Black Jersey Giants Hatching Eggs

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Black Jersey Giants Hatching Eggs – 12 for $56.04   24 for $92.16   FREE SHIPPING

Seasonal/Shipped January 24th through June 5th.

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Incubating and hatching Black Jersey Giant Hatching Eggs can teach your children responsibility by having to hand turn the eggs several times daily. Do not wash the hatching eggs before putting them into incubator. They have a protective coating on them that keeps air and bacteria out. (see FAQ)

We also have available to order 1 day old chicks of the Black Jersey Giants

We generally do not ship mid June through the first of Aug due to the heat of the summer causing a higher risk of eggs not hatching because of the heat”

NO Guarantees on hatchability – NO refunds – Order at your own risk
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1 review for Black Jersey Giants Hatching Eggs

  1. Bobby

    Wonderful experience hatching these eggs

    We bought twelve and 11 hatched June 10th 2019. Rapidly growing very entertaining birds. We kept them till they started crowing at about 8 weeks then gave them to friends who have loved them.

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