Clean Leg Bantam Assortment Special

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  • Clean Leg Bantam Assortment Special – Sold as Baby Chicks Only – No Sexing Available

Seasonal/Shipped Early Feb thru Mid August.

Suspending taking orders for this special for the 2024 hatching season.

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Cackle Hatchery® offers the Clean Leg bantams in an assortment package. In this assortment you could receive any of the following varieties: Easter Egger, Barred Rock, Cubalaya, Buff Orpington, Columbian Rock, Dominique, Japanese, Old English, Phoenix, Rhode Island Red, Rosecomb, Sebright and Wyandotte. We will give you the best assortment as possible based on what hatched.

“Sorry we do not tell you what color type or breed we sent with this package and we do not keep records of what breeds are sent”


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5 reviews for Clean Leg Bantam Assortment Special

  1. kelliegregoire

    In the Fall of 2017 we bought the Clean Leg Bantam Assortment Special since our son wanted more Bantam chickens to show in 4H. In the assortment were 3 black wyandotte chicks. One cockerel and 2 pullets. At the 2018 4H County Fair. The cockerel won best in show. The following year in 2019 one of the black hens won best in show! These chickens are still thriving and laying eggs! Thank you.

  2. Nancy


    These are nice tiny bantams. Very healthy and beautiful chickens.

  3. Samantha

    Excellent Variety

    I ordered 25 chicks. I received 27 healthy chicks. I had Buff Orpington, black tailed buff & grey Japanese, barred & columbian rocks, golden & white & black breasted red Phoenix, Rosecomb and Easter eggers. Male to female ratio was awesome, most varieties i received either a pair or pullets only. Will definitely order again.

  4. Bill-Dare

    Clean leg Bantam Assortment

    52 years ago, I was living in Southern CA where I kept some bantams; they were very much on the wild side, roosted high in the trees, and were hardly “domesticated.” These clean-leg bantams have all the “wild” bred out of them; they sit on my shoulder like a parrot, eat out of my hand, and appear totally fearless of humans, neighbor dogs that are NOT chicken-friendly, and total space cadets when it comes to watching for aerial predators–which have killed three of the 10 I ordered. They do make great “comfort chickens,” if you wish to train them–I don’t. Although I have discovered these bantams require full, indoor protection, I have allowed the bantams to run with my other 30 “free-range” chickens–and by free-range, that is littoral! I have 11 acres and they all cover most of it. I have accepted my losses thus far and consider them just a cost of having “free-range” meat and eggs. I operate an extensive electric fence to keep the 4-footed predators out; aerial ones are a different issue. And yes, Central IN now has Bald Eagles; I have seen three of them circling together weekly, but they haven’t chosen my chickens as prey, yet.

  5. Julia Missouri July 2012

    Smith Family

    Liked you chicken YouTube videos

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