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Premium Brooder Home

Item# BE22

This brooder could take up to 2 weeks to receive. Please order prior to your chicks.


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Provides a durable corrugated plastic perimeter to contain chicks and features a brooder lamp hanger for your brooder lamp (lamp & bulb sold separately) to hang at various heights. Holds up to 15 chicks for 4 weeks or up to 25 chicks for 3 weeks.

Bonus thermometer & chicken xing sign included!

Dimensions are 48″ L x 19.5″ W

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  1. Heather

    Good for the price

    It is decently flimsy until you get a good layer of bedding in there to keep it’s shape. We had a hard time keeping it square which was important to us because we had 25 chicks plus their food and waterer in there and awkward acute angles were not the easiest to navigate in attempting to get enough warm and cool zones plus all the occupants and their necessary things. We ended up not mounting the lamp from the designated arch because it just got way too hot no matter how high we clipped it. This is likely because of our bulb and not the brooder so no bad marks for that. Just saying. We raised broilers in it which got huge by 2 weeks and we had to level them up at that time. It could last longer for heritage chickens though, until they fly.

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