Galvanized 8 Hole Nest Box

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Galvanized 8 Hole Nest Box

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Galvanized 8 Hole Nest Box- Easy to assemble. Good for 40-50 hens. Made of galvanized metal so won’t rust and all exposed edges folded to prevent injury. Ventilation holes and removable nest bottoms for easy cleaning and litter replacement. Perches are hinged to allow closing. Hang on the wall. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivey. Length: 48 3/4 inches.


  1. Geraghty’s Micro Farm

    Nesting Box Review

    We love our nesting boxes from cackle hatchery. They arrived in perfect condition, easy to assemble and are exactly what we were looking for. Would definitely recommend buying these new rather than purchasing used!

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