Black Laced Golden Wyandotte Chicken

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  • Black Laced Golden Wyandotte – Sold as Baby Chicks Only
       Minimums – Not Sexed = 3 
                          Female = 3
                          Male = 1    
                                Total of 3 birds to ship       

Seasonal/Shipped Feb thru September


Breed Facts

  • Poultry Show Class: American Class
  • Weight: Hen ——-6 1/2 lbs
    Rooster—-8 1/2 lb
    Pullet——-5 1/2 lbs
    Cockerel—7 1/2 lbs
  • Purpose and Type: Primary production, Egg Laying & Pet/Secondary meat source
  • Egg Shell Color: Brown
  • Egg Production: 180-260 eggs per year. (estimates only, see FAQ)
  • Egg Size: Medium
  • Temperament: Docile
  • Gender Accuracy: 85-90%
  • Fertility Percentage: 60-75%
  • Broody: Setter
  • Mating Ratio: 9 Females to 1 Male
  • Roost Height: 2 to 4 feet
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • APA: Yes, Recognized by the Standard of Perfection in 1888
  • TLC: Graduated from priority list in 2016
  • Breeder Farm Source: Cackle Hatchery® Poultry Breeding Farm has been developing our bloodline or strain of pure (production type) Black Laced Golden Wyandotte since 1989.


Admitted to the American Standard of Perfection in 1888. These originated in Wisconsin in 1880. The Black Laced Golden Wyandotte chickens are a docile bird with clean legs and mostly black laced golden feathers and black tail. They have a red rose comb, earlobes, and wattles. They will on occasion go broody and they make excellent mothers. They work well in confinement or free range and make a great back yard type chicken. Cackle Hatchery® currently offers the production type line and not show type.

NOTE:In 2014 Cackle Hatchery® started using a better descriptive name for our Wyandottes. With the emerging of the Blue Laced Red Wyandotte’s and other colors, we feel it would be less confusing to have a full descriptive breed name. So the “Gold Laced Wyandotte” is now referred to as the Black Laced Gold Wyandotte by Cackle Hatchery®


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24 reviews for Black Laced Golden Wyandotte Chicken

  1. Cheyanne

    My girls are amazing

    I got them and they all came alive only lost two . And as they have grown i have watch then just become beautys . They are all different shades of gold . And they are the jewel of my yard . They reall are great looking birds. With a great temperment

  2. E

    Beautiful feathers

    Mine are almost three months old, and I would argue the most beautiful of all my breeds. Their feathers grow more beautiful and lustrous by the day. They are also growing more acustomed to being around people with one occasionally coming up to me to be pet. Great breed.

  3. Chris


    Wife very happy with the Chicks.

  4. Bonnie

    Thank You Cackle Hatchery

    Hi, as a first time orderer from Cackle Hatchery I wanted to take a minute and let you know how pleased with your service I have been. I ordered small order city/town chick offer and they arrived happy and healthy and on time. With an extra chick to spare!! Also ordered a small order of Guineas, hatchery choice, with a special request that I wasn’t sure you would be able to do but you came through!! As a first time customer i can’t tell you how impressed I have been with your attention to detail and care with shipping. All chicks/keets arrived happy and healthy, eating, drinking and ready to go. So want to say a big Thank You. I will be highly recommending you to anyone who wants a dependable source for poultry.

  5. Justin

    You made our Family whole again.

    We had a weasel sneak into our outdoor brooder and kill 17 White Leghorns that were 8 weeks old. The loss was horrendous, and compounded by the fact that they were hatched by my youngest daughter’s first grade class. We sat down as a family, and the seven of us narrowed it down to four breeds for a new batch of chickens. 3 Black Jersey Giants Females and 2 Males, 3 Black Laced Golden Wyandottes F , 3 Dominiques F, and 6 Easter Eggers F. We have an existing adult flock of 10 mixxed Isa Browns, White Leghorn, and Easter Eggers, all Female. We ordered two days before a hatch date. We received our chicks two days later delivered to our door, after they got kicked out of the post office for being too loud. 23 chicks in wonderful shape; an extra male Giant, 2 extra female giants, 1 extra female Wyandotte, and 2 extra Easter Egger females. We dipped little beaks in water and its been balls full out since then. 100% survival at 6 days old!!! Perfect total flock ratio of 3 males and 30 females(Barring any surprise roosters). My kids are happy, my wife is happy, and I am very happy. If every online purchase was this satisfying I might never go to another brick and mortar store again. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Cackle. You have our business for life.

