1 GF Gallon Plastic Waterer and base


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This one gallon waterer is best used for 1 day old to 30 day old chicks. After 30 days you should look for a bigger or different designed watering system. This product is made of extra heavy duty plastic and will last hatch season after hatch season. We recommend to clean it and add new water daily for the best health of your baby chicks. Helpful ideas are to lay a piece of cardboard or folded newspapers under the water to help keep out the litter being scratched up by the chicks. This also helps keep the litter dry and lasting longer. Just make sure you have it level so it does not overflow and ruin your dry litter. It is recommended to put new cardboard or newspaper under the waterer once every day. Generally a piece in a dimension of 20″ X 20″ is sufficient.

1 review for 1 GF Gallon Plastic Waterer and base

  1. Andy, Maine November 2015

    Cackle Hatchery

    I use mine for first 3 weeks of life. I also put a small piece of plywood on top of it with a small brick. After the 5th day the chicks are flying up on top and pooping. So this keeps the water clean and the jar clean also when I go to handle it,

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