Denizli Long Crowers Hatching Eggs

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Denizli Long Crowers Hatching Eggs


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Breed Facts

Poultry Show Class:

Weight: Hen — 5 lbs

Rooster — 7 lbs

Pullet — ? lbs

Cockerel — ? lbs

Purpose and Type: Crowing contests; meat

Egg Shell Color: White

Egg Production: ? eggs per year (estimate only, see FAQ)

Egg Size:

Temperament: Aggressive

Fertility Percentage:


Mating Ratio: ? Females to\ ? Male

Roost Height: ? feet

Country of Origin: Denizli, Turkey

APA: Not yet recognized by the American Standard of Perfection in


Breeder Farm Source:


Denizli Long Crowers are famous for being the longest crowing chicken breed on average. The average Denizli crow lasts 10 to 15 seconds, although individuals may crow for as long as 35 seconds. The most desirable roosters crow for 20 to 25 seconds during their first year. The sound occurs in three distinct parts: the beginning, the stretch, and the finish, when the bird appears to run out of breath.

The sound of a Denizli rooster’s crow is classified according to its tone and clarity. Tone may be low pitched, bass, or high pitched. Clarity may be sad, shrill, wavy, or so-called “funny.” Listen to a Denizli Long Crower on Youtube.

The Denizli chicken has an upright stance, long and strong legs, a long neck, and a wide and deep chest. The eyes are black. The legs are gray or dark purple. The plumage color is black and white.

Denizli Long Crowers have been the symbol of both the Turkish province of Denizli and the city of Denizli for at least 900 years. The Turkish government maintains a breeding farm to ensure the survival and purity of the Denizli breed.

To preserve the duration of crowing, the longest-crowing males become breeders for the next generation. However, along with better crowing ability comes reduced egg fertility and delicate chicks. Therefore, Denizli Long Crowers remain relatively rare.

Cackle Hatchery® offers a limited number of Denizli Long Crower hatching eggs. We generally do not ship between mid June and the first of August, because the summer heat causes a higher risk of eggs not hatching. We offer no guarantees and no refunds. Order at your own risk. If you wish to try your hand at hatching eggs from this unique breed, please contact us.

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