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  • Free Range/Predator Resistant Chicken Special – Sold as Baby Chicks Only – No Sexing Available
  • Wednesday ship dates only.

Seasonal/Shipped Early March thru Late August.


This is an assortment of our best breeds that are flighty and have acute reflexes for the best chance at survival with natural predators. Makes for a great free range chicken flock for your acreage and are sold only in straight run. Some of the breeds that might be included are as follows: Brown leghorn, Easter Eggers, Egyptian Fayoumis, Red Jungle Fowl and Old English Standard Game Fowl. We ship this special March-Aug and only on Wednesday hatch/ship days.

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“Sorry we do not tell you what color type or breed we sent with this package and we do not keep records of what breeds are sent”


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6 reviews for Free Range/Predator Resistant Chicken Special

  1. Marie Bourque-Namer

    Our first order was in March 2022. First ever. Everyone arrived alive and well and we live in Maine. I ordered 5 bantam Easter Eggers, 5 black Silkies, 5 female Rhode Island red and 1 male Rhode Island red. We received 3 extras. Thank you Cackle.
    One of the Silkies has scissor beak and although we were sad, Biki is our favorite. We will take good care of her. 3 of 5 Silkies were male.
    Story: We were more familiar with Easter Eggers and somewhat more comfortable with them. One was tiny, significantly smaller than the others. We held Mini dailey and she grew. Now at 14 weeks, Mini is a he and a terror. He is pure mean to the other chickens. He still comes to me by name but a terror to the others. I never expected that. Also, somehow, 5 of 5 Easter Eggers are extremely beautiful and male. Hopefully, sexing will be available soon. We do love our flock.

  2. iou14this (verified owner)

    My chickens arrived on the date that was given to me. I ordered
    10 and received 13 in total .
    2 Egyptian Fayoumis(but they were DOA unfortunately)
    2 Old English games (one black the other brown red, both are roosters)
    9 Brown leghorns(4 of which died the day after they arrived,the other 5 are all hens)
    Even though the chicks were sent with heating packs im attributing the deaths to the cold weather in my area at the time of arrival. Its unfortunate but it couldn’t really have been helped. The 7 that survived integrated in well with my other hens. The only issues I’ve had is I’ve had to split my chickens into two flocks on account of the 2 old english game roosters wanting to fight to the death rather then fight for dominance.
    They are all very lively chickens and quick on there feet. The roosters have also both been doing good at keeping their flocks safe.

  3. Prozell Bailey (verified owner)

    Beautiful assortment came all healthy and strong once again love cackle hatchery can’t wait to raise them

  4. Kat in Tennessee

    Healthy birds, great mix

    We ordered 25 chicks, received 28. Upon arrival, one chick was somewhat lethargic and I thought it would not make it. But a little bit of food and water with electrolytes did the trick. We lost one chick after 5-6 days (not the same one who was lethargic). The rest of them are doing great. We got a mix of 8 easter eggers, 7 red jungle fowls, 1 black breasted red old English game, 7 brown leghorns and 4 that are likely Black standard old English (I thought they were Australorps but they are smaller than Australorps would be at this point). At this point (4 months old) it seems we only have 1 cockerel (Easter Egger – he has beautiful colors). That is quite a pleasant surprise although I am hoping one or two of the smaller birds will surprise me. I would prefer to have 2-3 roosters with a flock this size. The Easter Eggers and Brown Leghorns are quite social. They run up to us and are not as flighty. The game birds will come when scratch feed is thrown to them but they are the last ones to show up. They like to fly and a couple of them want to roost in a tree instead of the coop. They mostly forage in a mostly wooded area (thus the reason for ordering this free range special) and like to stay under cover of the vegetation. One thing that we had trouble with while they were in a brooder was pecking/feather pulling. I have raised many batches of chicks in the past and have never had this much trouble with pecking. Even providing double the necessary space, high protein food and extra protein, the chicks still ended up with missing feathers on the back and tail. I probably should have had multiple brooders but I was not set up for that. The only thing that resolved this permanently was allowing them to free range once we got to 7 weeks or so. The game birds were definitely the biggest contributors to this issue and in the past we had more mellow breeds.

  5. Neil in Nebraska

    Great mixture, fun birds

    We received our 15 predator resistant chickens along with some other birds 10 weeks ago. At first we thought that all 15 were the same kind of bird. They all looked like chipmunks. But as they began to grow, we could start to identify a few different breeds. We’re still figuring out what they all are. Some of them love being with people, others are very stand offish.
    Last week we moved them outside. They love it. The predator resistant birds are very good at sounding the alarm and running under the coop whenever a big bird flies over head.

  6. Julia Missouri July 2012

    Smith Family

    Liked you chicken YouTube videos

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