FARM SOURCE: “ Cackle Hatchery®  Poultry Breeding Farm” developing our bloodline or strain of Austria White since 1939.


Cackle Hatchery®  has these chickens for sale. If you would like just a few chicks for sale then check out our Small Poultry Order or City/Town Chicken Specials and also our Backyard Chicken Houses.

Minimum of 5 birds of each breed, variety, color, or sex. ONLY EXCEPTIONS: If you are ordering pullets, you may order 1 or 2 cockerels to go with them or UNLESS YOU ARE ORDERING ONE OF THE CITY-TOWN OR SMALL ORDER SPECIALS”

Straight Run, Pullets and Cockerels are shipped at 1 day of age, the chicks arrive at your post office at 2-3 days of age You MUST have a minimum order of 15 chicks total. 

Breed Group Quantity Price To Purchase
Austra White Straight Run 1-4 2.65
Austra White Straight Run 5-9 2.55
Austra White  Straight Run 10-14 2.50
Austra White  Straight Run 15-24 2.40
Austra White  Straight Run 25-49 2.25
Austra White  Straight Run 50-99 2.00
Austra White  Straight Run 100+ 1.85
Austra White Pullets 1-4 3.10
Austra White  Pullets 5-9 3.00
Austra White  Pullets 10-14 2.95
Austra White  Pullets 15-24 2.85
Austra White  Pullets 25-49 2.70
Austra White  Pullets 50-99 2.55
Austra White  Pullets 100+ 2.35
Austra White Cockerels 1-4 2.10
Austra White  Cockerels 5-9 2.00
Austra White  Cockerels 10-14 1.70
Austra White  Cockerels 15-24 1.60
Austra White  Cockerels 25-49 1.40
Austra White  Cockerels 50-99 1.30
Austra White  Cockerels 100+ 1.10



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