Rhode Island Red Chicken

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Hatching on July 22, 2024

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  • Rhode Island Red – Sold as Baby Chicks Only
       Minimums – Not Sexed = 3 
                          Female = 3
                          Male = 1    
                                Total of 3 birds to ship      

Seasonal/Shipped Feb thru September


Breed Facts

  • Poultry Show Class: American Class
  • Weights: Hen—–6 1/2 lbs
    Rooster——8 1/2 lbs
    Pullet–5 1/2 lbs
    Cockerel—–7 1/2 lbs
  • Purpose and Type: Primary production, Egg Laying & Pet/Secondary meat source
  • Egg Shell Color: Brown
  • Egg Production: 200-280 eggs per year (estimates only, see FAQ)
  • Egg Size: Large
  • Temperament: Active
  • Gender Accuracy: 80-85%
  • Fertility Percentage: 65-80%
  • Broody: Variable
  • Mating Ratio: 10 Females to 1 Males
  • Roost Height: 2 to 4 feet
  • Country of Origin: United States, Rhode Island
  • APA: Yes, Recognized by the American Standard of Perfection in 1904
  • TLC: Watch Status, Considered a sustainable heritage chicken breed
  • Breeder Farm Source: Cackle Hatchery® Poultry Breeding Farm has been developing our bloodline or strain of pure Rhode Island Red since 1936.


Originated in Rhode Island, it is the state bird of Rhode Island and recognized as a distinct pure chicken breed in 1904 by the American Standard of Perfection. The Single Comb Rhode Island Red chicken is our most popular breed for brown egg laying production. They are a popular chicken choice for backyard chicken flocks because of their egg laying abilities and hardiness. Rhode Island Red chicks are a good choice for raising baby chickens naturally and raising baby chickens for eggs. Non-industrial strains of the Rhode Island Red are listed as recovering by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. Cackle Hatchery®’s blood line or stain is a heritage chicken production type and bred pure by Cackle Hatchery® Farms since 1936.

The Rhode Island Red is a true heritage chicken breed picked as a great choice for egg production. Many breeders breed the Rhode Island Red chicken for show, these are a little darker red and do not produce as many eggs. The Roosters usually weigh in at 8.5 pounds (3.9 kg), The Hens weigh slightly less at 6.5 pounds (2.9 kg), cockerel at 7.5 pounds (3.4 kg), and pullets at 5.5 pounds (2.5 kg). Developed in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, early flocks often had both single and rose combed individuals because of the influence of Malay blood. Cackle Hatchery® now offers the single comb variety of the Rhode Island Red Chicken (Exhibition Type).

Many people who like thishttps://www.cacklehatchery.com/product/rhode-island-red-chicken-exhibition-type/ breed of chicken also like the miniature version of the breed (bantam) the Rhode Island Red Bantam Chicken.

We also have the Rhode Island Red Started Pullet available to order.

We also offer at limited times of the year Rhode Island Red Fertile Hatching Eggs


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83 reviews for Rhode Island Red Chicken

  1. jerry

    So this is a significant decline from my first review, which was 5 stars. I got my second group of Heritage RIRs that were hatched on 9.27.23 on 9.29. At first I was concerned because they looked so different from the first batch, but I was assured they were what they were said to be, and I went with it. However, the genetics on this group are clearly subpar compared to the first group I got in 2021 (and I have to wonder if the differences I first seen were my first clue). I had to put the first chick in this group down at 1 1/2 weeks due to it not being able to poop and it was going to die from being backed up and was suffering. After that, so far so good. However, now at the 2 1/2 month mark, I’m going to end up having to put a second down. This one is 1/3 the size of any of the others and is acting weird (but it does not display any symptoms of sickness). Putting two down out of a group of 18 represents a 11.1% put down rate, or x11 my rolling putdown rate (1 out of 100 I’d gotten from various sources had to be put down before this group and that was due to being deformed from too much heat during incubation, ie, a known cause, and that was an experimental batch I expected issues from). The cause of the issues in this second group cannot be identified, and a 11% put down rate is bad by any measure. I’ll almost certainly backtrack and only breed from the first group as they are clearly the genetic superior.

  2. Ruby Anne Heie-Rubley

    We have had our RIR chicks from Cackle Hatchery for over a year now and they are great additions to the flock. We had 100% survival and 100% correct sexing.

