Hen Couture® Egg Collecting Utility Tote Bag


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Hen Couture® Egg Collecting Utility Tote Bag

A great alternative to the basket or shirt!

Designed with both style and utility in mind, there are 8 pockets on the outside to place eggs that you collect from the nest.

Keep your hands free to do backyard chores by wearing the bag on your shoulder or cross body.

This beautiful strong canvas tote bag is everything you need for around the chicken coop and garden.

You may have tried the egg apron, but now you can get so much more done with the egg utility bag!

A unique gorgeous chicken and floral pattern by a European designer will bring that chic farm girl flare to your homestead.

Multi-Function Design

Perfect for harvesting from the garden.        

Use the extra bag space to carry:

  • Veggies and herbs harvested from your garden.
  • Garden supplies and tools.
  • Your favorite chicken treats and supplements.
  • Feed
  • Chicken diapers and hen saddles.
  • Nest herbs and pads.

Side pockets for anything else!     

There is a larger pocket on both sides to use for holding your cell phone, water bottle, small garden tools, spray bottle, or anything else you can imagine.

100% Cotton Heavy-Duty Canvas Tote

The bag measures 14″ x 12″ x 4″ with a strap drop of 10″
Easy-to-clean inside liner. Machine washable.


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