  6. Lindsay

    Happy Customer

    I chose to order my chicks from Cackle Hatchery because the website really impressed me and I was confident I would receive happy healthy chicks. I was not disappointed! I received my chicks on 3/23/17 so I have had them for 5 days now. All 15 I ordered arrived happy and healthy and to my surprise I had 2 extra chicks! This is something I have been looking forward to for a very long time, my first time raising chicks of my own! I love that I was able to order a variety of different breeds for a diverse flock. I am over the top happy with my chicks and Cackle Hatchery. I have even ordered a shirt, can cozies, a sign “I love my Cackle Hatchery chicks” and chicken socks: ) !!! I want to show my appreciation for such a fun new chapter in my life! Being a momma hen!!

  7. Tom D

    Hardy breed

    Our first order from Chackle Hatchery were Silver and Golden laced Wyandotte chicks, of the 25 birds ordered 26 arrived in good health. They handled our cold winters well and were great Layers. 3 of our females were still laying at 9 years old and were going strong and healthy until the neighbors dog got into the coup. These birds thrived freerange and actually did much better foraging than they did on the food from the feed store. Placed my second order last month this time with Reds and Golds. This breed has proven it’s self and is the only breed we will be using on this farm from here on out. You cant go wrong with Wyandotts.

  8. SolaFarms


    Our Black Laced Golden Wyandottes arrived healthy and happy, leaving us pleased. These girls were amongst the friendliest of the bunch and have such sweet demeanors – almost to a fault. They are laying now and give us pretty, speckled brown eggs.

  9. Hollilulu

    Love them!

    I got my chicks in April of last year. I have waited to review. I was warned that my chicks would probably be lethargic and I might even loose a few in the mail. I was surprised. They were vigorous and active from the beginning. My Black laced Wyandottes are everything promised. They are so beautiful. They are fun and curious. They love to explore and they are great layers. It took until about 26 weeks or so for them to start laying. I have kept light on them to keep them warm, its been a bad winter, but they are still laying. I love my chickens!

  10. Sandy

    Will always recommend cackle hatchery.

    In April ,2016 ordered black & silver laced Wyandottes. Arrived healthy & feisty. Now are grown,beautiful & laying great.

  11. LucyandLaceyGLWs

    Best chickens I have ever had

    Thank you so much for the chicks you sent! They were all so healthy even with a small order of only three chicks! They were so cute and friendly and they always loved to be held too! They had such personalities right when they got in the brooder! They have grown up into such pretty chickens! Every other ones I saw online from other hatcheries could not compare to mine from Cackle hatchery! DEFINITELY show quality! Their feathers are still so pretty! And your staff is so nice on the phone when I had questions! I would definitely get chicks from Cackle Hatchery again!

  12. Linn County 4-H

    Dear Cackle Hatchery

    On behalf of the Linn County 4-H programs, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support toward the 4-H youth in Linn County. The Linn County 4-H program is utterly grateful towards all of our volunteers and donors. Your generous donation has helped the committee members purchase trophies, medals and awards for the Linn County exhibitors at the 2016 Linn County Fair. With these donations you aren’t just rewarding exhibitors accomplishments at the Linn County Fair; but you are also reinsuring exhibitors life skills in 4-H by being a role model of leadership for the youth. The Linn County 4-H program thanks you for your donations. We couldn’t have done it without you.

  13. Mrs. M


    I ordered 5 of these and received 6 all were alive upon arrival. I did lose 2 over 3 weeks. One of them was not developing properly and was not growing at all. Not sure what was wrong with it, but it did pass unfortunately. The 2nd one was sudden as well. It was growing and developing well but did not make it. I now have 4 that are doing well.