    Our RIR hens are laying well, a bit smaller in body size than some of our other breeds, but what they lack in size they make up for in every other sense. They are scrappy little things and fast. They get on very well with the rest of the flock, though all 3 are lower on the pecking order. None are bullies. They tend to be more suspicious in nature, so they do very well open-ranging on our farm. They have excellent health overall: we haven’t had to bring even one RIR into our little chicken sickbay in the past year for any reason. We had some very mild frostbite on their combs during the deep freezes this past winter (we are in zone 5), but that was only noticeable on close inspection and healed quickly. They are consistent egg layers as well. All in all, I have no complaints about these hens whatsoever. Great addition to the flock and I will not hesitate to order RIR from CH again.

  3. Kim Been

    We received 4 Rhode Island Reds in an order with several other breeds. We now have 10 different breeds. They are nice healthy chickens, but of all our breeds they are my far the most aggressive. They don’t just peck at you, they bite and twist the skin which usually results in breaking the skin and bleeding on our hands or wrists. When we are petting other chickens the RIRs come straight over and go for our hands. None of our other chickens exhibit this behavior and we have spent lots of time with them everyday from the time we got them at 1 day old. It is winter and we are getting maybe 1 egg a day from those 4 RRI, sometimes none. I know they should pick up when it gets warmer. These are pretty birds and I have read that many people say they are gentle, but mine are the meanest chicken I’ve ever had. I will never EVER add another RIR to my flock!

  4. mikemerkle920

    In May 2020 We ordered 10 chicks and received 12; all of the chicks were very healthy became great layers. This breed is very good with children! My kids were picking them up and trouncing around the yard when they were 2 years old. Two years later we still have 10 (lost two in 2021 to a fox, sadly). Time purchase some more! (especially since the price of eggs is only getting more ridiculous).

  5. hideawayacres18

    We picked up 62 chicks total. We received 68 . This breed was almost half of the order. 1 died and now we have 67 beautiful birds. They are bigger and healthier than the birds sold at the farm stores . Very happy with our purchase !

  6. jerry

    I ordered three, hatched 6/28/21, and received four. They’re now a touch past 13 weeks and it’s pretty clear I have two males and two females. The extra one, and it was pretty clear which was the extra, was a really small runt and is now the male in charge of this small flock. I’m pretty happy with these animals and was even happier after I got some from Tractor Supply (hatched ~8/23/21) and seen the difference. The heritage birds from Cackle are smarter, more curious, and less aggressive than the newer ones, which appear to be production RIRs. The heritage birds will certainly be the ones bred for me to get my number of hens up to where I want them. Too bad I have a small place and have a 10 bird limit or I’d get more from you. I will point anyone looking for chickens your way in the future.

  7. RA

    I’m a first time chicken-keeper and am very pleased with the chicks I purchased from Cackle. I ordered 5 Rhode Island Reds (received 6), 4 Blue Ameraucanas (received 5), 3 Black Jersey Giants (received 3), so I received a total of 14 chicks although I only ordered 12. They hatched on March 29th and all arrived healthy, active, and peeping at my post office on March 31st. I ordered 12 female chicks hoping that, (given sexing accuracy and so much that can go wrong with baby chicks), I’d still have at least 6 to 8 females when they grew up. 5 months later, I still have all 14 of my chickens and all are female.

    I live in a very rural area with a lot of hawks, coyotes, foxes, etc. and wanted heritage chickens that would be good foragers (to eat insects, especially ticks, in my yard), and that would be predator savvy (so they would be more alert to predators while free-ranging and eating ticks in my yard). So far these chickens have proven to be both good foragers, and alert to predators.

    Of the three types of chickens I ordered, the RIRs seem to be slightly more aggressive (in the pecking order) than the other two strains. They also seem to become stressed out somewhat more easily. Most of the RIRs also really do not like being handled, but throughout the five months I’ve had them, they’ve all been very healthy and active.

    My first RIR to lay laid a perfect little brown pullet egg at 21 weeks and one day, and has laid 5 five eggs in her first week of laying. A second RIR laid her first egg last night at 22 weeks. My other 4 RIR pullets are all squatting, and some have vents that become larger, so I think they might begin laying in the next week or so.

