Narragansett Turkey

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  • Narragansett Turkey – Sold as Baby Poults Only – No Sexing Available

Seasonal/Shipped April thru Late July.

Your total order requires ANY 3 birds to ship.

Limit of 20.

Breed Facts

  • Poultry Show Class: Turkeys
  • Weights: Hen—–14 lbs
    Tom—-23 lbs
  • Purpose and Type: Egg Laying and Meat; Exhibition
  • Egg Color: Off White with brown specks
  • Egg Production: Poor
  • Egg Size: Large to Extra Large
  • Temperament: Active
  • Fertility Percentage: 60-75%
  • Broody: Setters
  • Mating Ratio:  7 Females to 1 Male
  • Roost Height: 2+ feet
  • Country of Origin: North America
  • APA: Yes, Recognized by the Standard of Perfection in 1874
  • TLC: Watch Status, considered a Sustainable Heritage Turkey Breed.
  • Breeder Farm Source: Cackle Hatchery® Poultry Breeding Farm developing our bloodline or strain of pure Narragansett Turkey Breed since 1976.       


The Narragansett is considered a rare breed turkey, a heritage turkey and admitted into the American Standard of Perfection in 1874. This turkey was derived from European strains and the American Wild Turkey around Narragansett, Rhode Island in the 19th century with earlier bloodlines as far back as the 1600’s. They make an excellent backyard and farm turkey and are very good with insect population.

We can not ship turkeys to Hawaii.

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17 reviews for Narragansett Turkey

  1. Sarah B

    So friendly!

    We ordered three of these and received them late spring early summer. One of them died about a week and a half after receiving them. The other two, one Tom and one hen, were amazing together! They were both very friendly and would follow you anywhere. Our Tom was attacked by a skunk and was killed. So now we are left with the hen, which we have now named Lulu, And she is just going to be a pet. She is such a good girl And is very personable. If we’re out on the swing she’ll come and sit on my knee, she follows you around kind of like a dog! Her temperament’s really good and the only issues we’ve had with her are with one of our ducks. And it’s just the one duck she doesn’t seem to like that one duck lol. look forward to getting more next year!

  2. Steve

    Very happy

    I received 10 Narragansett turkeys as part of a larger order. All of the poults arrived healthy and have grown into nice young adult turkeys. Thank you Cackle hatchery!

  3. Hedge Rose Farm

    Beautiful birds!

    This is our second time ordering Narragansett’s from Cackle. Both times we’ve been very happy with the outcome. They are healthy, curious birds that grow up to be friendly and vigorous adults. Looking forward to eating this years batch and ordering another batch in the spring!

  4. Jazz

    Sweet and Beautiful Bird

    We bought this breed of turkey as it was a heritage breed. They were very sweet and beautiful. Unfortunately, they did not survive, not their fault, a mean goose took one out at a time. We will never raise baby turkeys with baby geese. Not a good mix!

  5. TNMamee

    Wonderful birds!

    We received 8 Narragansett turkeys in June. One died at about 6 weeks of age, which for turkeys isn’t bad. The other 7, turned out we had 4 toms and 3 hens, are all healthy and happy. We completely free range and wanted to find a breed that stayed closer to home (we have had blue slate and bourbon bronze in the past). Obviously the birds haven’t been old enough to breed yet, but they are staying closer to the ‘homestead hub’. Our goal is to raise fowl that will reproduce well on their own. We will be processing 3 toms this holiday, carrying the hens and one tom Into Spring. We are very pleased with their size, their health and their disposition. Turkeys are a delightful addition to any home, and this breed is my favorite! I highly recommend! We have been thrilled with the stock and service from Crackle hatchery and use them exclusively as do the rest of our family.

  6. Nicole

    Healthy turkeys

    Turkeys arrived in great condition. We have had great success with these birds. We have been very happy. The birds are beautiful,,healthy and friendly.

