Black Laced Silver Wyandotte Chicken

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Hatching on May 22, 2024

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  • Black Laced Silver Wyandotte – Sold as Baby Chicks Only
       Minimums – Not Sexed = 3 
                          Female = 3
                          Male = 1    
                                Total of 3 birds to ship       

Seasonal/Shipped Feb thru September


Breed Facts

  • Poultry Show Class: American Class
  • Weights: Hen ——-6 1/2 lbs
    Rooster—-8 1/2 lb
    Pullet——-5 1/2  lbs
    Cockerel—7 1/2 lbs
  • Purpose and Type: Primary production, Egg Laying & Pet/Secondary meat source
  • Egg Shell Color: Brown
  • Egg Production: 180-260 eggs per year (estimates only, see FAQ)
  • Egg Size: Medium
  • Temperament: Docile
  • Gender Accuracy: 85-90%
  • Fertility Percentage: 60-75%
  • Broody: Setter
  • Mating Ratio: 9 Females to 1 Males
  • Roost Height: 2 to 4 feet
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • APA: Yes, Recognized by the Standard of Perfection in 1883
  • TLC: Graduated from priority list in 2016
  • Breeder Farm Source: Cackle Hatchery® Poultry Breeding Farm has been developing our bloodline or strain of pure (production type) Silver Laced Wyandotte’s since 1989.


Admitted to the American Standard of Perfection in 1883. These originated in New York State and are the parent variety of all the other Wyandottes colors. The Black Laced Silver Wyandotte chickens are a docile bird with clean legs and mostly black laced silvery white feathers and black tail. They have a red rose comb, earlobes and wattles. They will on occasion go broody and they make excellent mothers. They work well in confinement or free range and are a great back yard chicken.  They lay a medium to large egg and are a production type and not show type. Cackle Hatchery® does offer an exhibition/show type at Black Laced Silver Wyandotte Exhibition/Show Type.

NOTE: In 2014 Cackle Hatchery® started using a better descriptive name for our Wyandotte’s. With the emerging of the Blue Laced Red Wyandotte and other colors, we feel it would be less confusing to have a full descriptive breed name. So the Silver Laced Wyandotte are now called Black Laced Silver Wyandotte by Cackle Hatchery®

We also offer at limited times of the year Black Laced Silver Wyandotte Fertile Hatching Eggs


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52 reviews for Black Laced Silver Wyandotte Chicken

  1. Ruby Anne Heie-Rubley

    After a year with our chicks, its time to give a knowledgeable review. We ordered 3 SLW pullets, and recieved 4. Have 100% survival & 100% correct sexing.

    The girls are every bit as beautiful as their breed is renowned for. A bit smaller than the other breeds (RIR, BO, BR, Austrlorps, NHR) and one SLW was significantly more petite as a pullet for months, but she eventually filled out in size. We have had a few more health issues with these. The little one, Prim, has an apparently perpetual limp for no apparent reason. We thought it was bumblefoot, but there is no external sign of injury or abcess. Anyway, she still gets around just fine with the flock, so we just keep an eye one her. And I have to say, Prim is the sweetest, most poised little chicken in the yard, so despite her issues, she is a favorite.

    The most notable characteristic of the SLW is their free spirits. All four escaped their run daily until we roofed it, and eventually allowed them open range. Determined little houdinis. Even now, they are the most upset on days they moust stay contained and always the first out the gate in the morning.

    They may not be the “best” egg layers per se, but they are extraordinarily suited to open ranging, very cold winter days/nights, and flock life. They remain low in the pecking order, but never cause a fuss (unless detained) and are excellent, clever foragers, and they reliably produced eggs all winter for us every few days.

    Wonderful addition to any flock, but especially open-range, cold climate flocks! It helps that their gorgeous feathers are fantastic for tying flies too. 😉

  2. sheilasuesides

    My black-laced silver Wyandottes hatched on 21 Sep 22 and I received them on the 22nd. They were huge and active with the exception of one; but she pulled through. I put them outside at 5 weeks on 1 November. All 16 all are thriving. We began getting eggs on 3 March 23. So far, we have collected 207 eggs from 16 birds. The eggs are still small but attaining greater size. Had one issue of egg binding. Got Aunt Alma through that; now she runs up to me and hunkers down to be stroked! These chooks are very curious and docile. Neglected to get cocks but will remedy that this summer. Love Cackle Hatchery.

