Pecking Order® Dried Mealworms – 12 Pack


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Pecking Order® Dried Mealworms – 12 Pack

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Pecking Order® Dried Mealworms – 12 Pack

Get 12 individually packaged bags of dried mealworms that can serve up to 12 hens each. Treats lost to spills from hard to handle bulky bags is virtually eliminated, wasted treats are greatly reduced, accidental overfeeding of treats is prevented, and treat freshness is extended. These individually packaged dried mealworms make it easier for multiple family members or friends to offer treats without reaching and grabbing into one clumsy bag, each person can have their own individual bag or container of treats to share with their favorite hen or hens.

  • Dried Mealworms are an Excellent Source of Protein
  • Treat for Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, & Guineas
  • Individual Treat Bags Serve up to 12 Chickens per Bag
  • Less Waste Compared to Large Bulk Bags of Treats

2.95 OZ. x 12 Bags

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