Raising Cornish-Cross Chickens for Meat Booklet

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This 56-page booklet is a straight-forward guide to raising chickens for meat. In it, you will find indispensable information on how to prevent common problems encountered in raising meat breeds. Chapters include ordering chicks, setting up a brooder and grow pen, housing options, feeding schedules, and dealing with predators.

The final chapter discusses processing. Included are descriptions of necessary equipment, preparing the birds, plucking, dressing, and bagging your broilers for good eating.

This booklet discusses not only white Cornish Cross chickens for meat, but also color Cornish Crosses such as Freedom Ranger and Color Yield. It also mentions heavyweight Heritage breeds such as those offered in our Frypan Special.

1 review for Raising Cornish-Cross Chickens for Meat Booklet

  1. Jonathan Butler (verified owner)

    I found very useful tips and an excellent week by week guide to raising these birds. Good info on making a chicken tractor as well. I found this far more useful than I expected. The feed advice and week by week amount information has proven to work well, as I am 41 days along with my first batch. So glad I added this on to my order, Only wish I could have received it prior to chick arrival.

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