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Golden Comets

 Golden Comets
 Chicken Hens

Golden Comet Chicken Hens

Golden Comet pullet chicks are red   Group of Golden Comet Chicks, males on left, females on right Golden Comet cockerels are white

Golden Comets chicks are color sexed; females are red and white and males are white.



Golden Comet Chicken Hens

Golden Comet Chicken Hens

Golden Comet Chicken Breed


Golden Comet Chicken Breed Information and Chicken Facts

Golden Comet Chicken Breed Information:

The Golden Comet Chickens are one of 2 Modern Day production Brown egg laying strains from hybrid breeding from Cackle Hatchery®  that produce fast body development,  fast egg production and rich brown egg shell color. These strains will start to lay eggs at a younger age than most standard breeds and produce large/extra large big brown eggs. They are also color sexable as chicks for the first generation which are the chicks you receive,  cockerels  chicks are white, and the chicken pullets are more brownish red in color. Leg color is mostly yellow but will get some greenish color in the leg color. Feathering color varies with brownish feathers and white feathers on the hens. Feathering color varies from totally white to white with light to dark red feathers in shoulder feathers on the adult rooster. Chicks from this second generation will not be color sexable and will come in multiple colors. The parent stock is made from a proprietary Cackle Hatchery®  bloodline/stain of the Production Red male and the Rhode Island White female.

Chicken Facts:

  • Poultry Show Class: No official Show Class at this time

  • Weights -   Hen-----5-6 lbs        Rooster------7-8 lbs
                       Pullet---5 1/2 lbs      Cockerel----7 1/2 lbs

  • Purpose - Dual Purpose: egg laying and meat production

  • Egg Shell Color - Brown

  • Egg Production - Good, 250-320 eggs per year  (*estimates only, see FAQ)

  • Country of Origin - United States

  •  APA: -No

  • ALBC: -No

  • BREEDER FARM SOURCE: Cackle Hatchery®  Poultry Breeding Farm” developing our bloodline or strain of  Golden Comets since 1997


Cackle Hatchery®  has these chickens for sale. If you would like just a few chicks for sale then check out our Small Poultry Order or City/Town Chicken Specials and also our Backyard Chicken Houses.

Minimum of 5 birds of each breed, variety, color, or sex. ONLY EXCEPTIONS: If you are ordering pullets, you may order 1 or 2 cockerels to go with them  or UNLESS YOU ARE ORDERING ONE OF THE CITY-TOWN OR SMALL ORDER SPECIALS”

Straight Run, Pullets and Cockerels are shipped at 1 day of age, the chicks arrive at your post office at 2-3 days of age You MUST have a minimum order of 15 chicks total. 

Breed Group Quantity Price To Purchase
Golden Comet Straight Run 1-4 2.65
Golden Comet Straight Run 5-9 2.55
Golden Comet  Straight Run 10-14 2.50
Golden Comet  Straight Run 15-24 2.40
Golden Comet  Straight Run 25-49 2.25
Golden Comet  Straight Run 50-99 2.00
Golden Comet  Straight Run 100+ 1.85
Golden Comet Pullets 1-4 3.10
Golden Comet  Pullets 5-9 3.00
Golden Comet  Pullets 10-14 2.95
Golden Comet  Pullets 15-24 2.85
Golden Comet  Pullets 25-49 2.70
Golden Comet  Pullets 50-99 2.55
Golden Comet  Pullets 100+ 2.35
Golden Comet Cockerels 1-4 2.10
Golden Comet  Cockerels 5-9 2.00
Golden Comet  Cockerels 10-14 1.70
Golden Comet  Cockerels 15-24 1.60
Golden Comet  Cockerels 25-49 1.40
Golden Comet  Cockerels 50-99 1.30
Golden Comet  Cockerels 100+ 1.10

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