Crevecoeur Chickens

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Crevecoeur Chickens – Sold as Baby Chicks Only 

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Cackle Hatchery® offers for sale Crevecoeurs, one of the oldest chicken breeds originating in France. Named after their village of origin in Normandy, the breed name translates as “broken heart.” Crevecoeurs are noted for their solid black plumage and their docile, friendly temperament. Distinctive breed features include an ample crest of head feathers, a V-shape comb, a well-proportioned body, and short slate-blue legs. Crevecoeurs are similar in type to Houdans (but have four toes, while Houdans have five.)  These chickens adapt to all climates and do well in confinement, but may be bullied by other breeds if kept in a mixed-breed flock. They are not particularly suited for free-range where predators are a problem because the top knot limits their vision. The Crevecoeur was admitted to the American Standard of Perfection in 1874.

Cackle Hatchery® will not be offering Crevecoeur chicks for sale this year.

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Breed Facts

  • Poultry Show Class: Continental — French
  • Weights: Hen — 6½  lbs       
    Rooster — 8 lbs
    Pullet— 5½ lbs                 
    Cockerel — 7 lbs
  • Purpose and Type: Ornamental; Exhibition; Egg Laying; Meat
  • Egg Shell Color: White
  • Egg Production: Fair
  • Egg Size: Medium-Large
  • Temperament: Docile
  • Fertility Percentage: 70-75%
  • Broody: Non Setter
  • Mating Ratio: 6 Females to 1 Male
  • Roost Height: 2 to 4 feet
  • Country of Origin: France
  • APA: Yes, Recognized by American Standard of Perfection
  • TLC: Critical status, Considered a sustainable heritage chicken breed
  • Breeder Farm Source: ???


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