  14. Linda Illinois January 2016

    Cackle Hatchery

    I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Black Laced Wyandottes that I received in May 2015. I was sad to lose the beautiful rooster when the nest fell on him. We have since thoroughly secured them to the wall. What was a surprise is that 2 hens have been very broody for the past months. Otherwise from the 16 hens i am getting 10-15 eggs a day which for winter is very good. I have recommended your hatchery to friends who are interested in urban chickens. I have since rescued a rooster from some folks who got him by mistake. He weighs close to 10 pounds, is white with a black lace mantel. He is the same age as my hens.

  15. Cantrall Creek


    I ordered 25 golden lace chicks last year and they grew into gorgeous adult birds that were very calm. Quality birds. Oohs and aahs. I will be ordering more. Your customer service was excellent!

  16. Abby Iowa May 2012


    I showed in the American, English, Mediterranean, All Other Standard Breed, Mixed Breed, Pairs, Bantam Single Comb, Clean Legged and Showmanship Classes. This was my first year showing. I got 1 Red and 9 Blue Ribbons. I also received 4 best of breed awards and 1 Reserve Champion and 1 Champion. I also got 3rd in showmanship.

  17. Connie, Missouri June 2013

    Cackle Hatchery

    Well! I must say! I’ve picked up chicks here and there from many sources over the years and never have I had such vital, energetic and healthy chicks. I want to thank you very much for sending my order so quickly and efficiently. They were in transit 24 hours only. Post office called yesterday morning and we picked up and delivered to our brooding room around 2 pm. I will be a repeat customer and will happily promote your hatchery. None are better!! Thanks very much.

  18. Anne, Kansas July 2010

    Cackle Hatchery

    I wanted to thank you for your help with our poultry order this year. It was was disheartening to lose so many chicks and I really appreciated you calling me personally to do some troubleshooting. I also want to thank you for the beautiful replacement chicks you sent. They are doing fine and it was so nice to get to try some of the breeds that were sold out before. As a side note I was to say how impressed I am with your Spitzhaubens. They are perky, energetic and extremely friendly. Plus they are a treat to look at! Thank you for your top notch service, personal attention and prize-winning birds.

  19. Robert Maine May 2011

    Cackle Hatchery

    Thank you so much for the wonderful chicks. They are all so kind. Some of them even will jump into my lap when I make a clicking noise. It is looking good for our chickens. Thank you.

  20. Dawn Wisconsin May 2015

    Cackle Hatchery

    I am anxiously awaiting my chicks. I am so excited. It is my first time to have backyard chickens. I researched many hatcheries and found yours online. I was impressed and very much enjoyed your tutorial of the family business and history of the company. I also liked the videos of the different chicks and information given about the different varieties. I found that very helpful when choosing which varieties I wanted and would be best for us.

  21. Kimberli California May 2014

    Thank You

    I want to thank you for your assistance and help with turkeys that were sent to us on Monday May 19th. Last week for what ever reason half of our shipment of birds was given to me soaked at the post office. I called your center and a wonderful woman was very helpful and did all that she said and read the pamphlet and followed the direction however it was just to much for those poor turkeys, I gave it my all!. She was so kind to talk with and we do appreciated the second delivery. They are all eating and drinking like champs! We look forward to showing the chickens at the local fair and auctioning the turkeys. I will send pictures from this event!

  22. Kristi Texas May 2011


    Thank you so much for sending such a GREAT order of chicks! They all arrived in great shape and began eating and drinking right away. Thanks again and I’ll be happy to recommend Cackle Hatchery to anyone!

  23. Steve May 2011

    Thank You

    You guys rock! We ordered 5 Golden Laced Wyandottes from you. Your birds arrived on Lopez Island this am. Your packing was exceptionally good. All chicks are healthy and starting eating and drinking immediately on arrival Thank You!

  24. Ella (received November 2014)

    First Place

    Just thought you would like to know my gold lace Wyandotte cockerel appox 7 mos old got best breed and best variety and my hen got 2nd variety. They both came from you. Thank You

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