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  • Ancona – Sold as Baby Ducklings Only 

Seasonal/Shipped Mid Feb thru June.

Your total order requires ANY 3 birds to ship.
 Limit of 15 on Female & Males
 Limit of 30 on Not Sexed

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Breed Facts

  • Poultry Show Class: Not Applicable
  • Weights – Hen——-7 lbs
    Drake——8 lbs
  • Purpose and Type: Egg Laying; Exhibition
  • Egg Color – White, Cream or Blue
  • Egg Production – 130-160 eggs yearly
  • Egg Size: Large to Extra Large
  • Temperament: Docile
  • Gender Accuracy: 90%
  • Fertility Percentage: 60-75%
  • Broody: Setters
  • Mating Ratio: 7 Females to 1 Male
  • Roost Height: Floor
  • Country of Origin – England
  • APA: No
  • TLC: Watch Status, Considered a sustainable heritage duck breed.
  • Breeder Farm Source:Cackle Hatchery® Poultry Breeding Farm” developing our bloodline or strain of Ancona Duck breed since 1977.


The Ancona duck was developed in Great Britain during the early twentieth century. They mature out on the average to about six to six and a half pounds and are a stocky built duck. There is no set design to their broken color pattern. Cackle Hatchery currently breed the black/white but you will occasionally get a few chocolates out of them.  The Ancona ducks are an excellent layer, a hardy all-purpose duck that grows relatively quickly. Typically they have moderately calm temperaments and make good yard ducks as they tend to stay closer to the home. They typically do not fly and make good backyard ducks. Cackle Hatchery is one of a few long term breeders of these genetics.

We can not ship ducks to Hawaii.


27 reviews for Ancona Ducks

  1. forensicscience613

    I got 3 Anconas. I thought all 3 of them were black and white, but one of them is actually chocolate, I’m so excited about it!!

  2. Mona


    I ordered my ducks and they all came happy and healthy. All 5 babies are growing and are such a joy.

  3. Fowlqueenfarm

    Not a good breeding quality

    I was kinda disappointed in the quality. Ordered 16. The duckling came and were weak. Lost a two in 24 hours. The others grew up fine but they r very over marked and on the smaller side then my others. Out of 16 ducks only two were close to breeding standards

  4. ducklord

    great hatchery

    we 14 pekin and 10 ancona ducks in early june. all arrrived healthy and chirpy. would deffinitely reccommond this hatchery

  5. Aubrey

    Cute and healthy

    I ordered 17 Ancona ducks, when the package arrived, one unfortunately didn’t make it but the rest were lively and doing well. So far they are all thriving! Absolutely adorable ducklings.

  6. BHall

    Great Ducks!

    We purchased these from Cackle Hatchery a few years ago and they are great ducks. We coop them at night but during they day they wander the yard and the pond. They are friendly and are big enough that we don’t worry about smaller predators. They also love frozen green peas. They will be your best friend if you feed them that.

  7. William C


    I bought 4 ancona ducklings in late May 2019. They were sexed correctly and delivered in good condition to WA state. I would recommend buying from these people.

  8. Mara M


    We ordered one Cayuga female and 2 Ancona females. They came in one day and were very healthy and gorgeous! Our Cayuga began laying about 2 months ago but our Ancona ducks have yet to lay. Regardless I am so thrilled with how beautiful and healthy they are.

  9. Sarah B

    So much personality!

    These little ducks are great addition to our farm. We ordered five and they are absolutely the life of the party! They have a great temperament, are easy to catch, and very curious. Glad that we added these to the farm

  10. McKnight Family

    Duck tales

    Our three ducklings are all grown-up this year! They are gentle, quiet and great bug eaters in our garden. Two females and one male–these ducks are amazing and lay eggs every day! Beautiful, elegant and graceful swimmers in our garden pond.

  11. Kat

    Ancona babies

    I received my ancona ducklings today. All of them very energetic and healthy. They are adorable! Each one is unique, I cant her over how cute they are!! I ordered 3 and was thrilled to open the carrier and found 4 of them! They arrived in excellent shape and all have names. Yes, I recommend this hatchery!! In fact I plan on ordering more anconas when they become available.

  12. New duck mama


    Absolutely love my ducklings! I ordered 4 ducks received 5. All are doing very well! My only, if you can call it a complaint, is that the tracking for shipping was way off. It told me they wouldn’t be there til Saturday, low and behold they showed up on the Thursday before. But I wasnt disappointed to get these cute lil guys 2days early!

  13. Corn Fed

    Super Happy!

    Ordered ten Ancona ducklings last spring. Ended up with an even split drakes/ducks. They arrived much healthier than any birds I’ve purchased from feed stores and they all grew to adults. They’re super personable, and the girls are the best layers I’ve ever owned. They give us five eggs a day without fail. SO happy with them!

  14. EZ

    good ducks

    I ordered one and he turned out to be a drake. He is pretty nice and likes to walk around with my Indian runner hen. I would recommend.

  15. Tiffany

    Love my Ancona hen!

    Our Ancona hen is very smart, beautiful, and sweet. She is a talker and a favorite of the boys.