    The only criticism I have is that Cackle’s description stated that they are a heritage strain of RIR, so I expected them to be of the darker mahogany color, and these are a much lighter reddish brown. (I know that Cackle offers another strain of show-quality RIRs, but I still assumed that these would be darker if they were a heritage strain.) However, overall I’m very pleased with my RIRs, as they are healthy, active, solid chickens, and are good foragers and alert to predators.

  8. Craig Menke

    33% Survival

    We ordered 3 Rhode Island Reds along with other birds and the survival rate was horrible. I understand that there’s a lot going on right now with COVID, but the way Cackle has handled this situation is poor. They are offering to replace our chicks, but not till August. Very disappointed and will not use Cackle again.

  9. Andi L

    Excellent quality

    Top choice

  10. Jim

    Happy Customer

    Ordered 15 RIRs, asked them to be shipped on 3/9/20 received them on 3/11/20 Was sent 16(?) healthy chicks, so far so good. THANK YOU, they can eat!!!

  11. Lanette G

    Great Service!

    Great service!! My chicks arrived quickly and very healthy! I ordered 16 but received 17, 5 buffs, 6 red, 5 barred rock and my special order, Easter egger rooster who is beautiful! Will definitely order from them in the future!

  12. Linda


    Just wanted to let you know, all 60+ chicks from 2/20, are doing well. 100%! Love them and Love Cackle! Thanks again…

  13. egglover111

    Quality Chicks Great Hatchery

    On 2/21/19 I picked up 5 RIR chicks. They are now 24 weeks old and all are doing great. Ordered 4 hens and they gave me an extra.I was concerned that 2 were cockerels but they turned out to be all hens. I found internet sexing was not accurate and Cackle did a great job of sexing.
    Started laying at 20 weeks. Healthy hens – what more could you ask for !!!

  14. captain

    LOoooooVE these birds!

    Got them last year, 6 hens. Lost one to unknown death.
    They lay up to jumbo size! They are friendly, IF you spend lots of time with them.

  15. Rookie

    Awesome experience

    Ordered my chicks on Saturday received them the following Friday. Ordered 15 received 17. All happy and healthy. Great job. Will order again. Thanks!

  16. Jen

    Great chicks

    I purchased my chicks in Sept. Absolutely a great purchase. I bought 15 sexed hens and received 17 all alive when arrived. They where healthy and active and are actively laying now. I would absolutely order my next batch of chicks from Cackle.

  17. Linda

    Big Smiles

    Just wanted to let you know, all 60+ chicks from 2/20, are doing well. 100%! Love them and Love Cackle! Thanks again

  18. Sam


    We just recieved our chicks and by following the pretty simple steps you provided have 9 (1 extra) healthy active chicks. As soon as I dipped their beaks they began dranking then went after the food instantly. Completely satisfied and some becasue we got an extra chick. Thanks

  19. angel


    I would like to take the time and thank Cackle Hatchery. My chicks arrived and all alive and healthy. I can say that I will not order from anyone but you. I’ve ordered from other hatcheries and not the same satisfaction that I have with Cackle. Thank you so very much. Will always have my business. Your the #1 best of all.

  20. BRIAN

    Hi Cackle Hatchery

    Received my order yesterday. The chicks were in great shape. I have bought from you a few times and am amazed how efficient you are on your orders and how healthy all the birds are. Thank you again.

  21. Christian Ruiz

    Everything Great

    I recommend every one Cackle Hatchery i order 15 chicks they send me 2 extra and all arrived to Puerto Rico alive 4 days ago and still all alive beautiful, healty and eating a lot thanks for a nice and pleasant experience.

  22. Smith Family

    Awesome chicks

    Our families have always raised chickens, but these guys were awesome, I got more than I ordered and was really pleased with how easy they were to raise and receive via the mail. I would definitely recommend Cackle Hatchery to anyone looking to have their own chickens. Great Job!

  23. Brian

    Just got our new Road Island Reds

    I am very excited and pleased with our order of Rhode Island Red chicks from Cacklehatchery. I placed the order on Monday. I asked for the next available ship date- which ended up being Wednesday (only two days later). I got a call from the Post Office Thursday morning- a day earlier then I expected. All of my chicks arrived alive, happy, and are tucked away in their brooder

  24. apple larry

    10 star rateing

    let me start out I,am 72 yrs. young and have raised a lot of chicks. I ordered 15 chicks RIR RIW BARED ROCKS DOMINIQUE AND S- SUSSEX OCT.2 , 2017 recived 2 extra. Now Feb. 11 , 2018 all 17 alive and healthy , plus today I got my first 2 eggs not to bad 17 weeks. thanks again.

