Silver Duckwing Yokohama Chicken

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  • Silver Duckwing Yokohama – Sold as Baby Chicks Only – No Sexing Available
       Minimums – Not Sexed = 3
                                Total of 3 birds to ship       
 Seasonal/Shipped Feb thru mid August

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If you’ve been searching for a visually appealing chicken for your property, we have the perfect option. At Cackle Hatchery® we have been the main breeder of the Silver Duckwing Yokohoma in the USA for decades, and we know you won’t be disappointed with the quality of our birds. Originating in Japan, this very rare breed of chicken has an upright carriage and pheasant-like body and the roosters are noted for their extremely long saddle feathers and tail feathers (which under the right conditions the tail can grow up to 2-3 feet every year). This specific variety features silver and black feathers, as well as the traditional plumage found among all types of Yokohoma. The Silver Duckwing Yokohama is not yet admitted into the American Standard of Perfection.You can order yours today or give us a call if you would like more details!

Breed Facts

  • Poultry Show Class: All Other Standard Breeds, Orientals Class
  • Weights: Hen ——-3 1/2 lbs
    Rooster—-4 1/2 lb
    Pullet——-3  lbs
    Cockerel—4 lbs
  • Purpose and Type: Ornamental, Show; Exhibition
  • Egg Shell Color: Cream or Tinted
  • Egg Production: Fair
  • Egg Size: Small
  • Temperament: Active
  • Fertility Percentage: 40-55%
  • Broody: Variable
  • Mating Ratio: 8 Females to 1 Male
  • Roost Height: 4+ feet
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • APA: No
  • TLC: Critical status, Considered a sustainable heritage chicken breed.
  • Breeder Farm Source: Cackle Hatchery® Poultry Breeding Farm has been developing our bloodline or strain of Red Shouldered Yokohama, White Yokohama and Silver Duckwing Yokohama since 1977.


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4 reviews for Silver Duckwing Yokohama Chicken

  1. Tigger

    Really nice looking birds

    Really nice looking birds very happy on what we got, we even got an extra one. Thank you

  2. Chicken Lady

    Great service!

    All chicks arrived alive and well! All are doing great! We love Cackle Hatchery!

  3. Javier California June 2009


    I received my chicks (Yokohomas and Wheaten O.E.G STD) about two months ago. All are doing GREAT! THanks

  4. Carrie New York May 2010


    I wanted to let you know that our chicks arrived!! I was very impressed with the packaging and service from your company. Right now they are all doing well and we are the most excited.

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