Availability Chart

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NameSep 22Sep 27
Rhode Island Red Chicken
Rhode Island White Chicken
Barred Rock Chicken
Buff Orpington Chicken
Cinnamon Queen™ Chicken
Golden Comet Chicken
Black Australorp Chicken
Black Sex Link Chicken
Red Sex Link Chicken
Cherry Egger™ Chicken
Light Brahma Chicken
Buff Brahma Chicken
Dark Brahma Chicken
Production Red Chicken
Dominique Chicken
Black Laced Silver Wyandotte Chicken
Black Laced Golden Wyandotte Chicken
Black Laced Red Wyandotte Chicken
Columbian Wyandotte Chicken
New Hampshire Chicken
White Plymouth Rock Chicken
Black Jersey Giant Chicken
White Jersey Giant Chicken
Speckled Sussex
Delaware Chicken
Salmon Faverolle Chicken
Turken "Naked Neck" Chicken
White Leghorn Chicken
Brown Leghorn Chicken
Austra White Chicken
Cuckoo Marans Chicken
French Black Copper Marans Chicken
French Black Marans Chicken
French Cuckoo Marans Chicken
Welsummer Chicken
Easter Egger™ Chicken
French Wheaten Marans Chicken
Olive Egger™ Chicken
Black Ameraucana Chicken
Buckeye Chicken
Barnevelder Chicken
Blue Ameraucana Chicken
Lavender Ameraucana Chicken
Bielefelder Chicken
Cream Legbar Chicken
Blue Laced Red Wyandottes
Lavender Orpington Chicken
Jubilee Orpington Chicken
Splash Ameraucanas Chicken
White Ameraucanas Chicken
Splash Laced Red Wyandottes
Silver Laced English Orpington Chicken
Rhode Island Red Chicken (Exhibition Type)
French Black Tailed Red Marans
Jumbo Cornish Cross Chicken
100 Frypan W/ 3 Free Ducks
25 Frypan
50 Frypan
100 Frypan w/5 Free Exotic Chicks
Black Silkie Bantam
Blue Silkie Bantam
Buff Silkie Bantam
Splash Silkie Bantam
White Silkie Bantam
Golden Sebright Bantam
Silver Sebright Bantam
Mille Fleur d'Uccles Bantam
Porcelain d'Uccles Bantam
Barred Cochin Bantam
Birchen Cochin Bantam
Black Cochin Bantams
Blue Cochin Bantam
Buff Cochin Bantam
Golden Laced Cochin Bantam
Partridge Cochin Bantam
Red Cochin Bantam
Silver Pencil Cochin Bantam
Splash Cochin Bantam
White Cochin Bantam
Barred Old English Game Bantam
Black Breasted Red Old English Game Bantam
Black Old English Game Bantam
Blue Old English Game Bantam
Brassy Back Old English Game Bantam
Brown Red Old English Game Bantam
Crele Old English Game Bantam
Ginger Red Old English Game Bantam
Red Pyle Old English Game Bantam
Silver Duckwing Old English Game Bantam
Self Blue Old English Game Bantam
Spangled Old English Game Bantam
Splash Old English Game Bantam
Wheaten Old English Game Bantam
White Old English Game Bantam
Black Japanese Bantam
Black Tailed Buff Japanese Bantam
Black Tailed White Japanese Bantam
Gray Japanese Bantam
Mottled Japanese Bantam
White Japanese Bantam
Black Breasted Red Phoenix Bantam
Golden Duckwing Phoenix Bantam
Silver Duckwing Phoenix Bantam
White Phoenix Bantam
Black Rosecomb Bantam
Blue Rosecomb Bantam
Splash Rosecomb Bantam
Black Breasted Red Cubalaya Bantam
Wheaten Cubalaya Bantam
Black Wyandotte Bantam
Columbian Wyandotte Bantam
Barred Rock Bantam
Buff Brahma Bantam
Buff Orpington Bantam
Columbian Rock Bantam
Dominique Bantam
Easter Egger™ Bantam
Rhode Island Red Bantam
Black Breasted Red Aseel
Dark Aseel
Wheaten Aseel
White Phoenix Standard Chicken
Golden Spangled Appenzeller Spitzhauben Chicken
White Chantecler Chicken
Black Cochin Standard Chicken
Blue Cochin Standard Chicken
Barred Cochin Standard Chicken
Buff Cochin Standard Chicken
Golden Laced Cochin Standard Chicken