  25. Cordelia

    Dear Sir

    I am writing to you on account of the fact that I would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication that has resulted in my beautiful chickens. I have had chickens for two years and I could not be happier with them. Their feathers shine and their eggs are the best I have ever had. My hens have helped me in more ways than one. You see, it is my ambition to own my own farm one day, so all experience helps. Not to mention their charming personalities. For example, my Barred Rock, Violet is a little silly and my RIR Raspberry is very smart for a chicken, My hens are one of my personal joys.
    I started getting chickensi in May of 2014, after doing a paper on them for learning purposes. Originally I planned on getting chicks simply to earn money, but as soon as I saw them I was immediately in love. The small fluffy bodies and cheeps are impossible to resist. I renew my flock every year in the spring, typically this is because a fox has recently gotten at my girls. However in a way this is good because I have had many different breeds. I was introduced to chickens by one of my parent’s colleagues and have had them ever since.
    Thank you again for my gorgeous girls. Also it would be amazing if you could breed a duck, chicken combo. A bird that could lay eggs and swim, this would be useful because than you could own a pool and just leave it open in the summer instead of spending a lot of time creating shade, or even installing air conditioning to your coop. Finally thank you. Just thank you, for my girls.

  26. Skipper

    Great Results!

    Our Rhode Island Red hens that were delivered on Good Friday of 2017 have matured into pretty ladies and now productive ones to boot! In fact, they started laying during the flooding we encountered as a result of Hurricane Harvey. It’s a great relief to order a “product” online and have them evolve into something special, in this case great “pets”. They are considerably more social than we anticipated and I am very pleased with Cackle Hatchery’s support. Follow the instructions and it will work for you as well!!

  27. Lacy from Oklahoma

    RIR Hen

    I have just one Rhode Island Red hen from Cackles. She is the boss of all my other hens (Sussex, Barred Rock, Easter Egger, Wyandotte, Minorca, Hamburgs, and Egyptain Fayoumis). She will even put young roosters in their place if she doesn’t like them. She was very aggressive as a pullet but mellowed quite a bit once she started laying. And laying she does! She gives me 5 extra large brown eggs per week usually. Loves to free range during to day. I will have to get more someday.

  28. HAROLD TEXAS 2017


    The chicks arrived in great shape and I am very pleased with both of my orders from you. It has been a pleasure, thanks for the great service. I will order again.

  29. liz

    Thank You Cackle

    I’m a new chicken owner and was a little skeptical about ordering them through mail. Received 7 ordered +1, and their all adjusted well, healthy and happy, lively chicks!! (3+1 RIR and 3 French Black Copper Marans). Thank You Cackle Hatchery for a fantastic first experience with chicken!

  30. Barbara

    A lot of healthy chicks

    I ordered 100 RI Reds & received 106! Everyone of them was alive & active when I opened the box. I think we’ll really enjoy watching them grow into sweet ladies.

  31. Monty

    Great customer service and shipping

    Received 9 hens only ordered 8. All came in none Dora. Will be ordering again! Great hatchery! The best in my opinion.

  32. Skipper

    Excellent Experience

    Everything went exactly as the information provided said it would. We watched the video several times (and will watch a couple more times); ordered the starter kit which arrived a week ahead of time of the chick’s arrival; prepared everything for their arrival and here they are as scheduled!! I had some angst over our post office in Richmond, TX (which has a very bad reputation that to this day no one has been able to change) coupled with delivery being likely on Good Friday, but everything worked as planned. They are safely in the brood box (a very large storage bin sitting on a table above the potential for any trouble with dogs or other critters) with large chips on the floor and the heat lamp getting them warmed up. The little water trick of dipping their beaks worked as shown and they managed to start eating without any prompting. They are chirping away, safe in their new home!!

  33. mike Pesenti

    great job from the boys over at CACKLE

    very good egg… quality chickiies very NICE>>>>

  34. Samantha

    Great birds!

