Pearl Grey Guinea

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Hatching on July 22, 2024

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  • Pearl Grey Guinea – Sold as Baby Keets Only – No Sexing Available

Seasonal/Shipped June thru Mid August.

Minimum of 5.


Breed Facts

  • Poultry Show Class: Helmeted Guinea Fowl
  • Weights: Hen—-3-4 lbs
    Cock—–4-5 lbs
    Pullet—3 lb
    Cockerel—-3 1/2 lbs
  • Purpose and Type: Egg Laying and meat; Exhibition
  • Egg Color: Dark and Spotted
  • Egg Production: Good, between 60-100
  • Egg Size: Small
  • Temperament: Active
  • Fertility Percentage: 60-75%
  • Broody: Setters
  • Mating Ratio: 9 Females to 1 Male
  • Roost Height: 4+ feet
  • Country of Origin: Western Africa
  • APA: No
  • TLC: No
  • Breeder Farm Source:Cackle Hatchery® Poultry Breeding Farm” developing our bloodline or strain of four pure colors of Guinea Fowl since 1977.


The Pearl Grey Guinea fowl has dark gray plumage speckled with rows of tiny white spots, giving it a beautiful and distinctive appearance. This is the traditional and most common variety of Guinea fowl. These small birds are one of the most overlooked allies you can have in your garden, orchard or pasture. Lively and alert, Guinea fowl will know when something is amiss in their territory, and they will make a racket. Despite this, they are calm and gentle toward their owners when raised from keets. They are also great foragers and will keep ticks, grubs and worms away from your grass or garden.

We can not ship guineas to Hawaii.

Cackle Hatchery® guinea keets must be shipped in a separate compartment from all other poultry. We do this because the small keets will peck the toes of other poultry and injure them during shipment.

Cackle Hatchery® ships your baby guinea keet orders May-Aug and it is recommended to order in March and April to secure and reserve your baby keets. We hope you enjoy our guinea fowl breeds and check out our caring for keets.

We can not ship guineas to Hawaii.


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49 reviews for Pearl Grey Guinea

  1. Jerry Bannister

    I am not one for leaving reviews but I have to give credit where credit is due. I had ordered 30 pearl guineas and i think the three day ship to where I live was part of why they all died but after calling cackle and explaining what happen they didn’t hesitate to make it right! They immediately shipped me a replacement order and I actually recieved then in two days rather than 3 and they also added warming pads to the box. Also, they sent 32 instead of 30, 1 did die in shipment but the 31 remaining are all running around happy in there brooding tank. Thank you Cackle, I look forward to many more orders in the future.

  2. KLBB

    Excellent Service and Product – Highly Recommend

    Very easy to order. Delivery was exactly as expected. I ordered 5 and they sent an extra. A year later, all are still thriving. THANK YOU!!! I love my guineas!

  3. Peter

    great to take care of ticks and ants.

    Great bird.

  4. Ginny


    I call then my Velvetines! they are delightful to watch, funny, and so far, no new voles or moles or what every they are called. Everyone said they are so loud, and in the barn, they are… but outside, they sound like ducks in the distance. When they are close, they are silent. So pleased with the Velvetines!

  5. George13815

    Great guineas!

    I got a mess of guineas from Cackle. They were day olds and survived the ride. They survived my growing up and now they are 20 weeks old. They perch outside the coop on the enclosures fence with my turkeys. They are noisy all day long. When one shuts up, another starts. So if you like peace and quiet they are not the bird for you. But if you like “talkative” birds, they sure can carry on a conversation. They say they are good alarm birds for predators too. The only predator I’ve had was a black bear and they were quite reticent when it came up on my porch. I guess they were hiding from him. I haven’t had any eggs yet, nor have I eaten any, so I cannot comment on that aspect. But if you want a hardy and fun bird to have around the mix, go ahead and give the guineas a try.

  6. gahoffm

    Healthy birds

    I ordered 10 Pearl Guinea Fowl and Cackle sent me 14. All birds were healthy and all 14 survived. I also ordered 15 chickens and received 19 very healthy chicks. I’m very happy with the service Cackle provides. On a side note, please do your research and decide if Guinea Fowl are right for you. They certainly have their benifits, however, they are also a handful.
    They like to escape, can be very noisy, and are DUMB birds who can’t seem to figure their way out of the most simple situations. Also, don’t forget that a group of Guinea Fowl is called a “Confusion” for a reason. All that being said, I’m very happy with the Cackle’s birds.

  7. Ed

    Great watch dogs

    We have half at each end of house to alert us of people or bobcats, racoons, possums, and other critters. They sound off we someone or thing they don’t know.

  8. Kevin

    I love the pearl guineas

    This is my first time raising the pearl guinea keats, and I truly love them. They arrived just fine being delivered by the post office. They are now over 12 weeks old and doing very well. Yes they are noisy but I like it, especially when I know it’s because they’re glad to see me and expecting a treat. While they don’t let me pick them up, they come up to me and eat out of my hand and follow me around. If you get them, keep the brooder in the house so they get to know you better. It helps. They are now living comfortably with the chickens that also came from cackle hatchery at the same time.

