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Sicilian Buttercup

Buttercup Chicken Hen

Sicilian Buttercup Chicken Hens

Buttercup Chicken Hen

Sicilian Buttercup Chicken Hen

 Day old Standard Buttercup chicks

Day old Standard Sicilian Buttercup chicks

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Buttercup Chicken Rooster

Sicilian Buttercup Chicken Rooster

Buttercup Chicken Hen

Sicilian Buttercup Chicken Hen

Unique shape of a Silician Buttercup Chicken Rooster's comb Silician Buttercup Chicken Rooster's Comb and it's unique cup shape Thank you Cackle Hatchery for our Buttercup chickens we got from you in 2008.  They love to hang out on our deck.  Christy, Prairie Grove, AR.

Thank you Cackle Hatchery®  for our Buttercup chickens we got from you in 2008.  They love to hang out on our deck.  Christy, Prairie Grove, AR.

" Above are 2 photos of the Sicilian Buttercup Chicken's comb and it's unique cup shape"  
Silician Buttercup Chicken Breed


Sicilian Buttercup Chicken Breed Information and Chicken Facts
*Heritage Breed

Sicilian Buttercup Chicken Breed Information:

The Sicilian Buttercup chicken was reportedly imported to America in 1835 and not until 1918 admitted to the American Standard of Perfection. The Sicilian Buttercup chicken originated on the Island of Sicily. It has a beautiful cup-shaped comb. A great barnyard or show fowl that is sure to please everyone. It is a delicate bird and is not winter hardy as most breeds of chickens are. The Sicilian Buttercup Chicken does not take well to confinement and more of a free range very active chicken. This chicken breed also does not go broody.

Chicken Facts:

  • Poultry Show Class: Mediterranean

  • WeightsHen -------5 lbs          Rooster----6/12 lb
                       Pullet-------4  lbs       Cockerel---5 1/2 lbs                   

  • Purpose Exhibition and egg laying

  • Egg Shell Color -  White

  • Egg Production - Good

  • Country of Origin -Italy

  • APA: No

  • ALBC: Threatened, Considered a sustainable heritage chicken breed. 
  • Breeder Source Farm: "Cackle Hatchery®  Poultry Breeding Farm” developing our bloodline or strain of pure Sicilian Buttercup chickens since 1971.


Cackle Hatchery®  has these chickens for sale. If you would like just a few chicks for sale then check out our Small Poultry Order or City/Town Chicken Specials and also our Backyard Chicken Houses.

Minimum of 5 birds of each breed variety/color
St Run are shipped at 1 day of age, the chicks arrive at your post office at 2-3 days of age

Breed Abbrv Group Qty Per Chick Price
To Purchase
Sicilian Buttercup St Run 5 2.85 14.25
Sicilian Buttercup St Run 10 2.80 28.00
Sicilian Buttercup St Run 15 2.70 40.50
Sicilian Buttercup St Run 25 2.55 63.75

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