Chicken Swing

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Chicken Swing

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“The Chicken Swing”

  • If you have chickens or other cooped up fowl, you need to have The Chicken SwingTM !
  • This is not just a hanging perch, it is an actual activity.
  • Reduces coop boredom and brings smiles to the people who care for them.
  • Made from safe quality parts that are made to last.
  • Chicks to peafowl will enjoy something besides pecking!
  • While chickens of all ages have been known to take up swinging, for best results introduce to young fowl.
  • The patented design allows the chickens to actually pump the swing!
  • The mailbox shape of the perch, with corn-like texture, allows a broad spectrum of sized/aged fowl to grip and torque the perch.
  • That action transfers to the tongues to tug on the rope, keeping the swing in motion for an enjoyable ride for your chickens!
  •  Easy to install in most coop settings.

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1 review for Chicken Swing

  1. Anna

    Absolutely love it!

    My chicks have loved their swing since the day it arrived. It came when they were around 5 weeks old and they were on it 15 minutes after I installed it. They are 16 weeks old now and still fight to play on the swing. I may have to buy another. The swing seems to be built well and is a good sizr. 1 chicken comfortably, 2 if they are friendly

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