Hatching Egg Cleaner


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Dry clean hatching eggs with this pliable sand paper brush. Excellent alternative to cleaning eggs with water because water often drives the bacteria to the membrane. Good for eggs you want to put in the incubator to raise chicks or chickens for backyards.

3 reviews for Hatching Egg Cleaner

  1. Eldridgej509 (verified owner)

    All in one wonderful!

    Love these! Great for cleaning off the occasional mess without damaging the bloom. I use the sand paper to knock off anything big. and then the sponge is like a giant eraser, i dampen it slightly and and wipe away. no harsh chemicals needed.

  2. Jessi Jones Raimondi

    I love this egg cleaner.

    I really love this product. Works great and have wonderful clean eggs!

  3. Becky

    egg scrapper

    I liked the firmness yet pliable material and it is easy to grip. I take a knife to the big pieces of manure or dirt on the shell and then sand it so it does not gum the sand paper up. Also note: egg shells have to be dry for this to work.

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