Vaccination Policy


Cackle Hatchery® charges a flat fee of $10.00 for a Marek’s vaccination of 1-66 chicks. Anything over 66 chicks to be vaccinated we charge 15 cents a chick. Example 100 chicks to be vaccinated times .15 ea. = $15.00 fee for vaccination. These vaccinations must be given at 1 day of age.
There are many diseases and vaccinations for chickens but Cackle Hatchery® at this time only offers the Marek’s vaccination.

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Policies & Guarantees

What is Mareks disease?  Marek’s disease is a highly contagious viral neoplastic disease in chickens. The disease is characterized by the presence of T cell lymphoma as well as the infiltration of nerves and organs by lymphocytes. The related herpesvirus of turkeys (HVT) causes no apparent disease in turkeys and continues to be used as a vaccine strain for the prevention of Marek’s disease in chickens. One or more syndromes occur after infection: paralysis of one or more limbs, tumors, depression, grey eye, unequal size of the pupils and/or immunosuppression. There are a number of other diseases or conditions that could cause these syndromes and it is very hard to determine if Marek’s is the issue at hand. Vaccination for Marek’s is also not a guarantee that the chicken will not get Marek’s disease but has been a very effective vaccination. Currently, we use an HVT/IBD/RISPENS vaccine.


We do not vaccinate Geese, Ducks, Guinea, Turkeys, Peafowl, Game Birds or Jumbo Cornish.

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