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Showing all 6 results

Silkie chickens get their name from their trademark fluffy plumage that feels like silk to the touch. Their soft, beautiful feathers make this breed a popular choice both as a pet and for exhibition.

Silkie bantams originated hundreds of years ago in ancient China. Today they are among the most beloved ornamental breeds in the world. They are naturally calm and affectionate. They are therefore perfect for the small backyard flock. Because Silkies are small, friendly, and love cuddling, they are a great breed for children.

Silkie hens are broody and attentive mothers. They make a great option for anyone interested in breeding ornamental chickens to hatch under Silkie hens. Compared to larger breeds, Silkies are easy keepers that eat less and require less space.

Silkies are not, strictly speaking, a laying breed. But they are consistent layers. They typically produce a few small cream-colored eggs each week. However, because of their broody nature, egg production slows significantly as hens age.

A little known fact is that a larger type of non-bearded Silkie is sometimes sold as a meat bird. These market Silkies weigh 3 to 5 pounds and dress to 2 pounds. Exhibition Silkie bantams weigh about 2 pounds at maturity.

At Cackle Hatchery® our Silkie bantams come from show-quality bloodlines bred to APA and ABA standards. They are small in size, as well as having a profuse beard and top crest. Our Silkies also have the breed’s characteristic five toes and walnut comb.

To ensure receiving the variety of your choice, you can order as early as November. We hatch and deliver Silkies weekly from February through August. For current shipping dates, see our availability chart. For more information about our exhibition type Silkie chickens, visit our Cackle Hatchery blog. Or feel free to contact us any time.