  3. partorg40

    Just received 6 chicks (ordered 5) Wyandottes exhibition grade.
    All are good. Eating and running already. Thanks for great service.

  4. dbwarrak

    This is the one breed i’ve gotten with nothing but bad experiences. All silver laced wyandottes i’ve ever had have either been eaten by predators, or died without explanation, or just lost their ability to stand up… while all other birds were totally fine. Look to others. Golden laced ones are great, as are many more breeds.

  5. Bailey Calvert

    I’ve ordered from cackle hatchery in the past and been very pleased, but this will be my last order, ordered 15 female silver laced Wyandotte and received 2 extra, I have raised 3 sets of chicks previously with the exact set up I used with these chicks and have never lost a bird, within 3 days all but 1 of my chicks just laid down and died without explanation. I called and was told it was my fault and that there was nothing they could do, I even had my local vet come out and check my setup and he said that there was nothing I did that would have caused such massive casualties and to call the hatchery. The customer service left a horrible taste in my mouth and I will not be returning as a customer or referring 1 more person.

  6. farmx3

    Shipped in less than 48hrs ! 22 Bielefelders all healthy. We put them on 1/3 Gatorade, 2/3 water (90*) for 2 hrs then 30% Game Starter crumbles. Came back 6 hrs later they were all full and asleep.

  7. Terry

    New Breed

    I’ve ordered many times from Cackle and have always been pleased. My May order of Black Laced Silver Wyandotte chicks arrived with 3 extra and come July they’ve all survived with no problems whatsoever! I’m again, a very pleased customer and excited to see how the Wyandotte breed does here on my farm.

  8. Happy Chicken Owner

    Great chickens

    These are great chickens. I have had these for years and am still in love with this breed. I have a four year old hen that is still laying as good as my younger hens!

  9. Bob

    Chicks arrived safe and sound

    We ordered 5 hens along with 25 Jumbo Cornish Cross all arrived happy and healthy. Only had one casualty, but this business had given us an extra chick with this large order. Very impressed with Cackle Hatchery.

  10. Amber

    Thank you!

    It was our first time ordering chicks online and from cackle hatchery. We are beyond satisfied
    we recieved our order of wyandottes and Rhode island reds on time and there was only one deceased but they sent extra so we weren’t out anything and the rest are happy healthy eating and drinking a ton. Will definitely be a return customer and recommend to many others! Thank you for making our first time ordering chicks online so smooth and stress free!!

  11. KRobbins

    Great customer service!

    I ordered a small order (3) Silver Wyandotte chicks and received my order 2/22/19. There was one extra chick in the box, but much to my disappointment only two chicks were alive (probably because of the long trip). Within the day one more died leaving me with one healthy chick. I called CH and they reshipped my entire order! I am happy to say that I received the replacement order today and all 4 (they added another extra) are all healthy and eating and drinking right out of the box! Thank you CH for your great customer service!

  12. Jen


    Just wanted you to now how happy we are, we purchased Black and Silver Wyandotte’s. last April/May from you. We get eggs very day. They are the Happiest Chickens in the world with an amazing Coop, and amazing diet consisting of live crickets at least once weekly. Which is their favorite. We received 17 chicks and all 17 are still alive and well. We kept 10 and sold 7 to relatives. We have others try to purchase them from us very often.

  13. Commendable Service and Packing


    Over the past seven years we have ordered from over a dozen different hatcheries, including (and most often) Cackle. We have ordered from you for years and have always been impressed with the quality of the chicks, and your service which is above and beyond the average. Our most recent order, however, was even more remarkable – they shipped during extreme cold, and not only did they all arrive alive, they were boxed in the most exceptional and thoughtful packing of heat packs and straw pads we have ever seen, courtesy of your packer “Angie M”. All of the chicks from this order have continued to show the high standard of quality and good growth and health we have come to expect from your birds. Please give our regards to the packer of our order and keep up the amazing work. Thank you

  14. Bigfoot55

    Very satisfied

    I have ordered several times from cackle.60 pullets100 percent survival and 100% on the sexing. I will be ordering more would not order anywhere else.