  16. taylor (verified owner)

    wonderful ducklings!

    i may be bias when i say this, for i have always wanted one of these. it looks like they’ve been dumped on by one of Mother Nature’s can of paints. i usually just get surplus ducks, or more common breeds, but i finally broke down and bought an ancona duck to go with the rest of my duck order for this yr ! i am so glad, bc just 1 week later & they are sold out for the rest of the yr!!! 🙂 extremely healthy when they arrived, he has beautiful markings & a striking appearance, has a “sweetest little thing” personality, as well. then i read in the description they also are good layers, which i was formerly unaware of. what’s not to love? <3

  17. Laura

    Ancona ducks <3

    I received 4 ancona ducks in my “cackle surprise box” hatch date 3/13/17 and I love them. they survived shipping through the evil blizzard stella. They are 8 weeks old now and so funny. I never knew I could love ducks. They are like little circus clowns quacking around my yard. Thank you so much to whoever packed my box.

  18. cindy

    Virginia 2017

    love the ducks-quick shippment. all healthy. I was very disappointed that out of 16 ducklings I only received 1 female. expected a few more than that.

  19. David (verified owner)

    Healthy strong duck

    My Ancona is very healthy and lively. He was agressive towards my cayagu that passed away so I named him killer. Killer can fly prettu good for a duck that isnt supposed to fly. He is almost a year old and a great backyard duck.

  20. Susan in Atlanta

    Love My Ancona Ducks from Cackle Hatchery

    I have been planning on getting some backyard ducks for over a year. When I found myself actually in Lebanon (I’m from Atlanta, GA), I couldn’t help but stop by and see the ducklings myself. The hatchery is clean with chicks and ducklings in chick condos that kept them warm had happy. What an amazing amount of peeping! I had planned on getting Indian Runners, but they were out of Indian Runners but did have Anconas. They were very cute and healthy. I was able to get them sexed and I think became the proud mother duck of two Ancona female babies. These were very healthy little ducks who roadtripped around Missouri and through Kentucky and Tennesee before making it home. I researched these heritage breed ducks and they are excellent egg layers (some say 300 or more per year), with great personalities that prefer naturally to stay close to home, don’t fly, and are big enough at full adult size to deter most raptors (there is a reason that Atlanta’s football team are the Falcons-raptors are everywhere!). The ducks are growing by leaps and bounds. I used warmers for the first week and then kept them in bathroom of my house with the window open (it’s in the 90’s here in Georgia) so I didn’t really set up a brooder and they have done great. Mine are just now turning white/grey/black at almost 5 weeks. I’ve kept them on organic non-medicated chick crumble with poultry booster (more niacin) and am switching them over to a new mix this week. No Angel Wing, no bowed legs or leg issues. Just cute, healthy, happy ducks. I recommend Cackle Hatchery and I highly recommend Ancona ducks.

  21. Lisa from Hemlock, NY

    Dear Cackle Hatchery

    I received my shipment of Ancona ducklings on 3/30/16 and I just wanted to compliment you on the birds received, they are strong, bright and really came through the shipping wonderfully! All are eating, drinking and running around the kiddy pool like nobody’s business! I could not be more pleased with the order, not to mention the extra bird sent and the beautiful markings and it appears they will have color variation as well, my business belongs to the Cackle Hatchery!

  22. Tash


    I love the anconas I got from Cackle hatchery the only thing was I only got 6 girls out of the 17 you sent. though I’m going to eat the extra males I would have liked to have a few more females.

  23. Misty

    Ancona Ducks

    I just LOVE these ducks…they are beautiful and colorful… they are a very good size for eating…they grow very fast…not as greasy as pekins very tasty!!! they stay home and have never tried to fly…they beat there wings but hardy raise off the ground… very social ducks!!!!!

  24. Bob of wv

    Great ducks and chicks

    I have been ordering ducks and chicks from cackle for years and i have never been disappointed yet. All chicks always come in alive and well

  25. mew; Central Texas Dec, 2015

    pre-duckling comments

    Dec 2015, too early to order babies. I’m switching from hens to ducks next year. From all I’ve read, the Ancona should be almost ideal. They follow the matriarch rather than a drake, like most breeds. Means they’re feeding with the intent of producing eggs, rather than the bullying demands of a male. Also a 2′ fence is enough to keep them contained. Looking forward to finding out if all that is written is actually true!!

  26. AJ, North Carolina April 2012

    Cackle Hatchery

    First off, I’ve been exceeding happy with my chicks, poults and ducklings i received on April 11 from Cackle Hatchery. All were alive when I received them. I’m also extremely pleased with the after delivery service I received. After receiving my shipment, I read on your instructions you shouldn’t raise day old/week old ducklings with chicks or poults. When I called I was greeted by a polite and pleasant lady who informed me why you don’t raise ducklings with other poultry. And more importantly I want to thank you for hatching healthy chicks, duckling and poults. Also the great before and after service you provide.

  27. Sue Alabama May 2010

    Cackle Hatchery

    Thank you for your great service. Our Ancona ducklings arrived yesterday all alive and well. Today we had to add a pan under their water bottle because they like to play in it. They are so much fun to watch running around in their brooder. Thanks again.

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