Hatching & Brooding Your Own Chicks by Gail Damerow


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Soft Cover, 240 pages. From Fertilized Egg to Baby Chick and Beyond. 
Whether you’re an experience poultry owner or an intrigued beginner, chicken expert 
Gail Damerow offers everything you need to know about acquiring and brooding hatchlings, and what to expect from your young charges
as they grow. Damerow goes on to explain every step of the hatching process.

1 review for Hatching & Brooding Your Own Chicks by Gail Damerow

  1. Hermeine, New Hampshire, September 2014

    Delightful book!

    This book contains numerous color pictures showing all aspects of fertilizing eggs, raising baby chicks and starting the cycle again. It is full of information to educate as well as amuse oneself. The author is a very knowledgeable and hands-on writer.

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