Poultry Probiotic DPP (water soluble)


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It is much easier to prevent bacterial diseases than to treat them. Provide DPP at one day of age during times of stress, AFTER (NOT during) antibiotic therapy, monthly or continuously. At one day of age when gut is sterile, DPP populates the gut with beneficial bacteria before pathogens can establish themselves.

Experts agree that a healthy gut flora is a huge part of the body’s immune system and can prevent 70% of attacking pathogens.

1/4 teaspoon per gallon of drinking water.

Instructions for Use

1 review for Poultry Probiotic DPP (water soluble)

  1. Alex and Carla

    Good for my chickens

    This really works well with my chickens. If my chickens get sick I treat them with Duramycin and then follow up with this probiotic. Just remember you need to change to fresh mix every 24 hours. Also feeding some cottage cheese or yogart works also.

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