100 Frypan w/5 Free Exotic Chicks

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Hatching on August 16, 2023

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  • 100 Frypan w/5 Free Exotic Chicks – Sold as Baby Chicks Only

Seasonal/Shipped Early Feb thru End of Sept


No Choice of breed and these are all cockerels of Heavy Breed Chicks (Heritage Male poultry) including 5 Exotic Chicks free. Photos are some of the birds you may receive. Generally these old time heritage breed male roosters take 4-5 months to reach 5-6 pounds of live weight. They do not have the growth rate as the modern day broilers and take a longer time to harvest weight. They will have a lean meat and not the legs and/or heart issues that some of the modern day broilers have.


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17 reviews for 100 Frypan w/5 Free Exotic Chicks

  1. hideawayacres18 (verified owner)

    I ordered this and my wife picked them up. Wound up with 118 and two weeks later I still have 118 . Zero loss and all appear very healthy. This is my second order. The first order I ordered 62 , got 68 and had one die. They by far put out the best birds I’ve bought anywhere! Very happy and I will order again!

  2. Carrie Hayes (verified owner)

    Ordered back in the spring. All arrived well packed in 2 boxes. Mostly ordered them to keep the ticks controlled. They all did well and the last of them are going in the freezer now. Thanks so much! Look forward to ordering again next spring..

  3. J

    All Of Ours Died

    All 100 died in the first few weeks. None of ours we have hatched or ordered elsewhere have died. Very disappointed

  4. Jerry J Raber

    Visibly Healthy Chicks

    I got the 100 frypan deal with 5 free birds, i also got 10 Royal Palm turkeys, Every bird was alive and kicking on arrival. you can literally SEE the quality. so impressed!

  5. Jan

    Very Happy

    Ordered 120 chickens total, received 130. All but one looked great, very active and eating well almost immediately, much better quality than what I am used to. Thank you, I will definitely be ordering from cacklehatchery again in the future.

  6. Daniel L

    Very Pleased

    We were very pleased with our results. We ordered 100 rosters. We lost a couple for whatever reason but overall very happy. They are delicious! looking forward to doing it again this coming spring!

  7. karen

    really happy

    i ordered the 100 frypan, i pick up them. they was healty anything to said ! the only thing, it could be great to know what breed is, i will order again !

  8. Nina

    Healthy chicks

    I am happy to say that ALL my chicks arrived happy healthy. It was packed in two boxes. They are growing up strong and healthy. I love my bonus rare chicks also. This experience has put confidence in their company and I will be ordering from them again.

  9. Christina

    Will order again!

    I received my 100 frypans plus 3 extra and my 5 bonus exotics. I got all 108 healthy, lively babies yesterday. Followed first day instructions and they are still all doing great on day 2! Will definitely be ordering again!

  10. Money

    A little disappointed

    I ordered 100 frypan chicks with 5 exotic chicks and received 96 frypan and 5 exotics. One of each is really weak and looks like it may not make it so we will just have to see.

  11. Chuck Landry



    god bless.

  12. YU

    Very Satisfy with the purchases

    Ordered this bargain special and was very pleased. All the baby chicks arrived healthy and safe. The chicks were very active and the packaging was very good. I am impressed with their service and the sales price (Very low, cant find it anywhere else). Will buy again from them.

  13. Dylan

    Happy in Wiscasset

    Arrived healthy and we’re eating and drinking immediately.
    Exceeded expectations All 108 chicks in good condition lost only one thank you for extras chicks

  14. JC

    Good Job

    Very pleased with my shipment. Received extra chicks. All arrived healthy.

  15. HanskiHomestead

    Very Happy costomers

    Just picked up our chicks from the post office 4/13/2016 (we are in Paradise Ca.). We ordered 100 of the frypan with the 5 free exotic and 5 Easter eggers, all arrived alive and healthy. We gave them some sugar water and wet down some chick starter and they all ate and drank right away. This is the second year we have ordered from Cackle hatchery, the last time we lost a few in shipping probably due to the cold weather. We will definitely order chicks from here in the future!
    P.S. Wish I could add a picture of my girls smiling faces checking out the new chicks 🙂

  16. Nick

    Great Service. 105 live Chicks! Cool exotics. Texture and Flavor not to our taste. These LOVE ticks!

    Amazingly healthy chicks. I’m in Missouri so these were here the next bus. day. Not one of the chicks were unhealthy which is amazing in my book! Cackle was great over the phone and also had helpful advice along the way. We lost 60 of them in a hot day in July due to extreme heat and being couped up in a partially tarped chicken tractor while we were out to town for a few hours. They piled up and overheated. Lesson learned. A neighbor said a fan helps. Back to the quality of the birds. To my store bird accustomed tastes, these were different in flavor and much tougher even at 14 weeks (1.5lb dressed). I wouldn’t buy these again for meat purposes (only as pets and tick eaters). Even if they were up to our taste standards, they require more feed per pound than I’d call a good value. However, they were a ton of fun to watch grow though and beautiful birds. The surprise exotics were too cool! We had 1% of the ticks we normally have. Free range 100 of these and they’ll eat every tick in sight! Pretty amazing actually. Nothing else seemed to work.

  17. Abby Alaska March 2014

    Attn: cackle-Extremely Happy Customer

    Overall I am extremely happy with my chicks. They are so much more boisterous and healthy seeming than the other hatchery I ordered from last year. I will definitely be ordering from you again, possibly this year. Thank you for the quality birds!

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