Partridge Cochin Standard Chicken
Silver Laced Cochin Standard Chicken
Splash Cochin Standard Chicken
White Cochin Standard Chicken
Columbian Rock Chicken
Egyptian Fayoumis Chicken
Silver Spangled Hamburg Chicken
Mottled Houdan Chicken
Red Jungle Fowl Chicken
Saipan Jungle Fowl Chicken
Lakenvelder Chicken
Black Breasted Red Phoenix Standard Chicken
Golden Duckwing Phoenix Standard Chicken
Silver Duckwing Phoenix Standard Chicken
Blue Polish Chicken
Buff Laced Polish Chicken
Golden Laced Polish Chicken
Silver Laced Polish Chicken
Splash Polish Chicken
White Crested Black Polish Chicken
White Polish Chicken
Silver Spangled Appenzeller Spitzhauben Chicken
White Sultan Chicken
Black Sumatra Chicken
Blue Sumatra Chicken
Red Shoulder Yokohama Chicken
Silver Duckwing Yokohama Chicken
White Yokohama Chicken
Splash Sumatra Chicken
Crazy Cackle Toppies
Birchen Standard Old English
Black Standard Old English
Black Breasted Brown Red Standard Old English
Black Breasted Red Standard Old English
Black Breasted Red Jungle Fowl Standard Old English
Blue Standard Old English
Brown Breasted Brown Red Standard Old English
Crele Standard Old English
Cuckoo Standard Old English
Ginger Red Standard Old English
Gold Duckwing Standard Old English
Red Pyle Standard Old English
Silver Duckwing Standard Old English
Silver Duckwing Jungle Fowl Standard Old English
Spangled Standard Old English
Splash Standard Old English
Wheaten Standard Old English
White Standard Old English
Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey
Broad Breasted White Turkey
Black Spanish Turkey
Blue Slate Turkey
Bourbon Red Turkey
Narragansett Turkey
Royal Palm Turkey
Bronze Heritage Standard Turkey
Black Slate Turkey
White Pekin Duck
Rouen Duck
Khaki Campbell Duck
Ancona Ducks
Black Swedish Duck
Blue Swedish Duck
Cayuga Duck
Fawn and White Runner Ducks
Welsh Harlequin Ducks
Silver Appleyard Duck
African Geese
Toulouse Geese
White Chinese Geese
White Embden Geese
Cackle Barn Yard Geese
Lavender Guinea
Pearl Grey Guinea
Royal Purple Guinea
White African Guinea
Assorted Rare Ornamental Pheasant
Assorted Peafowl Chicks
Assorted Heavy Females Hatchery Choice
Rainbow Assorted Females
Special Heavy Assorted
Hungry Man Special
Hatchery Surprise
Waterfowl Special
Backward Barnyard Special
Heavy Barnyard Special
Heavy Straight Run Special
Surplus Ducks
Surplus Rare Ducks
Broad Breasted Turkey Surplus Special
Surplus Cackle Turkey Special
Surplus Rare Turkey Special
Hatchery Choice Guinea
Purebred Bantam Assortment Special
Hatchery Choice Bantam Female Deal - 5
Hatchery Choice Bantam Female Deal - 10
Cackle's Show Class Old English Bantam S/R Assortment
Cochin Bantam Special
Clean Leg Bantam Assortment Special
Feather Footed Bantam Assortment Special
Japanese Bantam Special
Old English Game Bantam Special
Phoenix Bantam Special
Silkie Bantam Special
Exotic Island Fowl Special
Free Range/Predator Resistant Chicken Special
Long Tail Surplus
Polish Surplus Special
Rare Chick Special
Standard Cochin Surplus Special
Surplus Standard Phoenix Special
Sustainable Chicken Prepper Special
Crested "Top Hat" Special
Standard Old English Surplus
Surplus Regular Ducks
French Marans Female Surplus
Dark Brown Egg Female Surplus
Hatchery Choice Geese Surplus
Blue Egger Female Surplus
Mini Cackle Surprise

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2021 cackle hatching calendar

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