30 lb Hanging Feeder Package


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Package includes: Galvanized hanging feeder (holds 30 lbs of feed and 3 adjustments for feed dispense), 10 ft of rope, plastic cone (keeps birds from perching, smothering inside and manure out) and a device on the rope to easily lower or raise the feeder.


3 reviews for 30 lb Hanging Feeder Package

  1. Papaw

    Working great

    Working really well !! Chickens love it

  2. Juan

    The Perfect Feeder Package

    I had a feeder that was too wide and the waste of feed was enormous. Then I switched to a narrow feeder but, it was too narrow for the chicks to get the feed. Now I have Cackle’s 30 LB HANGING FEEDER PACKAGE and I couldn’t be happier, this is the perfect feeder. The device to lower or raise the feeder is extremely easy to install and use. I am growing New Hampshire chickens and they are growing very fast requiring frequent adjustments and with the device it is now a breeze to make the modifications. The plastic cone is also great keeping the chicks out of the feeder (specially the females). In summary great package…

  3. Russel

    No manure in my chicken feeder

    best feeder ever for my grown chickens. video helped. No more chickens roosting on my feeder.

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