Splash Laced Red Wyandottes

Splash Laced Red Wyandotte Chicken

The Wyandotte chicken is an American breed of chicken developed in the 1870s. The Splash Laced Red Wyandottes are beautiful chickens that have a laced color pattern which is mahogany/red…

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Black Wyandotte Bantam

Black Wyandotte Bantam Chicken Rooster

A miniature size of the Black Wyandotte Standard chicken, the Black Wyandotte bantam chicken makes a very good backyard chicken and is good on egg production. Newbie Note: There are…

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Columbian Wyandotte Chicken

Columbian Wyandotte Rooster

…American Standard of Perfection in 1905. Columbian Wyandotte chickens are a docile bird, clean legs, white with black feather around the neck, tail and wings. They have a rose comb…

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