Package of 5 Drinking Cups

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Package of 5 drink cups. Drinking cups require a source of water at a pressure below 5 lbs PSI which is provided by a pressure reducing valve, or by gravity tanks or buckets. These cups have a spring loaded trigger stem for positive shut off of water. Water flows only when the birds beak is in the cup. Designed to screw on #4087 and attached to a PVC pipe with low pressure water.

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4 reviews for Package of 5 Drinking Cups

  1. Johnny Mac

    Excellent system

    These are the only way to water chickens in my opinion. No more dirty water dishes no more worries about clean water for the chickens. I have them hooked up to a 5 gallon bucket with a Caset valve. It all takes care of itself!

  2. Cloverdale

    A real solution

    This finally provided a solution to watering my flock of 50 free-range chickens. I still keep a flexible pan outside but this is the main water source inside the chicken house. Has worked great for more than two years and I will definitely buy this again.

  3. Rachel Davis

    Work Great!

    We are very happy with them and the birds caught on right away. No more dirty, poopy ground waterers that need daily refilling. These are easy to setup and super simple to maintain!

  4. Joey

    Flashes out easy

    If you have dirty or film water coming into the pipe it can make the cup leak. What happens is the particle gets caught in the valve of the cup. However , if this happens it is easy to fix. Just push theyellow nipple into the spring of the valve and it flushes right out.

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