Poultry Watering Nipples


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Please refer to our new Cackle Branded Nipple Waterers https://www.cacklehatchery.com/low-pressure-nipple-waterer-6-pack.html


4 poultry watering nipples – used for gravity entry water supply, can be attached to almost anything, best attached to PVC pipe or to plastic buckets. Drill your hole and self tap by screwing in the nipple.


2 reviews for Poultry Watering Nipples

  1. Maerzie

    LOVE these!

    I cannot rave enough about these nipples for watering chickens. You just drill the holes in a plastic pail, and screw them in. So very easy to fill and no poop in the water! You must start them when they are still chicks, remove all other water, and then make sure they all figure it out. It took my brood of 30 about 15 minutes to catch on because it’s “monkey see, monkey do”, with chickens!

  2. Doug

    chicken water

    these work pretty good on buckets and PVC pipe designs we used.

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