    We ordered 10 girls for laying eggs and got 2 extra. One ended up being a male though so we’ll see if our main rooster cares to allow him to stay. All were wonderfully healthy when we got them!

  35. Ms Man

    Baby chicks

    I ordered some of these along with Rhode Island White, Dominique as I like rose comb and the egg production of these, and New Hampshire Red. I got a few bantams to for my buddy and split the shipping. It totaled 45 and all arrived alive and doing good (2/17). They shipped 2/13/17 we got them the next day. I ordered October 2016. With Cackle, you don’t have to worry about not getting what you want and order. You order Rhode Island Red that is what you get not Production Red.

  36. Jeff los angeles


    I looked at many other hatchery’s for a long time before ordering from cackle. I couldn’t made a better choice ordered 15 got 17 ended up with 16 hens and 1 roster. I of the hens had 2 flews figured it wouldn’t make it she’s now 18 weeks had 1 hen at 8 weeks have some weird hip leg thing a month of care I figured shed never walk again and now she’s with the flock running around GREAT LOOKING RIR’s defiantly ordering again

  37. Carol in Kansas

    Our RI Red rooster is friendly and gentle

    As a newcomer to chickens, I purchased 16 sexed chicks [actually, a baker’s 16] – 8 RI Reds and 9 RI Whites. Understandably, one of the Reds turned out to be a male. I chose to keep him. He is now a healthy breeding 6 month old rooster. While I have read several warnings that RI Red roosters are the worst of any breed, especially for beginners, YOUR old lineage has produced a fine, friendly, even-tempered, non-aggressive guardian for my girls. Our RIR hens began laying at 4.25 months, Perfect eggs, every time. Thanks!

  38. Barb F

    Cackle Hatchery is the best!

    Ordered twice this year from Cackle Hatchery. Ordered Cornish Cross, Rhode Is Red Roos and lots of Barred Rock pullets. First order came with no issues. Nice healthy chicks and all survived until about 14 weeks when the neighbor’s dog climbed my fence and killed all of them (except the Cornish crosses that were in the freezer by then). I called Cackle again and reordered them (was on a Wed) and by Friday I had my baby chicks.

  39. Sonia

    Very pleased!

    We ordered 6 Rhode Island Reds and received 7 on time and in excellent, healthy condition. We gave them water with electrolytes right away, and they were so much fun to handle as chicks. They are now about 5 months old and we still have all 7. We are anticipating them to start laying soon!

  40. D. Griggs

    Cacklehatchery rocks.

    Great customer service. Great communication. Chicks healthy and happy + one extra. Sure got my cats attention though.

  41. Carolann

    Will order again soon from Cackle

    Thank you so much. My chicks all arrived healthy and happy. They had a long trip all the way to the SE of NC. They arrived the same day as Hermine the hurricane but were well protected by my postmaster.

  42. David

    Well pleased

    Ordered 8 RIR, I would like to thank you for a fast shipment, My chicks arrived today and were in very good condition. Thank you all for a great job.

  43. chickman tn.

    love my chicks.

    thanks cackle hatchery keep up the good work. great Rhodes

  44. chickman from tennessee

    great chickens

    I have bought from cackle hatchery for several years bought different breeds they are great to do bus. with. got some in today july 1 2016 great Rhodes. and bardrock all doing well thanks cackle.

  45. Elizabeth

    Happy Chicks!

    My 3 RIR chicks arrived in AK today in perfect health. There was even a 4th chick – perhaps a stowaway wanting to check out the 49th state! In any event, thanks! Also appreciate all the care-taking info on your website.

  46. Donnie North Carolina 2016

    Thank You Cackle Hatchery

    I want you to know I brag on your company and the quality of your chicks and how great your selection is. I’ve ordered twice before and I’m impressed at the great job all you do!

  47. Ki

    Healthy chicks

    Another happy customer here. Ordered 15 and got 16 they are all alive and healthy. We live near ottawa ks. And got the chicks delivered in a day.

  48. R. Orozco

    Healthy robust chicks and none doa. Awesome job cackle hatchery.

    Rscieved my flocks of br and rir this morning, and they are awesome, dipped beaks and showed them where food is and they are loving everything so far only had them for an hour, but they are enjoying their brooder even though its way bigger.

