Pecking Order® Sun Pecks® – 8 Pack


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Pecking Order® Sun Pecks® – 8 Pack

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Pecking Order® Sun Pecks® – 8 Pack

Sun Pecks® from Pecking Order® are the only treat for chickens because it is coated in a delicious sunflower puree! Sun Pecks® are a protein and calcium rich treat that come in an easy serve treat bowl with resealable lid. The convenience of having treats in an easy serve treat bowl means Sun Pecks® can be served to your flock in a variety of ways, but the most fun way is to hold the bowl and watch your hens peck right out of it! Kids (and some adults too) are less intimidated by chickens eating from a bowl they’re holding than from chickens pecking directly out of their hands, so the easy serve treat bowl makes treat time more fun for everyone! Once you feel your flock has enjoyed enough treats for the day, simply snap the lid back on till you’re ready to excite your flock again with more delicious Sun Pecks®.

  • Mealworms & Sunflower Kernels Coated with Sunflower Puree
  • Easy Serve Treat Bowl with Lid to Store Unserved Treats
  • Each Bowl Serves Up To 15 Hens
  • Excellent Source of Protein & Calcium

6.75 OZ. x 8 Bowls

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1 review for Pecking Order® Sun Pecks® – 8 Pack

  1. Mommyx5

    Favorite treat

    This is by far my chickens favorite treat. They gobble it down in flash. It’s also a great treat when your chickens are molting with lots of protein.

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