(1588) Genesis HovaBator Incubator


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The (1588) Genesis Hova-Bator is preset for bird eggs with fan circulated air. Simply plug it in, then add water for humidity and eggs. Nothing to set up or adjust. A digital microprocessor regulates itself. Holds 50-70 chicken eggs without a turner, 42 chicken eggs with turner (#1611 automatic turner NOT included) Egg Hatching Incubator. Styrofoam. Includes LCD display for humidity and temperature readings. Collect your eggs from your chickens and try your hand at raising chickens or poultry.

Hovabator (Genesis) Assembly Instructions available under Video tab)

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Guide for 1588

1588 Pre-Set Instructions

LCD Display Instructions

1588 Thermostat Setting Instructions

Egg Hatching Chart


2 reviews for (1588) Genesis HovaBator Incubator

  1. Incubator

    Awesome incubator for the money

    Worked great. No complains.

  2. Luke

    great incubator

    this is an awesome incubator and works great. However, I have found on hatch day I have to open the lid slightly with a crack to let more air in because of too much humidity build up.

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