  49. DebZitano

    Beautiful RR hens

    Very impressed with your birds. Healthy , robust and beautiful. Looking forward to doing more business with you.

  50. DebZitano

    Outstanding birds

    Healthy and robust , my RI red hens are beautiful. Packing was absolutely tops. I look forward to do more business with you. I ‘ll recommend you to anyone.

  51. kevin

    no loss on rhode island reds

    received our shipment of our beautiful rhode island chicks on 3-30-16 and all 25 are doing very well, thanks will do business again

  52. Kari

    Thank you!!

    I just wanted to leave a thank you for our chicks. This is my first experience with raising chicks and I was nervous about ordering offline. I had heard horror stories of chicks being sick, stressed, and dead on arrival. Our chicks arrived last Friday and are thriving! They were healthy and happy when we opened the box!! We were very surprised to find all our chicks alive! My kids love them and our girls are eating and growing like crazy!! Thank you so much and I will definitely recommend your hatchery and return for more chicks when we need them!!!

  53. Jay

    winter time eggs

    I bought 28 RIR chicks from you this time last years and I love them I lost some of them , so Iam going to order more from you I will have to take some Pics of them for you to see , they have not stop laying eggs all winter thank you again

  54. Anita & Earl Missouri 2014

    Thank You

    Thanks you very much for making up for the Boo Boo. We really appreciate it. We will continue doing business with you. Your staff was very kind and helpful. I was really impressed with the hatchery. Thanks so very much.

  55. Bill

    Great company

    Last July I ordered 15 RIR pullets, all chicks were very alert and active upon arrival! Since we have only lost 1 due to human house sitter error while we were on vacation. I love doing business with cackle, they are very professional and shipments are ALWAYS ON TIME. Now its January and time to make an order of Cornish X!

  56. Wilma Missouri May 2009

    Chicks arrived

    Just wanted to let you know that our order of 15 chicks arrived bright and early Friday morning. All were healthy and started eating and drinking immediately. We are very pleased with your service. You did send 1 extra RIR chick, but I’m not complaining! Keep up the great work!

  57. J & D kentucky July 2009

    Just a Thank you

    We received our pullets the end of April. We wanted to let you know how very pleased we are with the instructions you provided and the wonderful quality of the chicks. They are all thriving! Thanks SO much! We just love our ladies!

  58. Janet, Michigan August 2011

    One Happy Customer

    I would like to personally thank you for the Easter Egger chicks. I am very pleased with my purchase. This was my second time purchasing and will purchase again from you next year. Every chick made it with no problems and they are very very pretty. Thank you for mixing the colors. The Buff Orpington that I purchased from you about 4 months ago are all doing very well, not laying yet but that is ok. The Buff Orpington rooster is so pretty, lots of gold color in him. Again just wanted to send you a note of thanks.

  59. AJ, North Carolina April 2012

    Cackle Hatchery

    First off, I’ve been exceeding happy with my chicks, poults and ducklings i received on April 11 from Cackle Hatchery. All were alive when I received them. I’m also extremely pleased with the after delivery service I received. After receiving my shipment, I read on your instructions you shouldn’t raise day old/week old ducklings with chicks or poults. When I called I was greeted by a polite and pleasant lady who informed me why you don’t raise ducklings with other poultry. And more importantly I want to thank you for hatching healthy chicks, duckling and poults. Also the great before and after service you provide.

  60. Nannette, March 2012

    Our order

    Your baby chicks arrived on time and in great shape. They are settling in nicely. Thank you for doing a great job at the hatching and sending part. And we really appreciated the very helpful descriptions regarding bird/breed characteristics. GOOD JOB!…WELL DONE!

  61. Terri, Illinois March 2012

    Thank You

    I don’t often send words of THANKS… but I am the “Chicken Lady” at one of your wholesale stores. I just received our second batch of chicks from you today (50 each of Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Reds and White Leghorns) and I just have to say; I have raised and ordered chicks for many, many years as a private chicken fanatic and this is the first time I have experienced chicks on a retail level. Your chicks arrive healthy, robust and on time. All of our chick buyers are told up front that their are coming from Cackle Hatchery. We have a 98% survival rate once they hit our store and I think that says a lot for your quality and our care once they are in our hands. Thank you for all the hard work that you do on your end and once those chicks are in my hands I do everything i can to see that they are properly cared for and ready to go on to their new homes. I simply cannot express strongly enough how happy I am doing business with you.

