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Easter Egg Chickens

 Easter Egg (Ameraucanas) Chicken Rooster

Easter Egg Chickens Rooster

Easter Egg (Ameraucana)Chicken Hen 

Easter Egg Chickens  hen

Day old Easter Egg (Ameraucana) chicks

Day old Easter Egg Chickens  chicks

Easter Egg Chicken Rooster

Easter Egg Chicken  Rooster

Easter Egg Chicken Hen

Easter Egg Chicken  Hen

Easter Egg (Ameraucana) Chicks

Easter Egg Chicken Chicks

Tray of Easter Egg (Ameraucana)Chicks

Tray of Easter Egg Chicken  Chicks

Thank you Cackle for our "Easter Egg chickens" chicks purchased from you in 2009. Christina, Trenton, Illinois. Thank you Cackle for our "Easter Egg chickens" chicks purchased from you in 2009. Christina, Trenton, Illinois.
Thank you Cackle for our "Easter Egg chickens" chicks purchased from you in 2009. Christina, Trenton, Illinois.
Easter Egg Chicken Breed


Easter Egg  Standard Chicken Breed Information and Chicken Facts

Easter Egg  Standard Chicken Breed Information

The "Easter Egg Chicken" originally came from Chile in South America, discovered by the Araucana Indians.  The true  pure Araucana chicken is rumpless (tailless) , has a small curling tuft of feathers next to each ear and come in different pure color types. The true pure Ameraucana chicken has a tail, full beard and comes in pure color types. The Easter Egg Chickens are different because they have a full beard under the beak rather than a tuft and have a tail rather than rumpless and do NOT have pure color types.  Cackle Hatchery®  offers for sale the "Easter Egg Chicken" not the Ameraucana or Araucana chickens for sale.  Cackle Hatchery® 's breeding program objectives for the "Easter Egg Chickens" are to produce chickens with a wide variety of feather colors, feather color patterns, feather combinations of colors with a full beard under the beak and high egg production of colorful egg shells.  The color of their egg shells vary from pale blue chicken eggs to dark blue to various shades of green and a few light brownish/pink eggs.  The meat is delicious and it has a taste similar to quail.  We do not offer a specific color variety of this breed; however we do breed for a wide variety of colored feathers and egg colors. The Araucana chicken and Ameraucana chickens have a number of different color patterns being worked on all across the USA and are being shown in poultry shows. The Easter Egg chickens are great chickens for backyards, chicken coops, larger chicken houses and for raising free range chickens. The Easter Egger chicken or also called Easter Egg chicken hatch out colored eggs with colored chicks. These colored chicks are for sale online by ordering them below.   We hope you sign up for our Cackle Hatchery®  Newsletter for helpful tips and offers of chickens for sale online free shipping or specials.
NOTE: It should be noted that this breed has an inherent genetic beak issue. 1 out of 100 chicks as they grow may have some variance in severity of scissor beak/cross beak. This can be best described when the top and bottom beak do not align and this condition normally will get worse as they grow. There are numerous articles and information on the Internet on this subject. Also most Easter Egger chickens don’t inherit the (lethal alleles) from their parents unlike a lot of Araucana chickens.

Many people who like this breed of chicken also like the miniature version of the breed (bantam) the Easter Egg Bantam Chicken.

Chicken Facts:

  • Poultry Show Class: No Show Class at this time

  • Weights Hen -------5 1/2 lbs          Rooster----6 1/2 lb
                      Pullet------4 1/2  lbs       Cockerel---5 1/2 lbs                   

  • Purpose Egg Production, colorful natural eggs and ornamental

  • Egg Shell Color - Colored: Green or Blue

  • Egg Production - Prolific, 200-280 eggs per year (*estimates only, see FAQ)

  • Country of Origin -United States

  • APA: No

  • ALBC: Not Listed 

  • Breeder Farm Source: “ Cackle Hatchery®  Poultry Breeding Farm” Developing our bloodline or strain of production type Easter Eggers since 1971.


Cackle Hatchery®  has these chickens for sale. If you would like just a few chicks for sale then check out our Small Poultry Order or City/Town Chicken Specials and also our Backyard Chicken Houses.

Minimum of 5 birds of each breed, variety, color, or sex. ONLY EXCEPTIONS: If you are ordering pullets, you may order 1 or 2 cockerels to go with them  or UNLESS YOU ARE ORDERING ONE OF THE CITY-TOWN OR SMALL ORDER SPECIALS”
Straight Run, Pullets and Cockerels are shipped at 1 day of age, the chicks arrive at your post office at 2-3 days of age  You MUST have a minimum order of 15 chicks total.
Breed Group Quantity Price To Purchase
Easter Egger Straight Run 1-4 3.00
Easter Egger Straight Run 5-9 2.90
Easter Egger  Straight Run 10-14 2.80
Easter Egger  Straight Run 15-24 2.65
Easter Egger  Straight Run 25-49 2.45
Easter Egger  Straight Run 50-99 2.25
Easter Egger  Straight Run 100+ 2.05
Easter Egger Pullets 1-4 3.30
Easter Egger  Pullets 5-9 3.20
Easter Egger  Pullets 10-14 3.15
Easter Egger  Pullets 15-24 3.00
Easter Egger  Pullets 25-49 2.85
Easter Egger  Pullets 50-99 2.70
Easter Egger  Pullets 100+ 2.50
Easter Egger Cockerels 1-4 2.10
Easter Egger  Cockerels 5-9 2.00
Easter Egger  Cockerels 10-14 1.85
Easter Egger  Cockerels 15-24 1.70
Easter Egger  Cockerels 25-49 1.55
Easter Egger  Cockerels 50-99 1.40
Easter Egger  Cockerels 100+ 1.20

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