  15. Dayna

    Great Experience

    Let me start by saying I have never ordered chicks before. The experience has been great. I ordered 8 female black laced Wyandottes and received an order confirmation soon after. I was quickly updated with a follow up email telling me when my chicks would be available to ship and what to expect. They were supposed to ship Monday. It was Monday afternoon, and I am impatiently waiting for the next email for tracking information. I thought maybe they just didn’t send it, and called. Customer service was great, prompt answer, briefly placed on hold, and the representative came back and reassured me that they haven’t left yet, but they will today and as soon as they are scanned in I will get an email, and everything went just as she said. I called my local post office and gave them a heads up that chicks were coming, and left my numbers just in case. I signed up for USPS text alerts on the package and was concerned that the tracking info said it was going to be delivered Thursday, but they arrived as the hatchery said they would today! (Wednesday). I listened to peeps the entire way home, and was thrilled to open my box with 9 enthusiastic chicks hopping around. All are eating, drinking, and doing well. Would definitely recommend and will someday be making another purchase. It’s been a great experience.

  16. Deevil

    Sweet chicks!

    Ordered 15, 16 arrived. Healthy chicks, ate/drank right away. All females, as ordered. One was the runt but after a few months, she’s caught right up. Delivery was fast! Got them a few days after ordering. Chicks are growing fast, friendly already. Would purchase again!

  17. Chickenman


    Got My chicks within 28hours of Hatching
    They were all healthy!! First time I have ordered very happy so far looking forward the expansion to our flock 20 chicks and received 23 thanks for extras

  18. Lindsay

    Happy Customer

    I chose to order my chicks from Cackle Hatchery because the website really impressed me and I was confident I would receive happy healthy chicks. I was not disappointed! I received my chicks on 3/23/17 so I have had them for 5 days now. All 15 I ordered arrived happy and healthy and to my surprise I had 2 extra chicks! This is something I have been looking forward to for a very long time, my first time raising chicks of my own! I love that I was able to order a variety of different breeds for a diverse flock. I am over the top happy with my chicks and Cackle Hatchery. I have even ordered a shirt, can cozies, a sign “I love my Cackle Hatchery chicks” and chicken socks: ) !!! I want to show my appreciation for such a fun new chapter in my life! Being a momma hen!!

  19. WENDY

    20 chicks now three months/perfect order

    I just wanted to say I have had a great experience with this hatchery. I ordered two day old, 18 Wyandotte chicks, all arrived safely and healthy. They are three months old and fully grown and exactly what I ordered. This was a mix of the silver, red and gold Wyandottes. Exact number of each color and sex I ordered. I waited this long to review because when they were in their “buzzard stage” I was worried, but they have feathered out to be exactly what I wanted, beautiful. I gave my grown son 6 and I have kept 12. Hopefully it’s true you can keep these docile roosters together from what I have read elsewhere. We have a lot of fenced/electrified land. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks. Great price, service and great chickens. Exactly what I wanted. Many thanks, Wendy in South Carolina

  20. SharonRose

    Awesome Chicks and Service

    Ordered 5 black laced wyandonttes, 5 columbian wyandotte and 5 easter eggers. All arrived as scheduled and very healthy. 4 Weeks old now and are growing fast and beautiful chicks. They already come when I call them. Next year will be ordering ducks and a few geese (maybe some more chicks :)). Love Cackle hatchery and will stay with them for many more years.

  21. TROY


    I was very apprehensive being our first time ordering live chicks through the mail, however the Cackle Hatchery did an outstanding job getting my chicks to me in SE Texas. I ordered 6 female chicks, they added one extra chick to ensure their live delivery guarantee, I was very nervous having read reviews regarding ordering live chicks in the mail. I tracked their shipment constantly, I was nervous when they stayed 24 hours in a hub in MO, but they arrived in two days exactly. When I got the call that they had arrived at my local post office, again I was nervous. I arrived and was handed a chirping box of babies, I cautiously opened them up and found SEVEN live chicks very healthy and robust waiting to get home! Once they got to their brooder, we followed the directions and dipped their beaks in the water and they all took to the waterer in gangbuster form! Now, a week later, all seven are growing, happy and show no signs of problems. My fingers are crossed that nothing willl happen, but so far I am VERY SATISFIED with the care and condition my birds received and overwhelmingly recommend the Cackle Factory if you need a specialty breed or any chick order. I will be a repeat customer!

