“Happy Cackle”

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“Happy Cackle” Sold As Baby Chicks, Poults, Ducklings and Goslings – No Sexing Available on the Chicks and Turkeys

Includes 27 total birds

Seasonal/Shipped Early March thru June

We are no longer offering this special.

Out of stock


We are no longer offering this special


1 pair of Geese

1 pair of Ducks

2 Turkeys

10 Female Chicks

1 Male Chick

10 Assorted Rare Chicks

Hatchery Choice of all breeds.

7 reviews for “Happy Cackle”

  1. April


    Post office lost them for an additional day and they all still came in healthy and active. Very very pleased. EXTRA BIRDS TOO!!

  2. Chad Keller

    Great Variety

    First off I am a returning customer and all birds arrived alive and well again Temps are in the 80s here ! I love the variety of the rare breed chicks and the 2 turkeys + 1 extra Royal Palms ! Khaki campbell ducks are one of my favs! Total birds received is 31 ! Very happy customer

  3. Inge C.

    WONDERFUL Purchase!!

    First off, this was am exceptional buy. It was definitely worth my money. I would recommend this to anyone that likes variety in poultry and in breeds of poultry.

    Happy Cackle Hilights-
    •GREAT variety
    •Every single bird (including the extras) were healthy, happy, and chirping on arrival. None were dead. 🙂 (Yay!)
    •two extra chicks, 1 extra turkey
    •Cackle marked the male gosling, duckling, and chick (thank you!! 🙂
    •I didn’t know this, but they send you a matched pair of ducklings and a matched pair of goslings (We got a pair of Ancona ducks and a pair of White Embeden geese)
    •Cackle shipped it Wednesday night. It arrived at the post office on Friday morning

    The only bad thing was that our gosling(s) bit at least two of the chicks and one of the goslings until their wing was bleeding. All are good though. Still running around happily.
    Due to the injuries though, I put the goslings in a box by themselves. I put the ducks and the turkeys in a box together and put all the chicks in huge box.

    I highly recommend the Happy Cackle!
    Will probably be ordering this again. 🙂

    Thank you SO MUCH Cackle Hatchery!

  4. John

    happy customer

    We received this order today and I have to say we are very pleased! Everyone arrived healthy and took to eating and drinking immediately. The turkeys, geese and ducklings are all adorable. Thank you for such a wide variety and such healthy birds.

  5. Inge C. (verified owner)

    WONDERFUL Purchase!!

    The Happy Cackle was shipped on Wednesday and we picked it up at the lost office on Friday morning. ALL of the babies were healthy and chirping. We received two extra chicks and one extra turkey. The only bad thing was that one of the goslings bit a chick and the other gosling till the wing was bleeding. Due to the injuries, I put the goslings in one box, the ducklings and turkeys in another, and all the chicks in a huge one.
    We got a great variety. I can’t wait to see what breeds we got! A bonus is that Cackle marked the male gosling, duckling, and chick for identification. (Thank you!!! :D)
    They were all running around, eating, drinking and sleeping in a few minutes.
    I highly recommend this purchase to beginners and experts alike. You DEFINITELY get your money’s worth on this one. 🙂 Will probably be ordering this again.
    Thank you so much, Cackle Hatchery!

  6. Rene

    I need some suggestions

    I’m trying to get me some chicks. And ducks I’m reviewing happy Cackle any opinions is that a good choice

  7. Renee Wisconsin February 2014

    Just a customer message

    Never knew Cackle Hatchery had over 300+ YouTube videos on products and breeder flocks. Very very interesting and a great customer tool to see different breeder flocks, different chickens, different set-ups in the way breeders keep their chickens, and even your product demos were intriguing. Keep up the good customer relations. These homegrown contests, the newsletter, and the “Born to be Wild speed freak video of hatch/shipping day are incredible hilarious and funny. Your public relation ideas are wonderful. And someone sure put in a lot video-taping all those flocks. Very very fun and enjoyable.

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