Potluck Ultra Rare Special Hatching Eggs

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Potluck Ultra Rare Special Hatching Eggs


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Here is your chance to hatch and own some of the rarest breeds of chickens available in the United States! A Potluck sampler of our choice of available breeds-from the tiny Olandsk Dwarf from the island of Olandsk in Sweden, to the exotic black Ayam Cemani from Indonesia and Asia, and its distant fibromelanistic cousin the Swedish Black Hen. The Belgium Liege Fighter, is known for its size, big feet, and ability to protect flocks from even hawks! The gentle Giant Indio Gigante, the tallest of all chicken breeds from Brazil. The Silverudd Isbar for it’s prolific laying of ONLY green eggs of every spectrum of green. The 55 Flower Hen, the jumbo production white egg layer that is also auto-sexed like the Crested Cream Legbar!

Chickens from all over the world-from terrific layers, exotic style, real show stoppers and conversation starters. Big Barbezieux is known to be preferred for table chefs in France. The hilarious laughing chicken, Ayam Ketawa, and so many more we could talk about! All heritage breeds, that means years of egg and meat production! Guaranteed at least 8 breeds or more in every order!

All eggs are marked for breed and the breed key is listed below after each bird, hatching tips for shipped eggs are included with every order. Over 26 amazing breeds and eggs shipped at 72 hours old or less! As with all shipped hatching eggs, we cannot guarantee your hatch rates. We do our job with healthy stock eggs tested weekly and carefully packaged to arrive unbroken or we will reship! Extra eggs on EVERY order just in case! Please use quality equipment and follow our instructions for best results.

In some instances, it can take up to 8-12 weeks after ordering to ship.

NO Guarantees on hatchability – NO refunds – Order at your own risk

Possible Breeds and Codes on eggs

Golden Deathlayers GL

55 Flower Hens 5

Olandsk Dwarf O

Malaysian Serama S

Belgium Liege Fighters L

Ayam Ketawa K

Crested Cream Legbar CL

Mozaics MZ

Golden, Silver and Chamois Appenzeller Spitzhauben GS CS SS

Indio Gigante G

Swedish Flower Hens F

English Silver Laced Orpingtons SLO

Pavlovskaya PV

Pita Pinta Asturiana In Black and Red P PR

Hedemora H

Isbar IS

Shetland Hen SH

Black Copper Marans B

Blue Burchen Marans M

Ayam Ketawa K

Ayam Cemani AC, ACR, I

Swedish Black Hen SW

Bruges Fighters BF

Denzili Longcrower DZ

Schinjdelaar SC

Barbezieux BZ

Blue Laced Red Wyandotte W

Silkies, bred for mostly Strippers and Showgirls in all colors! SI

You never know what else we might be bringing along and adding!

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9 reviews for Potluck Ultra Rare Special Hatching Eggs

  1. Ryan Dalseg (verified owner)

    Please read and consider all preceeding reviews! It’s very tempting to be lured by all of the perspective breeds listed… I was.
    We paid/ordered 24 @ $144 and received 30. Quick math for those is $4.80/egg. Thought our odds were good but… from 30 only 8 hatched.
    Of the 8 which hatched 2 labeled IS or SI couldn’t make it out of the shell and suffocated.
    Remaining 6 were:
    2-Isbar or Silkie
    1-Denzili Longcrower
    1-Indio Gigante

    I really want to love this Ultra Rare set but man it’s expensive at $24/chick for what lived… if they all make it. Reviews don’t lie and some are super lucky but most are not… I did get some super cool breeds if they end up making it.
    Good luck with your ordering and chances of breeds/viability.

  2. cheer_gurl_131

    Ordered in March, received in June. Not a single one was fertilized. Never had any issues with hatching my own eggs and followed all proper steps. After seeing not even one was developing we were very disappointed and waited until the last day and finally cracked them open. Not even one was fertilized. This is a waste of your money and a scam at that price.

  3. Alyssa Mitchell (verified owner)

    I ordered 12 ultra rare hatching eggs and received 15 eggs out of the 15 eggs 5 hatched! The others weren’t fertilized and one of the eggs that did hatch wasn’t what they labeled it as. So very disappointing and will not be purchasing again. I’ve ordered hatching eggs from other hatch companies and all the eggs were fertilized and only had 1-2 not hatch. Having over half not even fertilized is very disappointing and them not fixing that issue is even worse.