  62. Bill, Missouri February 2013

    Thank You

    I’m just wanting to express my thanks to you for the five different breeds of chicks that I got from your hatchery Feb 12th. They are doing quite well, one or two of the chicks has a soft poop but still seem to be full of energy. Being I never experienced chicks before, I was really surprised at how fast they grow. On the fifth day I had to extend my wall of the brooding area because they would jump and or fly over my twelve inch high pen. I did lose one of the barred rocks around the third or fourth day. I actually expected to lose two or three but I am blessed to have lost only one. Thanks for good service, information and kindly taking the time to answer my many questions.

  63. Penny, Colorado April 2013

    2013 Day Old Chicks

    We want to let you know that we are very pleased with the chicks we received from your hatchery in March. We order Red Broilers and Rhode Island Reds. The chicks arrived in great shape and were very healthy. We have raised Red Broilers and egg chickens for 30+ years. This is the first year ordering from your hatchery and we will be ordering again in the future as well as recommending to others. Thank You!

  64. Andrea Texas May 2013

    Cackle Hatchery

    Thank you very much…The chicks I ordered from you are beautiful!!!! These were the prettiest and chirpiest Rhode Island Reds and Buff Orpingtons I have seen in a long time. Thank you so much for keeping me informed on the order status and quality chicks that you have sent!!! Thanks Cackle Hatchery!!!!

  65. Al & Becky, Montana September 2013


    I want to say thanks for your promptness and for having a rep call me on Saturday. It shows that you care and that you are here to help me. I really appreciate it. We did lose a chick on Friday when they all arrived. After I emailed you I counted them carefully and saw that you had sent us 16, so that leaves us with 15. You had mentioned that you do this in your documentation. This is my first mail order chick purchase I have made and you all have made a customer for life out here in Montana, thank you very much to you all at Cackle Hatchery and keep up the good work.

  66. Tiffany Kentucky June 2014

    My recent orders

    I am writing to tell you just how pleased we are. In March we ordered our first batch of chicks from your company. Your chicks were lively, more sturdy and better quality than our other experience from other hatcheries. This year has been so much better that we have just placed 2 more orders. Your chicks are top quality and the customer service is awesome. Each time we have spoken with customer service they have been polite, knowledgeable and have plenty of time to educate us and help us. They never pushed anything on us or rushed us. I would like to give special acknowledgement to Bettina. She was our rep for the 2 orders placed today. She surpassed all our expectations today. Which is saying quite a lot since Cackle Hatchery has set the bar so high till now anyway. She is a true asset to your company. She even took the time to help us identify our “mystery” chicken. Thank you Bettina! We will only get our chicks from your company now. Thank you for being so terrific! We look forward to working with you in the future. Many Thanks

  67. Duane Wyoming April 2010

    Chicks arrival

    Just wanted to let you know the chicks arrived this morning. We’ve been waiting/worrying due to thinking they would be here in two days rather than three, not to mention in the middle of a snowstorm. There was only one dead chick and another who isn’t doing too well, but the rest are doing great!!!
    When we were looking to order chicks we went to a posting that slammed your hatchery pretty bad, but looked at some of the others hatcheries posts and they were just as bad and we decided to go with you. We weren’t disappointed as the last order we got from a different hatchery we lost six out of twenty-six. With you so far we have lost one out of 105. Thank you,

  68. Gretchen Missouri February 2010


    My husband, daughter and I just want to send a note to thank you for our beautiful baby chicks. They all arrived healthy and are growing and growing. Thanks for all you do!

  69. Dave Nevada February 2010

    I’m Very Pleased

    Thank you for your prompt shipping. The chicks arrived in a very healthy conditon and are doing well. Best regards you all.

  70. Alexis Texas March 2015

    Cackle Customer Compliment

    I want to praise Renae for placing my crazy order today! She is an absolute Rock star!!!I really appreciate the excellent customer service i have received with this order and my previous one! I will be a forever customer, thank you for being the best hatchery. Thanks

  71. Jay Kansas June 2014


    We received our package of chicks this morning at 7:30 am. All were healthy. Thank you a bunch for your service. We are looking forward to raising our leghorns, Rhode Island Red, Easter Egg and Black Australorps. We also appreciate the information you send concerning the first few weeks of caring for our chicks. It is detailed and helpful. Thanks again for your great service.

