Wholesale Dealer Qualifications

To qualify to be a Wholesale Dealer with Cackle Hatchery:
1. You must own/manage a store where you are reselling the baby chicks.
If you are selling from a farm:
2. You must purchase birds through our retail department and once the season is over, call us to review your account to see if you qualify to be a Wholesale Dealer next year.

We offer our Wholesale Dealers discounted prices on chicks and some supplies. However, DO NOT PLACE ORDERS ONLINE or the price paid will be retail. It will not be considered a wholesale order.

You must fill out a Wholesale Dealer Application (click link below) and return to us along with your tax exempt status paperwork that is issued by your state. We will contact you by phone once we have received your application.

If you have any questions about becoming a Wholesale Dealer, please refer to our New Dealer FAQ. If your questions cannot be answered in our FAQ, please contact the Wholesale Department at 800-826-4257 or 417-532-4581.

Schedule a “Chick Day” to help increase sales in your store. We currently supply over 950 wholesale stores with chicks for their Spring and Fall “Chick Days” and “Chick Season™” Events. Please contact us at 800-826-4257 for further details.


Printable Wholesale Dealer Application

Print out Sales Sheets for display

Download or print our Chick Care Sheets

Download or print our Cackle’s Handling of Poultry Poster (Salmonella Safety)



Contact Us to Be a Wholesaler Today!