  22. Rob “chickenman” Hicksville Ohio


    We’ve been a customer of another hatchery the last 4 years. After reading Cackle Facebook posts, and reading numerous reviews, we decided to give Cackle a shot at impressing us. And That They did. We ordered 18 chicks (variety) and they all arrive healthy and energetic. We counted as we took them from their shipping box, ended up with 3 extra chicks. Thank you! We like the fact that they color code each chick so that you know what breed it is. And they phone call the day after we placed our order to condirm that they recieved our order, awesome personal touch! Y’all definately earned our business. A lot more orders to come from us. We also ordered 2 of your t-shirts and we get a ton of compliments on them! Keep up the great work.

  23. Tiffany

    Happy customer

    Ordered five silver laced Wyandotte, five golden laced Wyandotte, three turkin and two Ancona ducks. Received 18 birds “three extra silver laced Wyandotte”. Got them in two days all healthy and happy. Two months later still have all birds. Still to early to tell if all hens as ordered. Since I got 13 Wyandotte most likely a Roo in the bunch. Actually want one..

  24. Lauren, Columbia MO

    4 out of 5

    I received my chicks today and I was very happy with how healthy they were. All arrived alive and well! However, I ordered 16 and only received 15. Which is very disappointing considering these aren’t the cheapest chicks. I have asked for a refund for that chick. Hopefully all goes well.

  25. Happy camper

    Excellent chicks

    I ordered 5 silver laced pullets, 5 silver laced straight runs and 5 barred Rock pullets. About 3 weeks ago I received 18 healthy lively chicks, none DOA. All chicks are still healthy and growing fast. Looks like I have 4 cockerals and 14 pullets (based on 4 with short tail feathers, not real scientific but best guess at this point.) I decided to give cackle a try after visiting my local TSC and FF&H to find their stock picked over and honestly not looking all that healthy. I could not be happier with this decision. This is my first order with Cackle and for sure will not be my last!

  26. DHolladay

    Not a satisfied customer

    I placed several orders this year, the first one was for 25 Speckled Sussex, They sent me a few extra in case some died. Some did, 9 of them, they credited me for the dead ones after they deducted the extras that they sent me. However, I lost another few birds.

    I then made another order and changed breeds hoping that I would have better luck with them and ordered 11 Black Silver laced wyandotte,they did not send any extra chicks on this order to make up for potential loss, 6 have died so far, I also ordered 10 Columbia Wyandotte, have not had a problem with any of these at this point. I’m doubtful that this post will see the light of day as I cannot see any negative posts on their board, however I will be ordering my chicks elsewhere from now on.

  27. T. Rathjen

    Beautiful Birds

    We picked up our chicks in Sept of 2016, mix of Sussex and Wyandotte’s, and they were all healthy and lively. They have all grown into beautiful, big, healthy birds, who like to “talk” to us. They started producing eggs early February and have not stopped. We will definitely order from you again when we are ready to expand our flock.

  28. Chicken lady

    Quality chicks

    I ordered 15 Black Laced Silver Wyandotte hens earlier this year, expecting i would loose a few to bad health, some roosters that I wouldn’t be able to keep, and being new to chicken ownership. When they arrived, all 18 were in perfect health! We lost one to an unfortunate dog incident, but otherwise all remained healthy, and all were hens! I had to give several to my mom, because of city ordenance. All are still thriving! Definately will order again from this site when I move out to our farm.

  29. Roy Wakefield

    Satisfied w/exeption of wyandottes.

    Ordered 5 silver laced wyandottes. rec’d only 3. 2 are roosters, but I expected as they were straight run. 1 has a single comb, however. other 18 chicks are healthy, growing great, and as ordered. They are true to breed. Will buy from Cackle again.

  30. Bear Essential

    Great place to buy your Chicks

    Ordered Black laced Silver wyandottes and golden back june 1 all arrived safe and were doing well .. i still have all i ordered growing into some beautiful birds..Thank you I wouldn’t hesitate to order for you in the future ..

  31. Star Missouri 2016

    Dear Folks at Cackle

    Just want to say thank you for my chicks. I’m sure a tiny order like this one is hardly given a second thought. However this being our first chicks we were very excited and even so pleased with our order. All ten little ones are doing well and thriving in their new home. Thanks Again

  32. Kathleen

    Very Happy with purchase

    I ordered 3 of these Black laced silver wyandottes, They arrived in very good condition, looked very happy and healthy. Very happy with my first time order and would purchase from Cackle hatchery again. Thank you!