  9. Meme

    Beautiful birds

    Received my order of 15 healthy cute babies turned into strong healthy adults they run loose on the farm and go in at night very happy with these birds

  10. Jeff

    Great experience

    The keets all arrived heathy and in good condition it was my first time raising guinea fowl and I had to call customer service several times. They were all very friendly and knowledgeable. I could not have been any happier with cackle hatchery or the guinea fowl. I will order from them again. Thank you

  11. Dave

    Got all males. The Turkeys are ordered with them were all male also.

    Ssme as above.

  12. Chicken Lady

    Love my Guineas!

    We received our 4 guineas with several chicks in June. The chicks were replacements for lost ones ordered in March. This time ALL arrived healthy. We are very happy with Cackle Hatchery and will order again!

  13. Lisa

    Happy Customer

    I received my order of keets and poults the first week of June 2019. They were healthy and although I had only ordered and paid for 5 they added 3 extras which was a pleasant surprise. I would recommend Cackle Hatchery and will use them again.

  14. Angela


    Great service, perfectly healthy birds. Got a few extras, none had a single issue.

  15. Lucy1215

    Very Satisfied

    These guineas were the best investment ever. They keep the property free of ants, mosquitoes, woolly worms…..and unwanted critter. They recognize “Daddy” and are very vocal when he’s out & about on the acreage…following him like puppies. Entertaining/ornamental/hard workers…these are the full package.

  16. Shady Grove Cattle Farms LLC


    All arrived healthy and are happy roaming the farm !!!!

  17. Guinea Mom

    Very Pleased!

    I received my Guinea keets, and a couple of extra ones were included! They are healthy and all alive. Thank you for my order!

  18. Pat

    Happy with purchase

    I ordered two batches of keets this summer. All arrived quickly and in great shape. They also threw in a couple extra keets as well. I am very pleased with my happy, healthy, loveable little guineas. I’ve recommended Cackle Hatchery to several people and will be placing more orders next spring. I’m a very satisfied customer.

  19. KD

    Good Birds

    Great for managing insects out in the country

  20. H

    All healthy

    All healthy, had them all vaccinated for Mareks, high quality birds!!!

  21. Pam

    Enjoying the Variety

    We chose to have three different varieties of Guineas. The Pearl Grays fit right in with the others. They all make us laugh as they run around the yard.

  22. Jan Campbell

    Great service from Cackle Hatchery

    I received my guineas this past summer. All 18 arrived healthy .
    Months later they are all still healthy. They have provided hours of entertainment! Contrary to things we read they are fairly tame and go to roost every night just like our chickens! I give cackle hatchery 5 stars!

  23. Barb

    Fantastic Birds!!!

    Those gals and guys arrived safe and sound. They are absolutely beautiful birds. I use there feathers in craft projects. We let them out in the morning and their at my back door wanting for their daily mealy worms. They are so healthy and very entertaining. Spoiled rotten. I will definitely shop the Cackle Hatchery again.

  24. Frutopia

    Great service noisy bird

    I ordered 8 guines and I received 10 of them. They were all healthy and have grown the last 3 months. I dont recomend having them with chickens but enjoy their alertness. I believe their noise scares away raccoons in the area.

  25. Guinea review

    Pearl grey guineas are a must for farms they reduce harmful insects

    Very good batch of guineas !! Mostly tame and excellent tick eaters . Seen a major reduction of fleas as well !! Will definitely keep a flock on
    my farm at all times ! Thank you for quality stock cackle hatchery .

  26. Great Birds!

    Healthy and Happy Tick Eaters!

    I ordered 10 guineas and 10 chickens. I received 11 guineas, all healthy and fine. I raised the chickens and guineas together to be free range. This worked very well! The chickens have learned to be wary, and the guineas have learned to come back and roost in the chicken house every night. The guineas are very curious – always come to watch what I am doing in the yard. But they have definite opinions if I change anything in the yard – like parking the pick-up in a different place. They call and carry on like a crime has been committed! Hilarious birds really, fun to watch, and have rid my yard of every single tick.

  27. Cindy

    Pearl grey guineas

    All my guineas arrived healthy and I couldn’t be more pleased

  28. Cindy

    Great experience

    I ordered guineas in July and they all arrived healthy and doing great and I’m very happy with them and I would definitely order again

  29. Mary

    Arrived healthy

    I ordered Guinea keets this pass summer. They arrived healthy and very lively. I only ordered 5 but they shipped a few extra and they all have grown into nice size guineas.

  30. Deb

    Excellent service

    All birds arrived safely and were very healthy. Would definitely recommend this Hatchery.

  31. Paul

    Pearl Grey Guinea

    I ordered 15 and all 15 are living. These birds are a delignt to own. Each evening when I come home, they all line up on the fense and shart calling me. They are beautiful birds and I am very happy with them.

  32. Happy

    very satisfied

    Ordered chickens an guineas in May 2019 an both arrived healthy an hungry. All are grown up an healthy. Very satisfied with Cackle Hatchery. I will be back for more.

