Buff Ameraucana Chicken

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  • Buff Ameraucanas Chicken – Sold as Baby Chicks Only
       Minimums – Not Sexed = 3 
                          Female = 3
                          Male = 1    
                                Total of 3 birds to ship       

Shipped Early Feb thru Early August.



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Breed Facts

  • Poultry Show Class: All Other Standard Breeds, Miscellaneous Class
  • Weights: Hen ——-5 1/2 lbs
    Rooster—-6 1/2 lb
    Pullet——4 1/2 lbs
    Cockerel—5 1/2 lbs
  • Purpose: blue eggs, pets and show
  • Egg Shell Color: blue shell a few light green
  • Egg Production: 180-200 eggs per year (estimates only, see FAQ)
  • Mating Ratio:  9 Females to 1 Male
  • Roost Height: 4+ feet
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • APA: Yes, Recognized by the American Standard of Perfection in 1984.
  • TLC: Not Listed
  • Breeder Farm Source: Cackle Hatchery® Poultry Breeding Farm has been developing our bloodline/strain of production type Buff Ameraucana since 2017.


Buff Ameraucana are a beautiful variety with slate/blue legs contrasting their golden buff feather color.  John W Blehm created this large fowl variety of Ameraucana and Cackle Hatchery® is proud to offer them starting in 2018.  They lay bluish eggs, are very docile, fairly fluffy feathered and make good broody hens.  Of course they have the standard Ameraucana traits, like pea combs and muffs & beards.  In addition, the large fowl buff Ameraucana are a recognized APA variety.


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