Golden Laced Polish Chicken

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  • Golden Laced Polish – Sold as Baby Chicks Only – No Sexing Available
       Minimums – Not Sexed = 3
                                Total of 3 birds to ship       
Seasonal/Shipped Mid Feb thru Mid August.
Limit of 25

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Breed Facts

  • Poultry Show Class: Continental
  • Weights – Hen—–4 1/2 lbs
    Rooster——6 lbs
    Pullet—4 lbs
    Cockerel—–5 lbs
  • Purpose and Type: Egg Laying; Exhibition
  • Egg Shell Color: White
  • Egg Production: Good
  • Egg Size: Medium
  • Temperament: Docile/Flighty
  • Fertility Percentage: 40-55%
  • Broody: Non Setters
  • Mating Ratio: 7 Females to 1 Male
  • Roost Height: 2 to 4 feet
  • Country of Origin – Netherlands
  • APA: Yes, Recognized by the American Standard of Perfection in 1874.
  • TLC: Recovering Status, Considered a sustainable heritage chicken breed.
  • Breeder Farm Source: Cackle Hatchery®  Poultry Breeding Farm” developing our bloodline or strain of color varieties of the Polish chicken since 1971.


Cackle Hatchery® offers the Golden Laced Polish, a unique variety within the Polish breed. This rare breed chicken features a beard, a crest of feathers, and visually appealing gold, black, and brown coloring. Whether you’re looking for a chicken for exhibition or a great pet this breed is the perfect choice. The hen will lays small eggs. Place your order for Golden Laced Polish chicks today. Give us a call if you have any questions for a member of the Cackle Hatchery® team!

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22 reviews for Golden Laced Polish Chicken

  1. Lance Lively

    Ordered 15 chicks two different times this year. I received 7 the first time with one dying before the sun set on the delivery day. The next time I ordered with a few other species and didn’t receive any of the polish chicks. I did however get the rest of my order and they were all good birds. I understand things happen when dealing with animals but still pretty disappointing. Customer service is good . No problem with refunding and always receive a letter letting me know with the packing slip.

  2. Bryan Peed

    Ordered 10 of these babies to start out breeding flock with. We received 11 and all are healthy, spunky and active chickens. within a few minutes of unboxing them and putting them in a temporary brooder to get them warmed up, they were eating an drinking and running around. They are now in their big brooder and are doing great. I cant wait to see how these grow up and mature. Thanks Cackle for a great group of birds.

  3. Cidney

    Don’t get if you have them free range

    Great birds but I’d suggest not getting them if you let your chickens free range out in the country.. I ordered 4 and after they grew up enough to be let out they were the first to get picked off by coyotes and coons because they can’t see due to all the feathers on their head… awesome to look at but you could walk right up to them and they didn’t see that you were there.

  4. KY chickenlady

    Love my birds

    I ordered 6 polish birds from Cackle on arrival they had send me 7. 4 Goldens and 3 silvers they were all very healthy and survived to adulthood. The Goldens are very playful and are good temperment. I have rehomed 2 of the roos and they are also doing well. Definitely will order from Cackle again!!

  5. Olivia

    Great breed!

    this is my second time raising this breed. These are wonderful chickens and have a great personality. Love these chickens!

  6. KR

    Very nice lacing

    I ordered in spring 2019 and the laced plumage on these birds is really outstanding. The Golden color are smarter, friskier and more streetwise than the other colors of bearded Polish. Charming birds.

  7. Mayra

    Cackle hatchery

    I am from P.R. and I ordered 4 golden laced polish and all of them arrived alive and healthy and I have the most beutiful and funniest chicks I ever had.

  8. Pam

    Great birds!

    I am so pleased with my golden laced polish chicken. Their personalities are playful and hilarious.

  9. Emily

    Sweet little chickens!

    These are a sweet little chicken compared to some other breeds I have had. The roosters in my batch are fairly mild-mannered and the hens are mild-mannered as well. They are easy to deal with even without being handled much. They are very healthy and seem to be doing very well in our Northern Ohio climate. Great little white egg layers!

  10. Kath

    Golden lace polish

    This is one of my favorite breed of chicken, beautiful, friendly and the one of my rosters was so good about gathering his hens. He took care of bed time and danger time….

  11. MOgrrl

    Best with other Polish Crested or bantams

    We have a large mixed flock and the Polish Crested hens we’ve had are always at the bottom of the pecking order. The backs of their heads are always mercilessly pecked. We tried putting peepers on our entire flock but it made no difference. They don’t see well so they get picked on. They are cute and funny to watch, however, I would suggest only putting them with other Polish Crested or smaller hens.

  12. Kaytie

    Love my gold laced polish

    My gold laced are about 8 months old now and very comical to watch them. They are beautiful birds! Thank you

  13. Mike


    The chicks arrived alive and well. They are doing great with our flock. Very friendly service and prompt delivery. Notifications were sent out every step of the way. Will be purchasing more in the future. Highly recommend cackle hatchery

  14. Kate

    Interesting birds!

    Overall, I enjoy this Breed. It’s my first time with polish and it’s been interesting raising them. When they’re very young, they’re spastic, flighty and skittish! They’re five months old now and not only are they beautiful, but they’re very sweet. I think they like to fly on me because they can see better haha. The eggs are probably going to be small because they are not large birds at all. And they’re not very bright but have a fun personality. I would order these again!

  15. TKD

    Funny little birds

    I ordered 5 silver laced and 5 golden laced. They are the funniest little things! I love to watch them and the females are friendly for the most part but the one rooster I have is straight mean! He started attacking at a young age…maybe 5 months or so. I have to really watch my back when I am out there with them. Their eggs are pretty small but they are good quality.

  16. Terry

    Att Cackle Hatchery

    ***** Our chicks arrived safe and happy today. Thank you. Now excitedly awaiting our other two orders. One exotic fowl and one mystery box. Very happy customer!

  17. Ellen

    Hi,this is Ellen from china, I like your chicken

    Hi,this is Ellen from china, I like your chicken, if you could delivery to china? pls let me know , thanks very much,my email is

  18. Elaine Tennessee March 2010

    Cackle Hatchery

    I wanted to let you know how please I am with the substitutions you made to my order!!! Thank you for taking the time to call me and spend your time helping me with this instead of just making the decision to send other birds. I am so looking forward to having your chicks. I have friend that use your hatchery and have for years with wonderful success. Thanks again

  19. Sigfrido Puerto Rico May 2010

    Cackle Hatchery

    As you can see I live in Puerto Rico. My chicks were sent Wednesday and arrived today Friday. All of them alive and in perfect condition. Thank you very much. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and will definitely will do business again.

  20. Toby Oklahoma July 2014

    Thank You

    I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service and communications. The customer service department was great, very patient and understanding. This was my first chick purchase and I wasn’t sure how everything worked so I was a little concerned. All the chicks arrived in great condition and I couldn’t be happier with the folks at Cackle Hatchery! Thanks Again,

  21. Unknown April 2014

    Att Cackle hatchery

    I ordered 20 polish chicks from u through farm and home…5 of each kind of polish…buff, golden laced, silver laced and white n black…ne way I just wanted to let u know how happy I was to get them…they arrived on the scheduled date healthy n happy…I picked them up and took them home n I’ve had them for about 3 weeks now n I haven’t lost a single I just wanted to say ty and I will order from u again ty ur the best.

  22. Ed, California May 2011


    Just wanted to let you know the chicks arrived safely this morning and all had eaten and had a drink within the first 15 minutes out of the box. They have been in the brooder for several hours now and are doing great! Thanks you for the great chicks, including the extras.

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