  7. 1851Hobbyfarm

    Friendly Birds

    I ended up with 3 female Narragansett Turkeys from my order last summer. Its perfect to go with my Royal Palm Tom’s. I can’t believe how friendly they are! I free range all of my birds and those 3 always hang out together and will come check out whatever we are doing outside. They also like to “help” and run off with our tools! They prefer to roost in my big maple tree instead of the coop. This is their first winter so they may change their minds. I am in WI!

  8. MelissaMiko

    Healthy, Strong & Beautiful

    All my turkeys came happy and healthy! My Narragansetts are just pets, but they have grown fast and strong and have THE BEST personalities.

  9. awhytemare

    Great for Free-ranging

    I have had heritage breeds in the past and made the mistake of trimming their wings and trying to keep them contained and safe inside an enclosure. Bad idea! I lost them all the predators (we live in suburban New England). This year I got Narragansetts and Broad-Breasted poults, the BB were gobbled up by critters the week they got too big to roost in the trees. Like all turkey youngsters they found some stupid ways to die early on, but as adults they are tough as nails and seem to want to hang around us. However, make sure you keep their feed trough filled, or they might travel to neighbors looking for food.

  10. Satisfied Customer

    Wonderful Birds

    These Narragansett turkeys are beautiful and have wonderful temperaments. They are gentle, pleasant, and absolutely gorgeous. Gobbler has a great gobble and the hens talk to each other without being annoying. Great birds and definitely recommend for your farm flock.

  11. Patti (verified owner)


    Great birds, they are friendly and personable, I also got some Royal Palms, but the Narragansetts are by far my favorite. Many compliments from exhibitors at the poultry show that I took them to in November.

  12. Brian

    Didn’t get what I ordered

    I was happy with the quality of the birds I received. I had ordered 3 different type of Heritage birds 4 months earlier,, Two weeks before I received them they called me and said they didn’t have anymore of the breads I wanted… Big Disappointment…

  13. Concerned

    Didn’t get what I ordered

    Happy with the quality of the birds I did receive. Ordered the birds 4 months in advance, two weeks before I was suppose to get them they contacted me and said they were unable to send me the

    Please type of Heritage birds I had ordered, big disappointment.

  14. Gtvaldez (verified owner)

    Excellent heritage bird

    I purchased our first round of ‘gansetts couple years ago for specifically raising to slaughter for Thanksgiving. Excellent flavor and size was really good for 7 months. This time we ordered to become sustainable. Hoping for a good breeding situation come spring. 3 Male and 2 female will make it interesting. They are sweet, docile, curious, beautiful birds to work with. I highly recommend this breed if working around children. My littles are treated with respect by the males and have never shown aggression.

  15. JDsanja

    There was an issue with hatch date

    We ordered Narragansett turkeys early in the year, but the day we were to pick them up we were informed that the eggs had not hatched as expected. The hatchery was so nice! They let us pick from other breeds and we wound up with 1 Blue Slate and the rest Red Bourbons. We did lose some along the way but the ones left are healthy, strong, and fun!

  16. Julia

    Happy healthy turkeys

    I would like to say how happy I am with my 2 week old Narragansett turkey I got when I ordered the weekly special. We got two of them along with a lot of royal palms and some bouben reds. They are all very lively chick but the Narragansetts are the most personable and my favorites so far.

  17. Stuart Alabama June 2009

    To whom it may concern

    As a followup to my previous email, I received a call from Sandy in customer service on Monday June 22, 2009 stating that Cackle Hatchery was resending my order on Wednesday June 24, 2009. This morning i received all of my chicks in a healthy vigorous state. For this I say Thank You!! Being in construction, I understand when things occur beyond our control, things are unseen and mistakes are made, When this occurs it is the followup that makes all of the difference to the customer. Well this followup has made all of the difference to me. This has made, in my eyes, Cackle Hatchery a superior company that I will certainly look to for my future orders. Once again…. Thank You for a job that started off rocky but ended up well done!!!

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