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  • Royal Palm Turkey – Sold as Baby Poults Only – No Sexing Available

Seasonal/Shipped April thru Late July.

Your total order requires ANY 3 birds to ship.


Breed Facts

  • Poultry Show Class: Turkeys
  • Weights: Hen—–10 lbs
    Tom—-16 lbs
  • Purpose and Type:  Laying Eggs; Exhibition
  • Egg Color: Off White with brown specks
  • Egg Production: Poor
  • Egg Size: Large to Extra Large
  • Temperament: Active
  • Fertility Percentage: 60-75%
  • Broody: Setters
  • Mating Ratio::  7 Females to 1 Male
  • Roost Height: 2+ feet
  • Country of Origin:  North America
  • APA:  Yes, Recognized by the Standard of Perfection in 1977
  • TLC:  Threatened Status, considered a Sustainable Heritage Turkey Breed.
  • Breeder Farm Source:  “Cackle Hatchery® Poultry Breeding Farm” developing our bloodline or strain of pure Royal Palm Turkey Breed since 1976.


Considered a rare breed of turkey, a heritage turkey and admitted into the American Standard of Perfection in 1977, the Royal Palm turkey is considered to be a little smaller than other heritage turkeys and fends for themselves very well. They have a beautiful color pattern and are very useful around the farm for insect reduction. They are capable of breeding naturally and do go broody.

We can not ship turkeys to Hawaii.

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13 reviews for Royal Palm Turkey

  1. Mitchell

    Thanks for the two extra turkeys

    All 9 arrived healthy

  2. Sabrina

    Super happy

    I had a shipping date of May 4th and there was some major storms that day at the hatchery , even took off part of the roof . I ordered 2 of the royal palms and received 3 happy healthy LOUD babies on 5/6/2020

  3. Jerry J Raber (verified owner)

    Visibly Healthy Poults

    I got 10 of the Royal Palm Poults, They Showed up today with the rest of my order and they are in GREAT shape! they are visibly healthy, I am so impressed!

  4. Rose

    Very Satisfied

    I was so happy with my order!! It has been about 5 months since I got my turkey poults. And I originally ordered 2 with some chicks. And they sent me not only an extra poult but an extra chick as well!! And I am proud to say that all have survived and are doing well!! We have 1 Jake and 2 hens!! And plan on breeding in the future!! They are gorgeous animals and all are healthy and thriving!

  5. polly


    thank you for your beautiful palms and the buff orpington they all arrived healthy,i am a first time owner and followed very closely what you told me to do all chicks are doing great and they all have a forever home again thanks for taking the time to to explain everything i needed to know

  6. Charles (verified owner)

    Happy Customer

    I received my Royal Palms at the post office and they were in great condition. Thanks for the extra one. I have raised birds for years and really am pleased with you quick response and super service. My birds are doing wonderful and I am a very happy customer. Thanks again,

  7. Extremely Pleased

    I highly recommend these turkeys

    We received our heritage turkey mix that included Royal Palm, Black Spanish and Bourbon turkeys last July. They arrived healthy with an extra thrown in. They have already hatched their first brood. We couldn’t be more pleased with our purchase from Cackle Hatchery.

  8. Al

    Great Palms

    It’s December, I received my Royal Palm pullet in June. I”ve raised Palms before and already had two from another hatchery to put with the one’s I received from you. I have to say, yours are the best, they have great marking and a awesome temperament. Thanks for the great birds.

  9. Tell & Kelly Wyoming January 2016

    Cackle Hatchery

    Just wonder if your Standard Bronze and Slate turkeys are similiar in temperament as the Royal Palms? We’ve had your Royal Palms for about 5 years now and I’ve never had to worry about turning my back on the Tom we kept. Thanks

  10. Julie Washington June 2009

    Thank You

    I wanted to let you know that I received my order on Friday. My 75+ chickens and 8+turkeys(thanks for the extras!) all arrived healthy and vigorous. I followed your directions and did not lose a single one to shipping stress. I raise chickens every year, but this is my first year using your hatchery, and also the first year I have not lost any chickens in the first four days:) Your prices are more affordable than my old hatchery, and your birds are more vibrant on arrival. I look forward to doing business with you again next spring!

  11. Joe North Carolina June 2013


    Just wanted to say thank you. Y’all shipped out my order this past Monday and I was able to pick the chicks, poults and goslings up at the post office Tuesday before noon- a full day earlier than expected! Everyone was happy and healthy and all have been thriving this week. I’ve always bought chickens locally and was skeptical going about ordering poultry through the mail, but it seemed that was the only way to go given that’s wanted some goslings and poults and it was late in the year, Well, I am very happy to say that all of my concerns were for nothing. I could not be more pleased with your customer service department, the health of our new flock and the entire Cackle “family” that play a part. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer. Thank again for everything from a grateful dad and an exceptionally excited 6 year old daughter. All the best

  12. Marge Massachusetts July 2011

    A Very Satisfied Customer

    Just wanted you to see your beautiful chics and turkeys that arrived ALL ALIVE and well. I’ve purchased from various hatcheries over the years and you are by far the BEST of the BEST. You called to let me know when my chics would be arriving, you even called me at work so I could pick the chics up on the way home. You always slip in an extra or so for the just in case issues. You are kind enough to call when hatches weren’t quite ready. You are able to add to my order the last minute, with beautiful stock- not sloppy seconds. Your employees are polite and helpful on the phone and the internet. All in all, you are my company for purchasing poultry always.

  13. Hans, South Carolina May 2011


    Your shipment of chicks arrived this morning. All birds are healthy and in great condition. They were hungry and went for feed and water right away as if they knew the place all along, Again thanks for a pleasant experience doing business with you. I will always contact you for any future purchases first!

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