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Dominique Bantams

Bantams are the miniatures of the chicken family.
All Bantams sold as straight run only. MINIMUM ORDER: A minimum of 25 chicks Feb-March, 15 chicks for balance of year
Dominique Bantam Chicken Rooster

Dominique Bantam Chicken Rooster

Dominique Bantam Chicken Hen

Dominique Bantam Chicken Hen

Day old Dominique Bantam chicks

Day old Dominique Bantam chicks

Dominique Bantam Chicken


Dominique Bantam Chicken Breed Information and Chicken Facts

Dominique Bantam Chicken Breed Information

A miniature size of the Dominique Standard chicken breed and recognized by the American Poultry Standard of Perfection in 1960.  The Dominique Bantam Chicken has a docile and calm disposition and become quite the pets. They enjoy being around people. They are colored up just like the Standard Size and have the rose comb. A great back yard chicken and show chicken that will delight all.

Chicken Facts:

  • Poultry Show Class: Rose comb Clean Legged Bantams 
  • Weights Hen -------24 oz         Rooster----28 oz
                       Pullet-------22 oz       Cockerel---26 oz                   
  • Purpose Dual Purpose: Egg Laying and Meat Production
  • Egg Shell Color -    Brown Bantam Sized Egg
  • Egg Production - Good 1
  • Country of Origin -United States
  • APA: Yes, Recognized by the Standard of Perfection
  • ALBC: No 
  • Breeder Farm Source : “Cackle Hatchery Poultry Breeder Farms” developing our bloodline/strain mixed with Mark Field’s bloodline/strain of pure Dominique Bantam chicken breed since 1982.


Cackle Hatchery has these chickens for sale. If you would like just a few chicks for sale then check out our Small Poultry Order or City/Town Chicken Specials and also our Backyard Chicken Houses.

Minimum of 5 birds of each breed variety/color.  Straight Run are shipped at 1 day of age, the chicks arrive at your post office at 2-3 days of age .

MINIMUM ORDER: A minimum of 25 Bantam chicks Feb-March, 15 Bantam chicks for balance of year UNLESS YOU ARE ORDERING ONE OF THE CITY-TOWN OR SMALL ORDER SPECIALS


Breed  Group Quantity Per Chick Price
To Purchase
Dominique Bantam Straight Run 5 3.35 16.75
Dominique Bantam Straight Run 10 3.25 32.50
Dominique Bantam Straight Run 15 3.15 47.25
Dominique Bantam Straight Run 25 3.00 75.00

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