Rhode Island Red Chicken

Rhode Island Red Chicken Breed (Single Comb Variety) Chicken Rooster

Originated in Rhode Island, it is the state bird of Rhode Island and recognized as a distinct pure chicken breed in 1904 by the American Standard of Perfection. The Single…

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Rhode Island White Chicken

Rhode Island White Chicken Rooster (Single Comb Variety)

Originating in 1888, the rose comb variety of the Rhode Island White was admitted to the APA in 1922. Cackle Hatchery® Breeding Farms only offer the single comb Production type…

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Rhode Island Red Bantam

Rhode Island Red Bantam Rooster

A miniature size of the Single Comb Rhode Island Red Standard chicken, they are great layers and have a docile, fun personality. They are great foragers and do well in…

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Rhode Island Red Hatching Eggs

Rhode Island Red Fertile Hatching Eggs

Hatching some Rhode Island Red (Production Type) Hatching Eggs will give you some great egg laying hens and/or protective roosters. An essential tool for incubation is a Egg Candler. It…

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