Speckled Sussex Started Pullet

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Speckled Sussex Started Pullet – 15 to 22 weeks old female

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Started Pullets are 30.00 ea.  Shipping charges are non refundable.

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Speckled Sussex Started Pullets are 30.00 each for a 15 to 22 week old female. 
Shipping Charges: 1 bird-$202.00  2 birds-$232.00  3 birds-$261.00  4 birds-$380.00
These pullets have been vaccinated for Marek’s disease with no additional charge. 
 This Speckled Sussex chicken originated in the county of Sussex and is a very old English breed and recognized as a distinct breed in 1914. The Sussex is a very gentle and colorful bird. This variety of the Sussex breed makes for a good backyard chicken and dual purpose for meat or egg production. This bird is a very good layer and handles confinement well. Their speckled coloring makes them blend in with the background and camouflages them from predators such as coyotes and foxes. With each yearly molt more speckles appear so they become even more colorful the older they get. Click here to view our guarantee on Started Pullets

Not available for residents of Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.


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