Spangled Standard Old English

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  • Spangled Standard Old English – Sold as Baby Chicks Only – No Sexing Available
       Minimums – Not Sexed = 3
                                Total of 3 birds to ship       
Seasonal/Shipped Early Feb thru Mid August.


At Cackle Hatchery®, we’re proud to offer the Spangled Standard Old English, one of our Standard Old English game fowl varieties that we’ve been developing for decades. This is a hardy bird that is known for its spirit and longevity. The males should be kept separate from each other, but the females are ideal hens for raising chicks. This chicken has a single comb and pale white leg color, and we also have a miniature version available. Place your order today, and remember you can always contact us if you have any questions!

NOTE: The Old English are photographed with comb, ear lobes, and wattles dubbed (cut off). Entering a poultry show with non-dubbed males of the Old English breed is a disqualification. You can check your local or state poultry association/clubs for upcoming shows and check out your state fair poultry show dates. You would compete for ribbons with other breeds that are listed in the class “All other Standard Breeds.”

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4 reviews for Spangled Standard Old English

  1. EmmaJanesMommy


    She’s my leading Lady! Beautiful birds from Cackle…NEVER disappoints me!!

  2. johnny

    First time

    I got the chicks so well..they keeping healthy …good to ..want to buy more..

  3. Justin

    Arrived healthy and fast

    Ordered 3 spangled to try out cackle hatchery. I recieved 6 chicks healthy and moving around. So even with shipping and the small order fee it evened out as if I didnt have to pay extra. They arrived one day earlier than shipping stated. I will definitely order again very pleased with their 100% arrival guarantee!!

  4. Larry December 2015

    Cackle Hatchery

    Liked your youtube videos!

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Breed Facts

  • Poultry Show Class: Other Standard Breed – Game
  • Weights – Hen ——- 4 lbs            
    Rooster——5 lbs
    Pullet——-3 1/2 lbs      
    Cockerel—–4 lbs
  • Purpose – Egg Laying; Exhibition
  • Egg Shell Color – Cream or Tinted
  • Egg Production – poor – 120 eggs per year
  • Egg Size: Small-Medium
  • Temperament: Active/Flighty
  • Fertility Percentage: 40-55%
  • Broody: Setters
  • Mating Ratio: 6 Females to 1 Male
  • Roost Height: 4+ feet
  • Country of Origin – Europe
  • APA: Yes, Recognized by the American Standard of Perfection
  • TLC: Yes, Threatened Status. Considered a sustainable heritage chicken breed
  • BREEDER FARM SOURCE: “Cackle Hatchery®  Poultry Breeding Farm” developing our bloodline or strain of Old English Game Standard Chicken since 1974.


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