  72. Denny Arkansas April 2015


    I would like to say I am happier with the chickens i got from your Hatchery than any others I have raised, I have kept chickens for the last 25 years and this flock is the best. They are docile and right now I am getting 18-20 eggs per day from 24 hens. You can bet when I recycle these girls I will be ordering from you again. Once again Thanks.

  73. Abby Alaska March 2014

    Attn: cackle-Extremely Happy Customer

    Overall I am extremely happy with my chicks. They are so much more boisterous and healthy seeming than the other hatchery I ordered from last year. I will definitely be ordering from you again, possibly this year. Thank you for the quality birds!

  74. Kathryn California May 2014

    Cackle Hatchery

    I just wanted to say thank you. I have always been very happy with the poultry I have received from you. I also want to thank you for going through the trouble to cancel my order. I have been ill and only yesterday learn it was rather serious. I hope it will be okay to place orders again with you in the future. I do hope to support your business again in the future by placing order and continuing making people happy locally and meeting new friends by providing breeds that aren’t available locally. Thanks, and good wishes to all at Cackle.

  75. Suzy Louisiana June 2015

    Cackle Hatchery

    We received our order of “chickies babies”. All arrived safely. I have watered and fed them mushed up free range boiled chicken eggs from our ranch. The chickie babies are very happy. Again it is a pleasure to do business with CACKLE HATCHERY. This is our third order over the last 8 years. Thanks again,

  76. James, Alabama July 2014

    Thank You!

    Thank you very much. I have used your company for the past 7 years and I have had great results and I let everyone know who you are Thanks once again I really appreciate the email fliers you all send out. Thanks once again

  77. Julie Oklahoma May 2015

    Thank You!

    I just wanted to say thank you! This was my first experience with chickens!. All chicks arrived safely and none were lost! The tracking was great. I knew when the chicks arrived and was able to be at the PO when it opened. Your YouTube videos and chick care instructions are fantastic. The chicks are now one week old and doing great. Again, thank you so much for making this a great experience.

  78. Michael Tennessee July 2014

    Cackle Hatchery

    I appreciate the manner in which you packaged the chicks. Certainly much better than other hatcheries that shall remain nameless. You have me as a customer to stay.

  79. Barbara Pennsylvania July 2011

    Hello Cackle Hatchery

    We received our 2 separate orders of chicks over the last 2 weeks. We were delighted to see the quality of chicks you sent us. All are very healthy, vigorous and growing rapidly. No problems. Thank You . I do believe that these are by far the best chicks we have ever received from anyone. We added your Rhode Island Reds Ameraucanas(EE) and New Hampshire Reds to our egg laying flock. What awesome chicks you sent. All arrived in great health and look wonderful. Thank you again. We will not hesitate to order again.

  80. Ed New York june 2011

    I Have Eggs

    I ordered 25 chicks from you in early Feb. They arrived in the mail on a day that was -20 degrees that night. We never lost one of them and today about 17 weeks later they produced perfectly shaped, hard shelled pullet eggs. Thanks for great good old fashioned Rhode Island Reds and the excellent work at Cackle Hatchery!

  81. J. Maryland May 2011

    Chick Order

    I would like to thank you for sending out replacement chicks for my order. All 25 died on arrival, and your company sent out new ones in a timely and professional manner. Again, thank you very much, transactions like these keep my faith in companies like yours. See you next year for my next spring order.

  82. Kay, California May 2011


    When you do a job well, you don’t many comments. When something goes wrong it’s all fire works and blow horns. So here is a Thank You! My email question was answered immediately ( and in the middle of the night!). The chicks were shipped in one week, which was more than I hoped for. I was contacted by email and phone to let me know they were coming and to make sure I was ready. The chicks were warm, healthy and the correct number of the correct sexes. I was clock work! I have no qualms about recommending Cackle Hatchery to anyone looking for fowl. Thanks

  83. Dan, Kansas May 2011

    Customer Comments

    Received our shipment of Wyandotts and Rhode Island Reds a day early and in perfect condition!! Thanks to all the staff involved with our order. Carolyn was most helpful checking the order to verify shipment ( chicks received 4 hrs later). Looking forward to doing business again!

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