  4. martinique8948 (verified owner)

    Purchased these on a gamble for something fun to do with kids. Was worried because the reviews weren’t that great. Eggs arrived packaged well with 4 bonus eggs. Let rest as per directions and incubated with auto turner pointy side down. Didn’t open incubator till day 18, laid eggs then out carefully and candled them and they all looked good except 3!! Day 20 they started to hatch and by day 22 all the eggs except 2 hatched out beautiful chicks!! Hatched out: 55 flower, olandsk dwarf, cream leg bar, copper Marans, appenzeller, 2 showgirl silkies, Barbezieux, mosaic, flower hen and isbar. Sadly the pinta pinta, Serama, weren’t viable and death layer didn’t hatch out. First time incubating eggs and it went great!!!

  5. JoAnn letcher (verified owner)

    My first order of 24- 30 eggs shipped, 23 arrived intact. Lots of infertility and some obvious cell damage from a hard ship. Only 4 hatched. Not much value in the Ayam Cemani of poor quality, the NN silkie or the 2 mosaics.
    My 2nd order of 24- 30 shipped, 26 arrived intact. 14 never developed, 5 were quitters and 7 hatched. I got 2 golden Death layers, 2 Indio Gigante, 1 Olandsk Dwarf, 1 pita pinta and 1 Isbar. The value of this batch was outstanding.
    The packing of eggs was not the best. Eggs were broken in both shipments due to USPS handeling but because of the paper wrappers and paper egg cartons, many of the other eggs were contaminated by dried yolk and tissue stuck to them.

    All in all it was still a fun experience . I don’t recommend it for the faint of heart. Hatching eggs that are shipped is ALWAYS a gamble. I bet big and won out in the end because of the cool breads I got!

  6. Ashley Hendley (verified owner)

    Okay I have been a Big Cackle fan for about 2 years now. I buy my chicks, hatching eggs and even my incubators from them online and in-store. I have always enjoy doing business with them because of the quality and care they go through to make you 😊. With that being said I have never been more disappointed in this Ultra Rare Assortment. I bought 3 of these !!! The first one arrived. 1 hatched I bought 12 eggs they sent 2 extras. When these were candled only the 3 where fertilized. A month later the other 2 Ultra Rare Assortment Box’s come in. The Same Scenario is playing out, but this time I bought 24 they sent 4 extra. Out of the 28 eggs 13 are not fertilized or blood rings and 7 maybies. I would not recommend this to anyone and I will not be buying anymore.

  7. baileycountrygirl16 (verified owner)

    This is in no way hating on Cackle, I have had several other orders of live chicks from them that have done phenomenal with no chick deaths. I absolutely recommend getting chicks from them!! However I recently ordered the Ultra Rare Potluck 12 eggs and I was very disappointed in the turn out. I received them in very good condition, granted they came from Spirit Lake ID and not lebanon. I had a very nice assortment including PV,CL,B,SI2,BZ,BZ,DZ,L,O,M,5,P,F,S,S so 15 instead of 12 great!! I candled them on day 7 along with an additional 26 other eggs I got from reputable farms. I noticed several looked like they were not developing at all but I left them in to see what they looked like on day 14. When candling them on day 14 I was very disappointed that only 6 out of the 15 were developing, the other 9 had free spinning yolks and my other 26 eggs were all developing nicely. I cracked open the eggs before I discarded them and found 7 were not even fertilized to begin with and the other two “S” Serema eggs developed the death ring and had a very small start of a baby chick. I was very let down, I do understand hatching isn’t 100% guaranteed but paying $85.50 for only 6 out of the 15 to make it is a little much. Even though the other eggs I have are all developing nicely at least they did offer some sort of help if more than a few duds were in the bunch. I do not recommend the Ultra rare potluck hatching eggs I would definitely save yourself the money and either get live chicks Cackle has or find a reputable farm for hatching eggs.

  8. freeflyingdragonfly (verified owner)

    Review update. Held on to a few eggs in hopes they were fertilized. Nope. So I ordered 12 eggs, 8 werent fertilized. Nothing but solid yokers. Extremely disappointed.

  9. freeflyingdragonfly (verified owner)

    The slection I got was pretty good. One Pita Pinta egg had a crack in it. Could have been seen if it was candled before shipped. On Day#5 4 eggs werent fertilized (trash) of course it was the ones i really wanted to hatch. That happens. The most dispointing thing was these came from Spirit Lake ID. So the shipped distance for me was a lot longer and I have a lot of bad air cells. I wish they would let you know it wasnt shipping from Cackle in MO

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