  33. Gentry

    Lots of Cackling

    Ordered 6 guinea. Got 7 in the shippment. All arrived healthy. After about a week one of them developed a vitamin deficiency. Be prepared for that when you order chicks. Not Cackle Hatchery’s fault. Very please with everything that I have ordered from Cackle. They do a fine job and are easy & honest to deal with.

  34. Tina


    In spite of the fact that my guineas went to Oregon on the way to South Carolina, a few of them survived! Cackle Hatchery made good on my order by replacing all of the guineas. This time they came directly to South Carolina and have all survived and are healthy. I would definately order from Cackle again.

  35. Buddy Farms

    Guinea’s for security

    we purchased several Guineas from the Cackle Hatchery. We love them. They are a bit noisy but keep away wild life like possums and raccoons that kill our Chickens. Anyone having fowl, chickens or other birds will benefit with having guineas. They get along well with our chickens and are very friendly to my family and I. Love our Birds.

  36. Elyse

    Pearl Grey guineas

    Very pleased they all came in on time healthy and active. They are grown now and beautiful very happy with Cackle excellent customer service

  37. Cindy Lu Who

    Love our Guinea’s

    We absolutely love the fun guys and gals ours are friendly and funny
    Sadly out of our 15 we are down to only 5 loosing 4 up one arrival (refunded) then a few to predators the remaining are an absolute delight to have on our 10acres
    Would highly recommend these cute and fun guy to anyone wanting to add something different to there homestead

  38. Dave M.

    Amazing insect/tick hunter. Vocal when disturbed.

    I’ve owned this breed many times in the past and am a current owner. These birds have beautiful eggs similar to a chicken egg but various colors. They also eat well. I use these birds for thier hardiness and amazing appetite for ticks and other insects. I wish the state would buy about 10,000 of these and release them into tick infested forests and swampy areas. A vocal bird that will disappear into the background.

  39. PawPaw


    Safe arrival.. healthy birds. These pearls are beautiful and friendly. And.. since they are Guineas.. they are hilarious and entertaining

  40. The Brown Farm

    Great Experience

    I’ve bought keets from this hatchery two or three times now. Always a pleasant experience. You basically raise the birds like chicken chicks for about 4 months and then kick em’ loose. Easiest farm animal we have. Zero maintenance or caring required (after the initial four months). They roost up in some roof rafters far away from night predators. During the day the hunt insects, chase away coyotes, and server as an alarm for when people come onto the property.

  41. KLBB

    Excellent Service and Product – Highly Recommend

    Received my order on the date expected, as expected. All chicks survived the shipping and also survived to become full grown birds. I would highly recommend, as this is one of the few hatcheries which allows a smaller order on Guineas.

  42. Camille

    Pearl Grey Guinea

    Received our guinea keets around 7/2/19. All were healthy. Ordered around 36 and received a few extra as well. I love the guineas. They are great bug eaters. It’s been four months and all are still healthy. I have also ordered silkies and turkeys and have never had any problems. I order all my birds from Cackle Hatchery.

  43. Tim

    Keet keet keet

    Great birds. Cackle is great.

  44. Arthur


    Received bonus birds, excellent! The birds are not as noisy as I was led to believe. Birds are very funny to observe. Birds think that our grey car is one of their siblings and that my wife and I are their parents. But best of all these birds eat “ticks” like I eat bacon….Cackel Hatchery has been helpful and professional….. I will be doing business with them again and I would recommend doing business with them.

  45. Melissa

    Healthy birds–great tick catchers

    Ordered 15 birds, received 20 and only had one mystery death and that was on the second day. The other birds are now about 6 months old and are doing great! They are great tick catchers, which is the reason we purchased. We went from pulling at least a couple ticks off the family every time we went outside to not having seen one in months. They are LOUD! but in our opinion well worth it.

  46. Rosie Vmua

    Healthy and Happy

    I received my Guinea keets today(6/28/19). They were healthy and all alive, got a few extra too. I ordered 40 and happy with my order. Will definitely be ordering again from Crackle Hatchery. Thanks!!!

  47. Martha

    Healthy Arrival

    I cried when I found all of the baby guineas dead last week. This morning
    the replacement shipment arrived and they are all healthy and happy. Thank
    you so much for you kindness and rapid response in shipping the
    replacements. I’m delighted. I’ve ordered chicks from Cackle Hatchery for
    over 40 years and this is the first time that I have ever gotten a DOA
    shipment. Since I am now 80 years old, I probably won’t be here to do a lot
    of business with you in the future, but I definitely will be your faithful
    customer until the end. I recommend Cackle Hatchery to everyone who visits
    our farm.

  48. Chicks


    All 18 chicks we ordered arrived healthy and alive. I have had no problems with the chicks.

  49. Joe Texas June 2010

    Very Satified

    I received my order of Guineas this past week and they arrived in great shape at the post office and we put them in the brooder and they took to the water and food readily. They had a great first day. I am very satisfied with the birds and their condition on arrival and will be sure to use your services and products in the future.

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