Rhode Island Red Hatching Eggs

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Rhode Island Red (Production Type) Hatching Eggs –12 for $61.68   24 for $101.28  FREE SHIPPING

Seasonal/Shipped Mid February through June 5th.


Hatching some Rhode Island Red (Production Type) Hatching Eggs will give you some great egg laying hens and/or protective roosters. An essential tool for incubation is a Egg Candler. It allows you to shine light into an egg and in a dark room, check whether it is fertile as well as monitoring the progress of the air sac to make adjustments in humidity. Check out our Egg Candler that we have available. (see FAQ)

We also have available to order 1 day old chicks of the Rhode Island Red

We generally do not ship mid June through the first of Aug due to the heat of the summer causing a higher risk of eggs not hatching because of the heat”

NO Guarantees on hatchability – NO refunds – Order at your own risk
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3 reviews for Rhode Island Red Hatching Eggs

  1. Karla Tripp (verified owner)

    We ordered 12 eggs, 1 hatched with a deformity, growth outside the body at the tail end, and then it died. So, 12 eggs and no chicks. Not a good return on our investment, and we will be looking elsewhere for our fertilized eggs. I have not heard from customer service, I reported our chickless situation yesterday…

  2. Gail Damerow

    We ship nationwide which is very helpful for those that want a specific breed that their local feed store doesn’t offer. We are happy to supply the demands of our customers.

  3. OkieChickenFarmer

    Too expensive

    You do realize people can go to Atwood’s and buy live chicks for less than what they’re paying for one egg right? What’s the incentive to pay way extra and buy from your company?

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