  33. silverkitten73

    Pleasantly Surprised

    This morning at 5:30 the post office called me to tell me that I had baby chicks. I picked up my order of 25 silver Wyandotte pullets. I found 27 chicks – that were the friskiest, and healthiest chicks in this variety that I have ever purchased. I am very pleased and most definitely will order from Cackle again.

  34. Toby New York June 2009

    Arrival of Chicks

    Our baby chicks arrived June 5th early morning. They are all healthy and eating and drinking. They have healthy appetites. Thank you.

  35. LeAnna Indiana August 2009

    Regarding my recent order

    I received my order today and I just wanted to say what a great customer service I received from the initial phone call when I placed the order and the helpful lady who talked to me about my order all the way to receiving them today. They all arrived in great shape and looked lively. Once again, great customer service! I will absolutely order from you again. and will recommend you to all my friends. Thanks a lot!

  36. Nina, Missouri July 2013

    Where do I start?

    I picked up an order of chickens on April 23 of this year. You had some Blue Slate turkeys available when I got there so I thought OK I will try 6. What were the chances of getting 3 pairs, 3 toms and 3 hens? They are growing in leaps and bounds and everyone who sees them ask me where I got them. I am so PROUD to say Cackle Hatchery. Next year I will be ordering the Royal Palms turkeys also. Your staff is so knowledgeable. They looked over my order and noticed one of my chicks wasn’t a Light Brahma or a Wyandotte…they all looked the same to me so they added another chick to the order. I said it didn’t matter what kind just surprise me. Well they were right, one of the chicks is different and the added chick turned out to be a Dark Brahma so either way I was happy. I have already been going over the catalog planning next springs order. I am thinking “BROILERS”…yummy! Thank you for the high quality birds and even higher quality staff.

  37. Connie, Missouri June 2013

    Cackle Hatchery

    Well! I must say! I’ve picked up chicks here and there from many sources over the years and never have I had such vital, energetic and healthy chicks. I want to thank you very much for sending my order so quickly and efficiently. They were in transit 24 hours only. Post office called yesterday morning and we picked up and delivered to our brooding room around 2 pm. I will be a repeat customer and will happily promote your hatchery. None are better!! Thank very much,

  38. Big R, Illinois April 2014

    Thank You

    I just wanted to send out a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to everyone at Cackle Hatchery. Our chicks have been nothing short of SPLENDID from you, always arriving warm, dry and healthy. Our customers have been very pleased with their chicks, some even bring me photos of last year’s chickens, boasting about their egg production and health of their flock. We have enjoyed many repeat customers based on the over-all happiness of the chicks, that although come from our store YOU are the ones that deserve the accolades. Our store is the smallest in our chain but we have never been treated as if we were not as important as other stores with larger orders by your staff. Just this last Monday I called needing to put in an “Emergency” order as we quickly ran out of chicks that had just arrived 3 days earlier. I had to have new chicks in the store no later than Friday. I was wonderfully taken care of and sent via the phone to someone that could help me out in your “over-hatch”. One hundred more chicks were not only ordered but shipped that day to my store. They arrived this morning right on time and in excellent health. i have had chickens all my life, dealt with many hatcheries but I can say without a doubt I have been most impressed by your customer service and quality of chicks.

  39. Vince Arizona May 2014

    Arizona Order

    The chicks are very active. After I dipped their beaks in the warm water, they ran across the enclosure as if to show glee. They ate and drank like old pros after just a short time. These are my first chickens (I’m 71). I am amazed at how fast they learn. I’m very impressed with how your operation works. People are very courteous and the job gets done as it should. Thanks again. Hope this works nicely so I can order a couple straight runs next time.

  40. Jim Washington March 2010

    Awesome Customer Service

    Tonight I came home and there was a message on my messaging machine from Libby from Cackle Hatchery letting me know my chicks would ship on Monday March 8 and that I could expect them Wednesday or Thursday. I was very pleased and impressed that you took the time to let me know this, as we are rural and quite a distance from our post office. That little extra touch of customer service just made my whole day and made me feel good that I ordered from you, after looking at many hatcheries online and finally selecting yours. Thank You

  41. Karen Missouri June 2010


    We received our chicks at 5:45 this morning via our request at the post office. All but one was in great shape. The rest are doing so well. Thank you for making our first time at ordering chicks through the mail a wonderful experience.

