Olive Egger eggs ( 1st-3rd generation eggs)

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Olive Egger eggs ( 1st-3rd generation eggs)


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This is a perfect opportunity to add assorted pops of color to your backyard flock! You can hatch assortments of greens, blues, olives, speckled, dark brown, heavy tinted bloomers, and many  varieties from our flocks specifically bred for colored eggs. Each dozen will include an assortment of first, second and third generation olive eggers and back crosses for optimal colors of pretty pastels to the deepest greens, greys and browns.

Birds are bred to be friendly and hardy. For example, the birds could range from blacks, blues, whites, splash, cuckoo, buff and even some frizzled bantams! For extra pizzazz, there could be various amounts of copper, gold, orange, white and silver in the hackle feathers. Birds can have beards, muffs, small crests, feathered legs or a combination of all or none.

Each dozen sold will include a color card that gives an idea of what colors your hens can lay. However, the color of egg they hatch from does not necessarily determine the egg color that your hen will lay.

“NO Guarantees on hatchability NO refunds order at own risk” 

NO Guarantees on hatchability – NO refunds – Order at your own risk
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