  42. Michael New York April 2010

    My praise to Cackle Hatchery and their staff

    Good Evening, I just received my order of chicks from Cackle Hatchery today. I want to extend my sincere praise to your company and staff. My chicks arrived healthy and without a single casualty!!! I have ordered from other hatcheries in the past and have waited anxiously for my chicks to arrive only to be disappointed by dead or nearly dead chicks. Your chicks are the best I have ever received from a hatchery. Although, I am experienced enough to be able to tell which breeds are which, I appreciated the fact that your staff took the time to mark similar breeds. Again, thank you to your staff, They won me over as a customer. I will be sure to tell all of my fellow chicken fanciers how impressed I am with Cackle Hatchery.

  43. Michael Georgia February 2014

    Cackle Hatchery

    Just a quick thank you. Once again your company delivered a box full of live healthy and vibrant chickens. All arrived doing fine. We ordered 60 and we’re not disappointed with the chicks in the least. Thanks to Cackle sending a few more chicks for warmth than we ordered.
    We ordered Egyptian for the first time. They are the most active chicks I have ever seen. The special heavy assorted was a great bargain. The chicks were even marked as requested!!!. You have earned my business once again. I have shared your catalog with friends and relatives and will continue to do so. Thanks again and keep up the excellent service.

  44. Elmer Michigan January 2011

    Cackle Hatchery

    Received our chicks on the morning of the 10th. All fifteen were in great shape and are doing well. One of the silver laced Wyandottes pullets will attack my wife’s finger every time she puts it near the feeder and wiggles it back and forth. We put a mark on her so we know it is always the same one. We hope to get our order in earlier next year for some Marans. Appreciate the good service. Thank you!

  45. Susette Pennsylvania March 2014

    Attn: cackle, customer comment

    I received my chick order today. It was the first time I have ordered from Cackle Hatchery and I was very pleased. All the chicks arrived healthy and safely. Also the amount of information available on your website is wonderful…the personal touch definitely helped me make my decision to go with Cackle. I would certainly order from Cackle again and recommend you to other people that keep poultry. Thank you.

  46. Aaron Kentucky June 2014

    Thank You

    I ordered 5 buff orpington 5 silver laced cochin 5 silver laced Wyandotte and some German Spitzhauben. I could not be happier. Keep up the good work.

  47. Alonzo California Sept2014


    Thank you so much! Cackle hatchery is the best! I will definitely be recommending to my friends.

  48. Marge Massachusetts July 2011

    A Very Satisfied Customer

    Just wanted you to see your beautiful chics and turkeys that arrived ALL ALIVE and well. I’ve purchased from various hatcheries over the years and you are by far the BEST of the BEST. You called to let me know when my chics would be arriving, you even called me at work so I could pick the chics up on the way home. You always slip in an extra or so for the just in case issues. You are kind enough to call when hatches weren’t quite ready. You are able to add to my order the last minute, with beautiful stock- not sloppy seconds. Your employees are polite and helpful on the phone and the internet. All in all, you are my company for purchasing poultry always.

  49. Mike Mississippi July 2011

    chicken order

    Fyi, I bought 18 chickens they arrived first of May you sent me 19. They are almost 14 weeks old and all 19 are as health and as happy as a chicken could possibly be. You know your stuff. Thanks

  50. Kristi Texas May 2011


    Thank you so much for sending such a GREAT order of chicks! They all arrived in great shape and began eating and drinking right away. Thanks again and I’ll be happy to recommend Cackle Hatchery to anyone!

  51. Hans, South Carolina May 2011


    Your shipment of chicks arrived this morning. All birds are healthy and in great condition. They were hungry and went for feed and water right away as if they knew the place all along, Again thanks for a pleasant experience doing business with you. I will always contact you for any future purchases first!

  52. Tommy, North Carolina May 2011

    Customer Comments

    Received our shipment of Wyandottes and Rhode Island Reds a day early and in perfect condition!! Thanks to all the staff involved with our order. Carolyn was most helpful checking the order to verify shipment ( chicks received 4 hrs later). Looking forward to doing business again!

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